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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 927
from Brown Corpus
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Seeing and their
Seeing the opportunity, Marsin ordered his cavalry to change from facing Eugene, and turn towards their right and the open flank of Churchill's infantry drawn up in front of Unterglau.
Seeing this the Pythia committed suicide and cursed Gallifrey, killing all children in their wombs and making the world sterile.
Seeing this, the Company took the opportunity to experiment with a change to their approach and argument.
Seeing that their strategy had actually worked, the Meccans cavalry forces went around the hill and re-appeared behind the pursuing archers.
Seeing the day going against them, the Hungarians bolted for their camp.
Seeing the Americans in disarray, they immediately pressed their attack.
Seeing as these unconscious thoughts are normally cryptic, psychoanalysts are considered experts in interpreting their messages.
Seeing this, Caesar ordered the warships – which were swifter and easier to handle than the transports, and likely to impress the natives more by their unfamiliar appearance – to be removed a short distance from the others, and then be rowed hard and run ashore on the enemy ’ s right flank, from which position the slings, bows and artillery could be used by men on deck to drive them back.
Seeing that the situation was getting out of control, NATO allowed the VJ to reclaim the demilitarized zone on May 24, 2001, and at the same time giving the UCPMB the opportunity to turn themselves over to Kosovo Force ( KFOR ), which promised to just take their weapons and note their names before releasing them.
Seeing that few students were enrolled, they returned with federal troops who threatened to arrest the Hopi parents if they refused to send their children to school.
Seeing the " witch " on the run and the " spell " broken, Glasdale's garrison burst out to give chase, but according to legend, Joan turned around on them alone, raised her holy standard and cried out " Ou Nom De " (" In the name of God "), which reportedly was sufficient to impress the English to halt their pursuit and return to the Boulevart.
Seeing Ike Clanton in the Alhambra Saloon around midnight, Holliday confronted Ike, accusing him of lying about their previous conversations.
Seeing the pearl divers of Ise unloading their treasures at the shore in his childhood started his fascination with pearls.
Seeing the profits being generated by Wizards of the Coast with their collectible card game Magic: The Gathering, TSR attempted to enter this market in 1996 in a novel way with Dragon Dice.
Seeing no value in human life, the thinking machines – now including armies of robot soldiers and other aggressive machines, with the Titans as their commanders – dominate and enslave nearly all of humanity in the universe for 900 years, until a jihad is ignited by the independent robot Erasmus's murder of Manion Butler, the young son of Serena Butler.
Seeing their right wing beaten, the rest of the Peloponnesians, who were essentially unwilling participants, retired and left the enemy in possession of the field.
Seeing that the Irish are using the cauldron to revive their dead, Efnisien hides among the corpses and destroys the cauldron, sacrificing himself in the process.
Seeing that the Irish are using the cauldron to revive their dead, he hides among the Irish corpses and is thrown into the cauldron by the unwitting enemy.
Seeing that the Irish are using the cauldron to revive their dead, he hides among the Irish corpses and is thrown into the cauldron by the unwitting enemy.
Seeing their bodies as they were processed back to Assisi, Fernando meditated on the heroism of these men ; inspired by their example, and longing for the same gift of martyrdom, he obtained permission from church authorities to leave the Augustinian Canons to join the new Franciscan Order.
Seeing that it had merit, they decided to revamp and recreate the series ( their second live-action youth series in a five-year period ).
Seeing a need for a trade center in the area these two men gave the railroad company half interest in their property and the town was established.

Seeing and hesitation
Seeing the labeled group as fundamentally different causes stereotyping with little hesitation.

Seeing and I
Seeing a physical reaction is more believable than hearing someone saying,I ’ m shocked .”
) Cecil resisted for a while, in a letter to his wife, he wrote: " Seeing great perils threatened upon us by the likeness of the time, I do make choice to avoid the perils of God's displeasure.
* Savar from the novels Seeing I and The Infinity Doctors
" Seeing that his son was determined, however, he gave him $ 40, saying, " It's not much, but it's all I have.
Seeing the kinescopes, I don't know what the fuss was all about.
Seeing enemies is much more interesting than seeing friends ... and I have so many enemies in Santa Barbara.
Seeing within myself an immaterial vision that came from the mercy of God, I went out of myself into an immortal body, and now I am not what I was before.
In 1977 he produced Dr. Feelgood's album, Be Seeing You, which included his own song, " That's It, I Quit ".
* Seeing I ( Novel ) -- Partly set in a private prison called the Oliver Bainbridge Functional Stabilisation Centre, in which corporate spies and those who know too much are held.
*" I Wonder Who She's Seeing Now ", The Temptations ( music video ) ( 1988 )
He also performed live with The All Seeing I on Top Of The Pops, singing " Walk Like A Panther " in place of Tony Christie, who sang on the recorded version.
: Seeing that moon I rejoiced
Three years later he wrote The Art of Seeing, in which he related: " Within a couple of months I was reading without spectacles and, what was better still, without strain and fatigue ... At the present time, my vision, though very far from normal, is about twice as good as it used to be when I wore spectacles ".
Seeing himself as a cultural anthropologist, Imamura stated, " I like to make messy films ", and " I am interested in the relationship of the lower part of the human body and the lower part of the social structure ...
Seeing the empty bed I cry night and day
Seeing his chance, Picard implores, " I have come on an urgent mission from the Federation.
In his book, Abschied meiner Generation, he said, " Seeing all this devastation and desperation, confronted with hunger and fear, cripples and black-marketers – and with no Nazi in sight anywhere – I realized how fundamentally the seven years between emigration and occupation had changed Germany's exterior and my own interior.

Seeing and said
Seeing me he said with real surprise, `` Well, well, ain't we honored!!
Seeing that the people were uncontrollable, Moses went to the entry of the camp and said, " Who is on the Lord's side?
Seeing that Kelly needs help, he excuses her from the competition and goes with her to the location her father said he would be.
Coleridge said,Seeing him act was like reading Shakespeare by flashes of lightning .”
Seeing Morden's head on a pike in the royal courtyard, he even waved at it, as he said he would.
Seeing Mahākāśyapa's smile the Buddha said,
Seeing this act as a move toward the complete subjugation of China, a defiant Chiang gave a formal reply in which he said that Stilwell must be replaced immediately and he would welcome any other qualified U. S. general to fill Stilwell's position.
Seeing the multitude of people coming together as children of one family, and, drinking from the same well and dining in one place, the learned persons surmised that what had been said in the Akamankal-was coming true.
Seeing this, the UGM decided they would take him on a tour of their base along with the others, but the boy said something strange about space.
Seeing the subsequent cultural and economic decline of Hawaii's native population, in 1920 the U. S. Congress passed the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act ( HHCA ), which placed 200, 000 of those acres under the authority of said Commission, such that they could be leased by Native Hawaiians for token sums.

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