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Sen and .
" In keeping with that sentiment, Lincoln led the moderates regarding Reconstruction policy, and was opposed by the Radical Republicans, under Rep. Thaddeus Stevens, Sen. Charles Sumner and Sen. Benjamin Wade, political allies of the president on other issues.
Sen. Juv.
" As southern Senators began to express their intent to resign their seats, Johnson reminded Sen. Jefferson Davis, the Confederacy's future leader, that if his coalition would only hold to their seats, the Democrats would control the Congress, and thus better defend the South's interests.
Through his allies, Johnson maneuvered among the senators in an attempt to secure a favorable vote ; for example, a pledge was made to Sen. James W. Grimes to install a more highly respected War Secretary and to cease interference with Congress ' Reconstruction efforts.
Also, Sen. Edmund G. Ross received assurances that the radical constitutions ratified in South Carolina and Arkansas would be transmitted to the Congress.
Sen. Ross, who was the deciding vote in the Senate, reportedly received a bribe of $ 20, 000 to acquit Johnson.
After his acquittal, Johnson gave Sen. Ross patronage favors, including appointing Ross's friend, Perry Fuller, as collector of the Port of New Orleans.
* Sen, R. K., Aesthetic Enjoyment: Its Background in Philosophy and Medicine, Calcutta: University of Calcutta, 1966
Skulls and human bones found at Samrong Sen date from 1500 BCE.
It was composed of Khmer Communists who had remained in Vietnam after 1975 and officials from the eastern sector — like Heng Samrin and Hun Sen — who had fled to Vietnam from Cambodia in 1978.

Sen and Stephen
Babbitt was passed over again, this time in favor of Stephen Breyer, due to Breyer's immense support in the U. S. Senate, primarily because he was close to Sen. Ted Kennedy.
They are Senators Jim DeMint ( SC ) and Tom Coburn ( OK ); Senate candidates Sharron Angle ( NV ), Ken Buck ( CO ) ( endorsed after he won the primary ), Mike Lee ( UT ) ( endorsed after he won the primary, though the Club campaigned against Sen. Bennett before the state convention ), Ron Johnson ( WI ), Joe Miller ( AK ) ( endorsed after the Alaska primary ), Rand Paul ( KY ) ( endorsed after the Kentucky primary ), Marco Rubio ( FL ) and Pat Toomey ( PA ); Representative Tom Graves ( GA 9 ) and House candidates Justin Amash ( MI 3 ), Kevin Calvey ( OK 5 ), Jeff Duncan ( SC 3 ), Stephen Fincher ( TN 8 ) ( endorsed after primary ), Tim Griffin ( AR 2 ), David Harmer ( CA 11 ) ( endorsed after primary ), Andy Harris ( MD 1 ) ( endorsed after primary ), Nan Hayworth ( NY 19 ) ( endorsed after primary ), Tim Huelskamp ( KS 1 ), Jesse Kelly ( AZ 8 ) ( endorsed after primary ), Mick Mulvaney ( SC 5 )( endorsed after primary ), Mike Pompeo ( KS 4 ), Kevin Rothfus ( PA 4 ) ( endorsed after primary ), Dave Schweikert ( AZ 5 ) ( endorsed after primary ), Tim Scott ( SC 1 ), Robin Smith ( TN 3 ), and Todd Young ( IN 9 ) ( endorsed after primary ).
Sen. Stephen A. Douglas promoted its nationalistic program in an unsuccessful effort to compromise sectional differences.
Under an internet filter, proposed by Sen. Stephen Conroy, internet pornography hosted outside Australia classified by the ACMA under the Classification Board legislation will be blocked if such internet pornography is deemed by the AMCA to be refused classification ( RC ), or ' potentially ' refused classification.

Sen and Douglas
In March the bill moved to the Senate Committee on Territories, which was then headed by Sen. Douglas.
Iowa Sen. Augustus C. Dodge immediately reintroduced the same legislation to organize Nebraska that had stalled in the previous session ; it was referred to Douglas ’ s committee on December 14.
In Wisconsin's 1952 U. S. Senate primary, Douglas County was one of two counties ( out of 71 in the state at the time ) that Sen. Joe McCarthy did not carry.
During the campaign, Carney raised money with a wide-variety of supporters including Sen. Barack Obama, Sen Joe Biden, Rep. Jay Inslee, Rep. Jack Murtha, and Richard Perle, former Chairman of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee Douglas Feith, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, congratulated Carney on Election Night.

Sen and former
Ecuador's president Rafael Correa said March 3, 2008 that a deal to release political prisoners — including former Colombian Sen. Ingrid Betancourt -- was nearly complete before the March 1, 2008 Colombian raid into his country.
Then Senate President and Democratic National Committeeman Kenneth McClintock, former Sen. Roberto Prats, Puerto Rico's Democratic State Chair and former PDP gubernatorial candidate José Alfredo Hernández Mayoral were appointed co-chairs of Sen. Hillary Clinton's National Hispanic Leadership Council while Young Democrats of America Democratic National Committeeman Francisco Domenech co-chaired Clinton's young professionals organization.
Conservative hosts Limbaugh, Ingraham, Bennett, Prager, Hannity, Beck, Levin and Hewitt coalesced around endorsing former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney for president at the end of January 2008 ( after Fred Thompson, the described favorite of some of the hosts, dropped out ), in an effort to oppose the nomination of Sen. John McCain ; however, Romney suspended his campaign in February of the same year, and endorsed McCain.
In one notable example, the former pastor of the East Waynesville Baptist Church in Waynesville, North Carolina " told the congregation that anyone who planned to vote for Democratic Sen. John Kerry should either leave the church or repent ".
On May 4, 2010, Coats won the Republican primary over state Sen. Marlin Stutzman and former Congressman John Hostettler.
Indeed, with former President George H. W. Bush having made clear he was not interested in re-gaining the office, the closest the party had to a front-runner was the Senate Majority leader Sen. Robert Dole of Kansas, who was considered to have many weaknesses.
Other candidates for the nomination included Sen. Phil Gramm of Texas, former Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander and the multi-millionaire publisher Steve Forbes.
Members include former secretary of state George P. Shultz, Sen. John McCain ( R-Ariz .) and former senator Bob Kerrey ( D-Neb .).
An op-ed in support by former Sen. Alan Simpson appeared in the Wall Street Journal on the morning scheduled for oral argument.
Philosopher and Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen, a former student of Rawls ', critiques and attempts to revitalize A Theory of Justice in his 2009 book The Idea of Justice.
In 1994, Warner campaigned for a former state Republican Attorney General turned Independent candidate Marshall Coleman against fellow Republican Oliver North in North's unsuccessful campaign to unseat Virginia's Democratic Sen. Chuck Robb.
Speaking at the dedication ceremonies in Baltimore, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, one of Reischauer's former students, described Reischauer as being " what a teacher is meant to be, one who can change the life of his students.
Donohue demanded that former Sen. John Edwards fire two presidential campaign staffers in February 2007, charging that they were " anti-Catholic, vulgar, trash-talking bigots.
Since its inception, the Center has gathered a group of high-profile senior fellows, including Lawrence Korb, Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan ; Gene Sperling, Director of the National Economic Council under Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama ; Ruy Teixeira, political scientist and author of The Emerging Democratic Majority ; and, most recently, former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle and Elizabeth Edwards, late wife of former Presidential candidate and former U. S. Sen. from North Carolina John Edwards.
After the numerous calls by Democrats, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi ( D-CA ), Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid ( D-NV ), Putnam became the top Republican in either House to call for the ouster of former U. S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.
In 2008, he endorsed Republican John McCain for the President and Independence Party candidate former Sen. Dean Barkley for U. S. Senate.
George W. Bush kept Dick Cheney as his running mate, but there was continuing speculation during the summer of 2004 that he might have been replaced ; notably, former New York Sen. Al D ' Amato publicly stated that Bush should replace Cheney.
Based on the example of the former Soviet Union, Sen argued that political liberties are necessary for sustainable development.

Sen and Illinois
Several members of Congress were also involved in the organization during its early years, including Sen. John Buckley and Rep. Jack Kemp of New York, Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina, and Rep. Phil Crane of Illinois.
The young cousins added features such as advice columns and homegrown comic strips like Little Orphan Annie and Moon Mullins, then turned to " crusades ", with their first success coming with the ouster of the Republican political boss of Illinois, Sen. William Lorimer.
In 2009, conservative journalist John Fund wrote that, " Sen. Fitzgerald also labeled an Illinois congressional delegation ' wish list ' of $ 600 million in projects being submitted to President Bush as a ' mega-hog letter.
The candidates who signed the oath were: Sen. Barack Obama ( D Illinois ), Rep. Ron Paul ( R Texas ), Sen. Sam Brownback ( R Kansas ), former Sen. Mike Gravel ( D Alaska ), Rep. Dennis Kucinich ( D Ohio ), Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, and John Cox.
They included Democratic challenger Bob Casey, Jr. in Pennsylvania, who unseated conservative GOP incumbent Sen. Rick Santorum, and Tammy Duckworth in Illinois, a Democratic Congressional hopeful and an Army National Guard major who lost her legs in Iraq two years ago, who went on to lose to State Sen. Peter Roskam.
But in Illinois, the candidacy of Rich Williamson failed to defeat Democrat Carol Moseley Braun to replace Sen. Alan Dixon.
In 1987, he chaired Illinois Sen. Paul Simon's presidential campaign and in 1992 he co-chaired the Clinton / Gore presidential campaign.

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