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Several and biographical
Several feature films were planned, but only one was completed in time, The Magic Box, a biographical film about cinema pioneer William Friese-Greene, made by Festival Film Productions.
Several biographical sources claim or suggest that Brent was actually a lesbian or bisexual ; she was a fixture of the lesbian social circle in Hollywood during the 1920s.
Several articles, compact disc recordings and inclusions of Dring's biographical information in books about composers in the last decade have secured her compositions a place in the modern concert repertoire.

Several and programs
Several of ASU's graduate schools also appear among the top of the US News & World Report rankings, including the 30th-ranked W. P. Carey School of Business ( along with its 4th-ranked program in Supply Chain Management and the 15th-ranked program in Information Systems ), the 26th-ranked Sandra Day O ' Connor College of Law, the 43rd-ranked Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering ( including five individual programs ranked in the top 30 ), the 16th-ranked School of Public Affairs, the 26th-ranked Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, the 21st-ranked College of Nursing and Health, and 25th-ranked Healthcare Management.
Several groups, most notably the Troth have organized clergy programs.
Several Arab states supported Libyan territorial claims to the Strip, among the most outspoken of which was Algeria, which provided training for anti-Habré forces, although most recruits for its training programs were from Nigeria or Cameroon, recruited and flown to Algeria by Libya.
Several companies, including Fairchild Semiconductor, RCA and Texas Instruments, picked up on the invention and began development programs.
The first computer using a multiprogramming system was the British Leo III owned by J. Lyons and Co .. Several different programs in batch were loaded in the computer memory, and the first one began to run.
Several programs from the university placed in the 2011 Corporate Knights rankings, which measures how well Canadian universities integrate sustainability into their curriculum.
Several banks also have rewards programs, including three of the Big Four banks of the United States -- Wells Fargo being the lone exception, CapitalOne, and Citizens Financial Group.
Several optional extensions are also available, including MIPS-3D which is a simple set of floating-point SIMD instructions dedicated to common 3D tasks, MDMX ( MaDMaX ) which is a more extensive integer SIMD instruction set using the 64-bit floating-point registers, MIPS16e which adds compression to the instruction stream to make programs take up less room, and MIPS MT, which adds multithreading capability.
Several developers used the NeXT platform to write pioneering programs.
* Several calibration programs can be found at www. radiocarbon. org
Several key programs focus on local political and world issues.
Several new solo works have been featured in television programs such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The L Word and Girlfriends, and he contributed " Au Revoir Emmanuelle " to a compilation entitled Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited.
Several third-party programs were developed to allow easier management of this capability.
Several of these architects were involved in other programs and in later years many variations of the Carveyor people movers developed.
Several tools and programs also exist that edit PO files as if they are mere source text files.
Several of the networks are linked to international research programs ; all involved multiple partners.
Several American states have now started programs to introduce advanced wastewater treatment systems to the typical onsite sewage facilities.
Several third-party programs that reveal the entire map, commonly known as maphacks, have been released for the update.
Several PBS stations also air some CBC programming However, these programs are syndicated by independent distributors and are not governed by the PBS " common carriage " policy.
Several organizations offer certification programs for parliamentarians, including the National Association of Parliamentarians and American Institute of Parliamentarians.
Several of Waterloo's programs have also gained recognition nationally and internationally.
Several songs, films and other television programs, including The Simpsons, reference or parody characters and events from the show, including the memorable "... can turn the world on with her smile " line from the title song.
Several university programs use this description as the working definition of ecotourism.
Several autocomplete programs, standalone or integrated in text editors, based on word lists, also include a shorthand function for often used phrases.

Several and have
Several years of her life have been spent in the homeland, and she had written to friends to alert them of our coming.
Several conventions have been held in recent months in hotels on a nonsegregated basis.
Several dentists and patients with special dental problems have experimented with the device.
Several germanium resistors have been thermally cycled from 300 to 4.2 Af and their resistances have been found to be reproducible within 1/3 millidegree when temperatures were derived from a vapor pressure thermometer whose tubing is jacketed through most of the liquid helium.
Several financial institutions, both banks and insurance companies, have been sounded out.
Several days after the companies had received the questionnaire, members of the research team contacted the presidents of eleven of these companies in person or by phone to discuss any ambiguities or difficulties the addressees might have experienced in completing the questionnaire.
Several signers affixed their names, it was learned, after being told that no tax increase would be possible without consent of the General Assembly and that a provision could be included in the charter to have the town take over the Johnston Sanitary District sewer system.
( Several times recently I have wondered whether shows were being staged for the sake of the script or just to entertain the audience with the spectacle of scenery being shifted right in front of their eyes.
Several of these double entries have been collected by Ben Bagley and Michael McWhinney, along with Rodgers and Hart songs that disappeared permanently en route to New York and others that reached Broadway but have not become part of the constantly heard Rodgers and Hart repertory, in a delightfully refreshing album, Rodgers And Hart Revisited ( Spruce Records, 505 Fifth Avenue, New York ).
Several robot cities have been planned for the country: the first will be built in 2009 at a cost of 500 billion won, of which 50 billion is direct government investment.
Several of the dialects have been influenced by contact with non-Germanic linguistic groups, such as the dialect of Carinthia, where in the past many speakers were bilingual with Slovene, and the dialect of Vienna, which has been influenced by immigration during the Austro-Hungarian period, particularly from what is today the Czech Republic.
Several AFI Alums have received both national and international recognition.
Several unusual applications, such as a nuclear battery or fuel for space ships with nuclear propulsion, have been proposed for the isotope < sup > 242m </ sup > Am, but they are as yet hindered by the scarcity and high price of this nuclear isomer.
Several additional candidates for written ASL have appeared in over the years, including Sutton SignWriting, Sign Script, ASL-phabet, and Si5s.
Several genres of fiction have been confused as alternate histories.
Several volcanoes on offshore islands have records of historic activity.
Several of Ambrose's works have recently been published in the bilingual Latin-German Fontes Christiani series ( currently edited by Brepols ).
Several religious brotherhoods which have sprung up in and around Milan at various times since the 14th century have been called Ambrosians.
Several saints and six popes have borne this name, including the only English pope, Adrian IV, and the only Dutch pope, Adrian VI.
Several alternatives to the human sacrifice have been presented in Greek mythology.
Several other princes have borne the name Alexander:

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