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Shared and values
Shared values create harmony.
Shared values are individualspreferences regarding certain aspects of the organization ’ s culture ( e. g. loyalty, customer service ).

Shared and are
Shared retentions from the parent language are not sufficient evidence of a sub-group.
Shared innovations, acquired by borrowing or other means, are not considered genetic and have no bearing with the language family concept.
In multiplayer online games, a MUSH ( a backronymed pun on MUD most often expanded as Multi-User Shared Hallucination, though Multi-User Shared Hack, Habitat, and Holodeck are also observed ) is a text-based online social medium to which multiple users are connected at the same time.
** Shared Resources High Frequency Radio Program ( SHARES )-The SHARES HF Radio Program brings together the assets of over 1, 000 HF radio stations worldwide to voluntarily pass emergency messages when normal communications are destroyed or unavailable.
Shared sequences of apparently non-functional DNA are a major line of evidence of common descent.
; Atomic operations: Shared data are accessed by using atomic operations which cannot be interrupted by other threads.
Shared services are borough council services shared between two or more boroughs.
Shared use may also refer to alternate day arrangements, whereby two uses are segregated by being permitted on alternate days.
Shared libraries can be statically linked, meaning that references to the library modules are resolved and the modules are allocated memory when the executable file is created.
Creating Shared Value ( CSV ) encourages businesses to create economic and social value simultaneously by focusing on the social issues that they are uniquely capable of addressing.
For maximum impact, the company has focused its Creating Shared Value efforts and investments on three areas – nutrition, water and rural development – as these are core to their business activities and vital for our value chain.
Shared opinions and expected behaviours and potential associated feelings of shame are in any case proven to be effective in guiding behaviour of a group or society.
Shared syntactic features include classifiers, object – verb order and topic – comment structure, though in each case there are exceptions in branches of one or more families.
* Shared Basic Assumptions are the deeply embedded, taken-for-granted behaviors which is usually unconscious, but constitute the essence of culture.
Shared between the players are three ships, a trading house, and a supply of resources and doubloons.
Two types of locks are utilized by the basic protocol: Shared and Exclusive locks.
* Shared experience effects-Experience curve effects are reinforced when two or more products share a common activity or resource.
Requiem works by decrypting the iTunes configuration files that are in "/ Users / Shared / SC Info ".
The Canadian centres are operated by the Rogers Shared Operations ( RSO ) division in:

Shared and individuals
Shared Source programs allow individuals and organizations to access Microsoft's source code for reference ( e. g. when developing complementary systems ), for review and auditing from a security perspective ( mostly wanted by some large corporations and governments ), and for development ( academic institutions, OEMs, individual developers ).

Shared and certain
The Conrail Shared Assets Operations arrangement was a concession made to federal regulators who were concerned about the lack of competition in certain rail markets and logistical problems associated with the breaking up the Conrail operations as they existed in densely populated areas with many local customers.
* The ITU-T G. hn standard, which provides high-speed local area networking over existing home wiring ( power lines, phone lines and coaxial cables ) includes support for CSMA / CARP, although only during certain periods of time called " Shared Transmission Opportunities " ( STXOP ).

Shared and organization's
# Shared Vision: A learning organization's employees all share a common vision.

Shared and e
* Shared online activities ( e. g., online games such as MMORPGs )
Shared people and resources in a common fictional setting are the connecting links between the shows, e. g., Hudson University and the New York Ledger tabloid newspaper.

Shared and .
* Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure is a reference implementation of the CLI available from Microsoft, under the Shared source licensing program.
::* Shared memory architecture, where multiple processors share the main memory space, as well as other data storage.
::* Shared disk architecture, where each processing unit ( typically consisting of multiple processors ) has its own main memory, but all units share the other storage.
::* Shared nothing architecture, where each processing unit has its own main memory and other storage.
In 1970, he wrote a number of papers that outlined a new approach to database construction that eventually culminated in the groundbreaking A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks.
Shared classes must define a secondary constructor for each regular constructor in the class.
Shared memory is strictly speaking also an inter-process communication mechanism, but the abbreviation IPC usually only refers to message passing, and it is the latter that is particularly relevant to microkernels.
Shared with South Africa and Botswana, it has a variety of localized environments ranging from hyper-arid sandy desert, to areas that seem to defy the common definition of desert.
Ellison took inspiration from the 1970 paper written by Edgar F. Codd on relational database management systems ( RDBMS ) named " A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks.
Shared norms, value and loyalties were low, structures " chaotic ", little role differentiation or clear distribution of labour.
Since this operation PLAN has sought the leadership of theShared Awareness and Deconfliction ’ body ( SHADE ), which would require an increase in the number of vessels contributing to the anti-piracy fleet.
Shared ideas about privacy allows freedom of conscience and diversity in thought.
* Martin van Gelderen & Quentin Skinner, eds., Republicanism: A Shared European Heritage, v2, The Values of Republicanism in Early Modern Europe, Cambridge: Cambridge U. P., 2002
* Martin van Gelderen & Quentin Skinner, eds., Republicanism: A Shared European Heritage, v 1: Republicanism and Constitutionalism in Early Modern Europe ; vol 2: The Value of Republicanism in Early Modern Europe Cambridge U. P., 2002.
Shared metabolic enzymes can cause drugs to remain in the bloodstream much longer in higher concentrations than if individually taken.
* Gary Fine, Shared Fantasy: Role Playing Games As Social Worlds, University of Chicago Press ( Chicago, IL ), 1983.
Shared vocabulary alone does not show a relationship, as it may be loaned from one language to another or through the language of a third party.

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