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Several and Norwegian
Several films followed in the next couple of years, including two 15 minute shorts that are still shown regularly in Norway today, Veslefrikk med Fela ( Little Freddy and his Fiddle ), based on a Norwegian folk tale, and Karius og Baktus, a story by Thorbjørn Egner of two little trolls, representing Caries and Bacterium, living in a boy's teeth.
Several Norwegian municipalities have a stag or stag's head in their arms: Gjemnes, Hitra, Hjartdal, Rendalen and Voss.
Several Norwegian retirees also moved to Cyprus ; this too is largely to benefit from the lower tax rate on Cyprus and the minimal crime.
Several Norwegian military units that had mobilized as a precautionary measure in Northern Norway during the Winter War, in cooperation with Polish, French and British forces, launched several counterattacks with moderate success.
Several curlers from Halden have won Norwegian championships and competed internationally.
Several Norwegian celebrities currently live in Nesodden.
Several proposals were received but none was acceptable to or the council, or the Norwegian Heraldic Society, as the proposals were not made according to heraldic rules.
* Several efforts at strengthening the non-petroleum related Norwegian economy
Several Norwegian Waffen SS volunteers worked as guards or as instructors for prisoners from Nordic countries, according to senior researcher at Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities — Terje Emberland.
Several of her films have received attention in the international arena, including at the Norwegian Film Institute, the Smithsonian Institution and the American Film Institute.
Several collections of his work have been published in translation in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Frisian, Japanese and German.
Several tactics were discussed and discarded as impractical, and it was finally decided that a small airborne force composed of sappers from the Royal Engineer units attached to 1st Airborne Division would land by glider a short distance from the plant, demolish it with explosives and then escape over the Norwegian border into Sweden.
Several thousand were manufactured to equip both Norwegian and Swedish forces in the 1880s.
Several of the Super Pumas in CHC ’ s Norwegian fleet are prepared for the same quick change to SAR configuration.
Several of these are made with cooperation with the Norwegian Pathé manager, William Farre.
Several Norwegian clubs were interested in signing him.
Several Norwegian families also immigrated.
Several smaller Danish and Norwegian boats immediately attacked Podargus and Flamer.
Several incidents in Norwegian maritime waters, notably the Altmark incident in Jøssingfjord, put great strains on Norway's ability to assert its neutrality.
Several of these artists gained international breakthroughs, which was uncommon for Norwegian music at that time.
Several scholars have proposed that Proto-Norse also had a separate pitch accent, which was inherited from Proto-Indo-European and has evolved into the tonal accents of modern Swedish and Norwegian, which in turn have evolved into the stød of modern Danish.
Several modern day statues and bust of Petter Dass have been erected in Norway including a bas-relief of Norwegian sculptor Ambrosia Theodora Tønnesen ( 1859-1948 ) at the Bergen Cathedral.
Several surface vessels employ stealth technology, amongst them the Swedish Visby-class corvette, the Dutch Zeven Provinciën-class frigate, the Turkish MİLGEM corvette, the Norwegian Skjold-class patrol boat, the French La Fayette-class frigate, the Chinese Houbei-class missile boat and Type 054 frigate, the German MEKO ships Braunschweig-class corvettes and Sachsen-class frigates, the Indian Shivalik-class frigate, the Singaporean Formidable-class frigate, the British Type 45 destroyer, the U. S. Navy's Zumwalt-class destroyer, Finnish Hamina-class missile boats, Chilean Patrol Vessel PZM based on the German OPV80 and Indonesian 63m Stealth Fast Missile Patrol Vessel.
** Several main lines were built in the 19th century by the Norwegian engineer Carl Abraham Pihl with, and were later rebuilt to standard gauge.

Several and scientists
Several New England realtors were invited to participate in a small colloquium of property lawyers, political scientists, economists, social psychologists, social ethicists and theologians.
Several liberals, including Adam Smith and Richard Cobden, argued that the free exchange of goods between nations could lead to world peace, a view recognised by such modern American political scientists as Dahl, Doyle, Russet, and O ' Neil.
Several foundation-related engineering problems, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, prompted scientists to begin taking a more scientific-based approach to examining the subsurface.
( Several other scientists, including Ralph Cicerone, Richard Stolarski, Michael McElroy, and Steven Wofsy had independently proposed that chlorine could catalyze ozone loss, but none had realized that CFCs were a potentially large source of chlorine.
Several hundred such trials have been conducted by investigators over the past 25 years, including those by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory ( PEAR ) and by scientists at SRI International and Science Applications International Corporation.
Several scientists have suggested complete eradication of mosquitoes would not have serious ecological consequences.
Several female scientists also made contributions to work at the lab at this time due to women not generally not being preferred for professorships at universities.
Several organizations, NGO's, scientists are working on this field.
Several bog bodies are notable for the high quality of their preservation and the substantial research by archaeologists and forensic scientists.
Several of these discussions were published in the form of books or as parts of books, and introduced a wider audience ( among scientists ) to Krishnamurti's ideas.
Several scientists were interested by Jansky's discovery, but radio astronomy remained a dormant field for several years, due in part to Jansky's lack of formal training as an astronomer.
Several of these scientific tools ( the UV spectrometer, the mass spectrograph, and the devices to measure pressure and temperature ) were developed in collaboration with French scientists.
Several of these scientific tools ( the UV spectrometer, the mass spectrograph, and the devices to measure pressure and temperature ) were developed in collaboration with French scientists.
Several of the scientists responsible for the early research ( Richard Wilkinson, Ray Dakin and John Winslow ) founded Optical Disc Corporation ( now ODC Nimbus ).
Several years later, Japanese scientists recognized that they had also collected a lunar meteorite, Yamato 791197, during the 1979 field season in Antarctica.
Several hundreds of scientists from academia, research institutes, government and industry have contributed to the project.
Several scientists, including Dr. Bradley T. Lepper, Curator of Archaeology, Ohio Historical Society, hypothesize that the Octagon earthwork at Newark, Ohio, was a lunar observatory oriented to the 18. 6 year cycle of minimum and maximum lunar risings and settings on the local horizon.
Several scientists and researchers see a close connection between constructivism and modeling and simulation.
Several scientists have called for an end to subsidies paid to deep sea fisheries.
Several scientists have expressed similar sentiments.
Several of the scientists whose work is sourced in the book have written rebuttals to Wells, stating that they were quoted out of context, that their work has been misrepresented, or that it does not imply Wells ' conclusions.
Several of the key British scientists visited the United States early in 1942 and were given full access to all of the information available.
Several overlapping networks of scientists and scholars began to coalesce around neuroethics-related projects and themes.
Several important 20th century scientists ( Fisher, Dobzhansky ) whose work confirmed Darwin's theory, were also Christians who saw no incompatibility between their experimental and theoretical confirmations of evolution and their faith.

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