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Severus and Alexander
Denarius of Severus Alexander.
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* Historia Augusta, Life of Severus Alexander
* Joannes Zonaras, Compendium of History extract: Zonaras: Alexander Severus to Diocletian: 222 284
* Benario, Herbert W., Alexander Severus ( A. D. 222 235 ), De Imperatoribus Romanis ( 2001 )
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* Alexander Severus, ( 208 235 ), Roman Empire

Severus and (;
Septimius Severus (; 11 April 145 4 February 211 ), also known as Severus, was Roman Emperor from 193 to 211.
Sulpicius Severus (; c. 363 c. 425 ) was a Christian writer and native of Aquitania.
Severus (; died September 307 ), sometimes known as Severus II, was a Western Roman Emperor from 306 to 307.
Geta (; 7 March 189 19 December 211 ), was a Roman Emperor co-ruling with his father Septimius Severus and his older brother Caracalla from 209 to his death.

Severus and 1
* June 1 Septimius Severus enters the capital and has Julianus put to death.
* October 1 Alexander Severus, Roman emperor ( d. 235 )
The climax came in the year 190, which had 25 suffect consuls — a record in the 1, 000-year history of the Roman consulship — all appointed by Cleander ( they included the future Emperor Septimius Severus ).
He rose to become a senior officer in the Roman army, and as an old friend of Galerius, that emperor ordered that Severus be appointed Caesar of the Western Roman Empire, a post that he succeeded to on 1 May 305.
Domitian and Septimius Severus increased the stipendum ( payment ) to 1, 500 denarii per year, distributed in January, May and September.
Julianus was executed by a common soldier on the orders of Septimius Severus on 1 June 193 after ruling for only 66 days.
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There is a statement in the Scriptores Historiae Augustae Severus Alexander LV that he captured 1, 800 scythed chariots.
The historian Cassius Dio ( LXXVII. 1. 3-5 ) credits the later emperor Septimius Severus with bringing the crocotta to Rome, saying this " Indian species ... was then introduced into Rome for the first time, so far as I am aware.
The consular Didius Julianus was installed by Pertinax's murderers, and was himself murdered on June 1 by a partisan of the rebellious governor of Pannonia Superior, Septimius Severus ( see below ).
" Coins minted by Septimius Severus bear the date January 1, 200, commemorating its founding.,

Severus and 208
An invasion of Caledonia led by Severus and probably numbering around 20, 000 troops moved north in 208 or 209, crossing the Wall and passing through eastern Scotland on a route similar to that used by Agricola.
* March 18 Alexander Severus, Roman Emperor ( b. 208 )
From 208 to 211 AD, there was a major rebellion against Rome in Britain, and the Emperor Septimus Severus led an army to Britain to cope with it personally.
* Alexander Severus ( 208 235 ), Roman Emperor from 222 to 235
* Having suffered heavy losses since invading Scotland in 208, emperor Septimius Severus sens his son Caracalla to systematically wipe out and torture the Scots into submission.
Saint Andéol, a disciple of St Polycarp, is supposed to have evangelized the Vivarais during the reign of Emperor Septimius Severus, and was supposedly martyred in 208.
* 208 / 211 Severus campaigns against the Caledonians
None of these accusations were proven, Severus continued to favour his wife and insisted on her company in the campaign against the Britons that started in 208.
It acquired its present name after Saint Andeolus, the ' apostle of the Vivarais ', a disciple of St. Polycarp, supposedly arriving from Minor Asia, who evangelized the area under Emperor Septimius Severus, and was martyred in 208.
Pottery and coins of later date indicate that the fort and harbour were reinhabited and used as a base for the army and navy of the Emperor Septimius Severus, sometime between 208 and 211.
After his accession in A. D. 193, Severus took special interest in refortifying the northern border in Britannia, and in 208 he relocated in Eboracum to oversee the military campaigns to pacify the northern tribes.
Despite being 62 years old, Septimius Severus chose to intervene personally, arriving in 208 to lead new campaigns.
As Morris points out, Diocletian reigned only in the East, and would not have been involved in British affairs in 304 ; Severus, however, was in Britain from 208 to 211.

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