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Serum and potassium
Serum potassium level and renal function should be monitored closely while on these medications.

Serum and at
Serum level of it also underlies a correlation between short height and reduced hearing abilities particularly around 3 – 5 years of age, and at age 18 ( late puberty ).
On his return he established a private medical practice and small laboratory in Berlin-Steglitz, and in 1891 received a call from Robert Koch to join the staff at his Berlin Institute of Infectious Diseases, where in 1896 a new institute was established for Ehrlich ’ s specialization, the Institute for Serum Research and Testing ( Institut für Serumforschung und Serumprüfung ), whose director he became.
Serum uric acid level at or below 6 mg / 100 ml ) is often a therapeutic goal.
The purified rabbit IgG antivenom was developed in 1981 through a team effort led by Dr Struan Sutherland, head of immunology at the Australian Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in Melbourne.
Mystery Incorporated, the Fiji Mermaid makes an appearence as one of the objects in display at Darrow's Oddity Museum, in the episode The Secret Serum.
Megan, regularly a volunteer at HSN, substituted for Diana again on August 10, 2011 due to her extremely long summer vacation ; she returned on September 8, 2011 with Beauty Report as her first show ; the edition was Wei East Introducing Black Mushroom Serum.
Serum hCG is determined at day 12.
Serum levels rise 4-8 hrs after onset of chest pains, peak at 12-16 hrs and return to baseline within 5-9 days.
From 1943 to 1956 Jerne was a research worker at the Danish National Serum Institute and during this time he formulated a theory on antibody formation.
Serum levels of itraconazole are commonly obtained at the onset of long-term therapy because its absorption is sometimes erratic and unpredictable.
Performances from these shows were included on their sole DVD release, 2003's Maple Serum: Rheostatics Live at the Horseshoe Tavern.
* Maple Serum: Rheostatics Live at the Horseshoe Tavern, 2003, DVD
Serum / plasma samples are obtained at regular intervals and assayed for parent drug ( or occasionally metabolite ) concentration.
The floors set aside for the institute in the grounds of the old Melbourne Hospital were given over to the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in 1918 until a new director could be secured at the cessation of hostilities.
The enthusiasm for sled dog racing in New England together with the Serum Run publicity and the victory over Walden made it possible for Seppala and partner Elizabeth Ricker to establish a Siberian kennel at Poland Spring, Maine.
The Soundest Serum was recorded at Canty ’ s Blindspot Studios and mixed by Chad Clark and Brendan Canty and released on Domingues ' own imprint Noble Task Records.
During his course of study, he undertook employment at Australia's Commonwealth Serum Laboratories during vacation periods.
In Denmark the Danish Newborn Screening Biobank at Statens Serum Institut keeps a blood sample from people born after 1981.
The antivenom was developed by a team headed by Struan Sutherland at the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in Melbourne.

Serum and was
Serum samples would be tested for reactivity with an antigen before or after 2-mercaptoethanol treatment to determine whether the activity was due to IgM or IgG.
In 1998 landed the song " Truth Serum " in The Avengers ; in 1999, the song " Stay Awake " was featured in the movie Stir of Echoes and the song " Find Your Way Back Home " was featured in the movie American Pie.
Togo was the star dog for Leonhard Seppala even before the great 1925 Serum Run.
Serum from Anchorage was rushed by train to Nenana and picked up by a sled dog relay.
When introduced, the blood cholesterol lowering effect was achieved by modifying the triacylglycerol ( TAG ) profile of the fat used in the margarine: an increased level of poly-unsaturated fatty acids ( PUFA ) reduces the blood cholesterol level ( see e. g. A. Keys et al., Serum cholesterol response to changes in the diet.
The Federal Serum Therapy Institute was established with the objective of developing serum and vaccines against the bubonic plague.
* CSL Limited, an Australian biotechnology company known as Commonwealth Serum Laboratories until 1994, when it was privatised
The International Serum Industry Association, was incorporated June 2006.

Serum and per
Serum ferritin in excess of 1000 nanograms per millilitre of blood is almost always attributable to haemochromatosis.

Serum and hemoglobin
Serum iron levels ( i. e., iron not part of the hemoglobin in red cells ) may be measured directly in the blood, but these levels increase immediately with iron supplementation ( the patient must stop supplements for 24 hours ), and pure blood-serum iron concentration in any case is not as sensitive as a combination of total serum iron, along with a measure of the serum iron-binding protein levels ( TIBC ).

Serum and 1
* Serum calcium < 1. 90 mmol / L (< 8. 0 mg / dL ) or serum albumin < 33 g / L (< 3. 2. g / dL )>
* WJ Penfold, ' The Commonwealth Serum Laboratories ', Medical Journal of Australia, 1 ( 14 April 1923 ), 396 – 400.

Serum and muscle
Serum glutamine is used by the body to counteract the acidosis that results from exercise ; in order to replenish the loss of glutamine from the bloodstream, the body catabolises glutamine from the muscle.

Serum and became
IGN also praised the more realistic character designs seen in Episode II, noting that Shion's design became " more flattering ", having " been injected with ye old " Babe Serum.

Serum and for
Serum transferrin and transferrin saturation are commonly used as screening for haemochromatosis.
Serum is an essential factor for the self-renewal of embryonic stem cells in combination with the cytokine leukemia inhibitory factor.
He is perhaps best known for making the decision to use dog sleds to transport diphtheria antitoxin 674 miles rather than use a plane in the now famous 1925 Serum Run, ( also known as the " Great Race of Mercy ") from which the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race stems.
Other industries in the municipality include Baxter Serum Mfg., Cordis, Insertco ( Print shop for medical instructions inserts ), Wallace Silversmiths de Puerto Rico, General Electric ( production of circuit breakers ) and several other companies in the service industry.
Major employers of the city include Baxter Serum Mfg., Johnson & Johnson's Cordis Division, Insertco ( Print shop for medical instructions inserts ), Wallace International, General Electric ( production of circuit breakers ) and several business owners.
Serum ferritin levels are measured in medical laboratories as part of the iron studies workup for anemia and for restless legs syndrome.
Serum B < sub > 12 </ sub > is not necessarily an indicator of efficient use by the body, in the muscles, for example .< ref > Ortigues-Marty, I., Micol, D., Dozias, D., Girard, C. L., Lack of correlation between vitamin B < sub > 12 </ sub > content in bovine muscles and indicators of the body stores in vitamin B < sub > 12 </ sub ></ ref >
If Serum Creatinine < 0. 8 mg / dL, use 0. 8 mg / dL for Serum Creatinine
* Serum repository, facility which stores frozen serum for future retrieval and study
* 1911: Serum Diagnosis of Syphilis and the Butyric Acid Test for Syphilis.
Serum being sent to Europe from the US for medical treatment of the wounded required refrigeration, but because of the lack of simultaneous refrigeration and transport, many serum supplies were spoiling before reaching their intended recipients.
* Serum amylase may be normal ( in 10 % of cases ) for cases of acute or chronic pancreatitis ( depleted acinar cell mass ) and hypertriglyceridemia.
Serum albumin contains eleven distinct binding domains for hydrophobic compounds.
Due to the formula of the Super Soldier Serum having died with the death of Dr Abraham Erskine, the new Captain America went through a painful combination of steroids as well as physical and psychological training in order to prepare for his assignment.

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