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began and arrive
By the mid-19th century scientists began to arrive en masse to study the geology and ecology of the region.
These specimens began to arrive in Europe in 1522, when the survivors of Ferdinand Magellan's expedition brought them home.
But July, when the vessels of the Third Fleet began to arrive, with 2, 000 more convicts, food again ran short, and he had to send a ship to Calcutta for supplies.
By 27 June, the royal party had overtly given in, although the military began to arrive in large numbers around Paris and Versailles.
Offers from Hollywood began to arrive but Kelly was in no particular hurry to leave New York.
A few years afterwards, Methodist Episcopal circuit riders from New York State began to arrive in Canada West at Niagara, and the north shore of Lake Erie in 1786, and at the Kingston region on the northeast shore of Lake Ontario in the early 1790s.
To undermine the resistance, however, and before the Eritrean reinforcement could arrive, De Vecchi began to instill distrust among the local people by buying the loyalty of some of them.
A slow stream of white settlers began to arrive circa 1790.
About 2, 000 years ago, Bantu-speaking people began to arrive from western Africa in a series of migrations.
About 2000 years ago, Bantu-speaking people began to arrive from western Africa in a series of migrations.
These Indigenous Australians were well established throughout Western Australia by the time European explorers began to arrive in the early seventeenth century.
Franz Stangl restored order in the camp, and the transports of Warsaw and Radom Jews began to arrive again on September 3, 1942.
In May 1776, British troops began to arrive at Quebec City, where they broke the Continental Army's siege.
Before settlers began to arrive, North-West Mounted Police were dispatched to the region.
When settlers began to arrive, a system of law and order was already in place and the Dakota lawlessness for which the American " Wild West " was famed did not occur in Canada.
Arabic merchants began to arrive in the 14th century, bringing Islam.
Ten years later, the first group of Orthodox Christian missionaries began to arrive, evangelizing thousands of Indians, many of whose descendents continue to maintain the religion.
Along with the infantry landing in the second wave, supporting arms began to arrive, meeting the same chaos and destruction as had the rifle companies.
However, in Manitoba settlers from Ontario began to arrive.
More success began to arrive when, in 1965, his song " Poupée de cire, poupée de son " was the Luxembourg entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.
A significant number of the French progenitors of the Afrikaner people were Huguenots, who first began to arrive between 1687 and 1691 in flight from the persecution that lasted for one hundred years after the Edict of Nantes was revoked.
The first white settlers began to arrive in the mid-to-late-19th century, primarily with the goal of raising livestock.
Whites began to arrive in the county during the 1790s.
They were only filled when émigré communities began to arrive in London after leaving countries under the domination of Hitler's Germany.

began and around
I quickly turned around and began to drink.
As it began raining at around eight o'clock on December 26th, I retired into my tent early, somewhat tired and discouraged, my body reacting sluggishly because of the continued exposure.
but when he passed us by, a musket roared, and he reared his horse, swung it around, and began to whip it back in the direction from which he had come.
Martha picked up the hem of her gown and with eyes closed she slowly began to dance a stately minuet around the ballroom.
In a tour around the stacks, he found that the earliest volumes began on the left and progressed clockwise around the room.
During the Achaemenid Persian Empire, around 600 BC the Persians first began to use the abacus.
Eventually, humans learned to smelt metals such as copper and tin from ore, and, around 2500 BC, began alloying the two metals to form bronze, which is much harder than its ingredients.
The first known smelting of iron began in Anatolia, around 1800 BC.
With the signing of the Treaty of Alfred and Guthrum, an event most commonly held to have taken place around 880 when Guthrum ’ s people began settling East Anglia, Guthrum was neutralised as a threat.
Manuscript production in England dropped off precipitously around the 860s when the Viking invasions began in earnest, not to be revived until the end of the century.
After waking up on flight day four, the crew began preparations for the maneuver that would brake the spacecraft into orbit around the Moon, or lunar orbit insertion.
The polyphony of Christian a cappella music began to develop in Europe around the late 15th century.
He began with a castle on Capo di Bolo, around which he constructed residences for several hundred people.
With him began the long period of ascendancy of the great academies of Babylonia, around the year 220.
Clustered around the Sobu Main line, what began as a host of electrical stores selling vacuum tubes, radio goods and electrical items to the students, has today come to be known as Electric Town.
As a result of the political and economical tensions brought on by the Cold War, on 13 August 1961, East Germany began building of the Berlin Wall between East and West Berlin and similar barriers around West Berlin, and events escalated to a tank standoff at Checkpoint Charlie on 27 October 1961.
26, 000 individuals remain, it began a sudden population decline from around 1980 and is now classified as vulnerable.
The Bronze Age on the Indian subcontinent began around 3300 BC with the beginning of the Indus Valley civilization.
The Branch Davidians ( also known as " The Branch ") are a Protestant sect that originated in 1955 from a schism in the Davidian Seventh Day Adventists (" Davidians "), a reform movement that began within the Seventh-day Adventist Church (" Adventists ") around 1930.
The dynasty was in a position of power for around a decade until the Napoleonic Wars began to take their toll.
Tauranac, an engineer at heart, started to feel his Formula One budget of around £ 100, 000 was a gamble he could not afford to take on his own and began to look around for an experienced business partner.
It was around this time that Chaplin began to conceive the Tramp as " a sort of Pierrot ", or sad clown.
Observations suggest that the universe began around 13. 7 billion years ago.

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