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from Brown Corpus
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Several and times
Several times in my youth I voted the Socialist ticket, but less because I was Socialist than because I was not either a Republican or a Democrat, and I voted for Franklin Roosevelt every time he was a candidate.
`` Several times I found the players pepping me up, where it usually is the coach who is supposed to deliver the fight talk.
( Several times recently I have wondered whether shows were being staged for the sake of the script or just to entertain the audience with the spectacle of scenery being shifted right in front of their eyes.
Several religious brotherhoods which have sprung up in and around Milan at various times since the 14th century have been called Ambrosians.
Several patterns of linking the rings together have been known since ancient times, with the most common being the 4-to-1 pattern ( where each ring is linked with four others ).
Several hundred gaming miniatures by various licensees and about a dozen plush toys have also been produced at various times.
Several times since 1995, the American Shakespeare Center has mounted repertories that included both Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, with the same actors performing the same roles in each ; in their 2001 and 2009 seasons the two plays were " directed, designed, and rehearsed together to make the most out of the shared scenes and situations ".
Several analog computers were constructed in ancient and medieval times to perform astronomical calculations.
Several times a year, Bush and her husband travel to their sprawling family estate, the Bush compound, better known as Walker's Point.
Several times the Liberian government borrowed money from English banks on severe terms, and even from local German merchants.
Several times during the development of the Oz series, Baum declared that he had written his last Oz book and devoted himself to other works of fantasy fiction based in other magical lands, including The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus and Queen Zixi of Ix.
Several mustelids, including the mink, the sable ( a type of marten ) and the stoat ( ermine ), boast exquisite and valuable furs and have been accordingly hunted since prehistoric times.
Several times Antony was summoned to Rome, but remained in Alexandria with Cleopatra.
Several historians are beginning to use the term as a description of the way people experience times, that is, as a layering of present experiences over faded pasts.
Several times since 1995, the American Shakespeare Center has mounted repertories that included both Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, with the same actors performing the same roles in each ; in their 2001 and 2009 seasons the two plays were " directed, designed, and rehearsed together to make the most out of the shared scenes and situations ".
Several times throughout the history of the show the Daleks have become extinct only to be ' reborn ' at a later time due to their huge fan base and iconic placement as the Doctor's greatest foes.
Several times more ( 20 to 40 %) attempt suicide at least once.
Several times during the 1610s, the Gondi invited King Louis XIII to hunt in the large forests around Versailles.
Several festivals, some of uncertain foundation and date, were held at the Circus in historical times.
Several more pit stops were necessary as the makeshift repair came undone several times during the race.
Several times Mathilda tells Léon " I love you ", but he offers no response.
Several times I'd have been killed if I hadn't been able to land like a cat.
Several other findings also prove that the mountain was inhabited in prehistorical times.
Several times, she confronted Charles Watson at parole hearings, explaining, " I feel that Sharon has to be represented in that hearing room.

Several and came
Several of the treasuries can be identified, among them the Siphnian Treasury, dedicated by the city of Siphnos whose citizens gave a tithe of the yield from their gold mines until the mines came to an abrupt end when the sea flooded the workings.
Several of his professors came forward, arguing that his ability with counterpoint and harmony more than compensated.
Several days later, he came out to a group of friends at a party held at his home in Belsize Park, where he officially introduced them to his partner, David Sherlock, whom he had met in Ibiza in 1966.
Several national expert groups came to the same result ; on top of all two international expert groups have in full detail evaluated the available data and finally concluded that any food at any dose is wholesome and safe to consume as long as it remains palatable and maintains its technical properties.
Several of Dole's other campaign ideas came from Kemp and Bill Bennett's Empower America, which had Jeane Kirkpatrick, Weber, Forbes and Alexander as principals.
Several other experiments followed, with André-Marie Ampère, who in 1820 discovered that the magnetic field circulating in a closed-path was related to the current flowing through the perimeter of the path ; Carl Friedrich Gauss ; Jean-Baptiste Biot and Félix Savart, both of which in 1820 came up with the Biot-Savart Law giving an equation for the magnetic field from a current-carrying wire ; Michael Faraday, who in 1831 found that a time-varying magnetic flux through a loop of wire induced a voltage, and others finding further links between magnetism and electricity.
Several conquistadores came out winners, and some were executed or murdered.
Several years later, Cardano happened to see unpublished work by Scipione del Ferro who independently came up with the same solution as Tartaglia.
Several stars came through Philadelphia, though few would stay, and the minor league system continued to develop its young prospects, who would soon rise to Phillies fame.
Several " tall, slim, black actors " auditioned for Worf before Michael Dorn came along, walking into the audition in character and not smiling ( Indeed, Michael Dorn found the seriousness of the role, especially during the audition, at first to be uncomfortable, since he considers himself a comedian at heart ).
Several important political innovations of classical antiquity came from the Greek city-states and the Roman Republic.
Several weeks later, the three parties came to an accord in which the NADA would move its convention date to the original Super Bowl week in exchange for financial and other considerations, including promotional spots shown during selected regular season NFL games.
Several other researchers came close to developing a similar theory, notably Dietrich Küchemann who designed a tapered fighter that was dubbed the " Küchemann Coke Bottle " when it was discovered by U. S. forces in 1946.
Several stories later emerged suggesting that the band had initially been called ' English Rose ' or that the name was somehow linked to The Rolling Stones, but these were untrue, Brown explaining " No, I don't know where that English Rose story came from.
Several highly dramatized versions of Tubman's life had been written for children, and many more came later, but Conrad wrote in an academic style to document the historical importance of her work for scholars and the nation's memory.
Several Lithuanian monarchs — the last being Švitrigaila in 1432 – 36 — relied on the Eastern Orthodox Ruthenian majority, while most monarchs and magnates increasingly came to reflect the opinions of the Roman Catholics.
Several thousand Estonians who had joined the Finnish army came back across the Gulf of Finland to join the newly formed Territorial Defense Force, assigned to defend Estonia against the Soviet advance.
Several loosely affiliated bands of Apache came to be known as the Chiricahua.
Several archaeological digs in the castro of La Carisa ( municipality of Lena ) have found remnants of a defensive line whose main purpose was to protect the valleys of central Asturias from invaders who came from the Meseta through the Pajares pass: the construction of these fortifications reveals a high degree of organization and cooperation between the several Asturian communities, in order to defend themselves from the southern invaders.
Several military derivatives took precedence in the Soviet design process, though they never came to pass.
Several short-lived interim presidents came and went, until Congress finally chose Eduardo Duhalde of the Justicialist Party ( Peronist ) to rule until some sort of social and economic peace could be restored.
Several weeks after Edward IV's death on 9 April 1483, a priest came forward and testified to having carried out the ceremony between Edward and Lady Eleanor.
Several years later, Thomas Holland returned from the Crusades, having made his fortune, and the full story of his earlier relationship with Joan came out.

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