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from Brown Corpus
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Shayne and said
Shayne said briskly, `` Grab another drink if you want it.
Shayne said happily, `` I've got it all worked out, Tim.
`` Why the two damned fools got all excited when they saw the bottle, and knocked each other out cold '', Shayne said good-humoredly.
During that game vs. Brandon, there was an online report that said that Milan Kostolny scored the winning goal, but in fact after video research, the goal was scored by Matthew Ball, off of Wade Redden's foot Detroit then started the final game vs Kamloops shorthanded, playing without Shayne McCosh ( broken wrist ) and Bryan Berard, trying to play with a bad charley horse.

Shayne and I
* Baars, Conrad W., I Will Give Them A New Heart: Reflections on the Priesthood and the Renewal of the Church, Suzanne M. Baars and Bonnie N. Shayne ( eds .).
I know Shayne feels worse about it than anyone.
* Westlife " I Cry " ( Covered by Shayne Ward )

Shayne and was
Shayne noted idly that it carried Miami Beach license plates as he approached, and then saw the flare of a match in the front seat as they passed, indicating that it was occupied.
Shayne stepped back to let him slump to the ground, and then dived over him through the open door into Harris who was cursing loudly and trying to drag a gun from a shoulder holster, somewhat impeded by the steering wheel.
According to a note added by Deborah Wray on his Rockabilly Hall of Fame page, Link Wray had married four times and was survived by nine children: Fred Lincoln Wray III, Link Elvis Wray, Shayne Wray, Elizabeth ( Beth ) Wray Webb, Mona Kay Wray Tidwell, Belinda Wray Muth, Rhonda Wray Sayen, and Charlotte Wray Glass.
In an attempt to revive the show, the character Reva Shayne was brought back to Springfield in April 1995.
He also stood by Robert Shayne ( who played Police Inspector William " Bill " Henderson ) when Shayne was subpoenaed by FBI agents on the set of Superman.
( Shayne's political activism in the Screen Actors Guild in the 1940s was used by his embittered ex-wife as an excuse to label him a Communist, although Shayne had never been a Communist Party member.
Ivy St. Helier played Manon, and the role of the aged Marquis of Shayne was played by the 26 year-old Alan Napier, later to gain fame as Batman's butler, Alfred, in the 1960s ( both repeated their roles in the 1933 film ).
In the mid 1980s, he was the book review columnist for Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine.
It was not until he signed with the St. Louis Blues that Joseph legally changed his name from Curtis Shayne Munro to Curtis Shayne Joseph.
* Shayne Ward, from Hattersley, was on The X Factor.
This was essentially a remake of Time to Kill ( 1942 ), a Michael Shayne adventure starring Lloyd Nolan.
Shayne was, in fact, legally blind by that time.
Later in the campaign, he was involved in an altercation with Montreal Canadiens forward Shayne Corson.
He was traded by Montreal to the St. Louis Blues with Rory Fitzpatrick and Craig Conroy for Murray Baron, Shayne Corson, and a fifth round selection in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft on October 29, 1996.
Later in 1983, Zimmer was cast in the role for which she is best known, the character of Reva Shayne on the television soap opera Guiding Light.
Confirmed collaborators include Tiki Taane, Ruban and Kody Neilson from the Mint Chicks, Julia Deans from Fur Patrol, Anika Moa, Shayne Carter of Dimmer / Straitjacket Fits fame and Ladi 6 .. " The Adults " was released as a full-length album in New Zealand in June 2011.
On August 27, 1992, Damphousse was dealt to his hometown team, the Montreal Canadiens, in exchange for Shayne Corson.
The 1942 movie The Man Who Wouldn't Die, starring Lloyd Nolan, was based on No Coffin for the Corpse, but the Merlini character was replaced by Michael Shayne, a popular fictional private eye at the time, created by the writer Brett Halliday.
Merlini was shown in a brief segment where he advises Shayne, and was played by Charles Irwin.
He was associate editor on Satellite Science Fiction, 1959 ; on Short Stories, 1959 – 60 ; and on Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine until 1966.

Shayne and Tim
Vengaboys covered The Walkers ' " Shalala Lala ", Jamelia covered Christine Milton's " Superstar ", Shayne Ward covered Bryan Rice's " No Promises " and Celine Dion covered Tim Christensen's " Right Next To The Right One ".

Shayne and .
Shayne looked at his watch.
`` I'd better keep on driving yours '', Shayne decided, `` because I'll be going on over to the Beach.
In Rourke's car, Shayne drove east to Biscayne Boulevard and north toward Felice Perrin's address which had been given to him by the Peralta governess.
`` It does '', Shayne grunted sourly, still able to taste her mouth on his in the Green Jungle parking lot.
Shayne asked, peering ahead at the partially obscured street sign.
Shayne got in the left-hand lane and cut across the Boulevard divider.
Shayne drove westward from the Boulevard slowly, letting Rourke crane his head out the window and watch for street numbers.
Instead of pulling into the curb, Shayne increased his speed slightly to the corner where he swung left.
Shayne nodded grimly.
Shayne opened the door on his side and stepped out.
Shayne chuckled.
Shayne told the bartender, `` Bourbon and water '', and Rourke told him, `` It's those two, all right.
The bartender brought Rourke's drink and Shayne laid a twenty-dollar bill on the bar.
He turned away and returned in a moment with a pint of brandy in a small paper sack which he slid over the counter to Shayne.
Shayne strode out blithely, and Rourke checked his watch and sipped his drink, getting a dime ready to make the telephone call to the police.
Outside, Shayne hesitated when he saw that Rourke had parked his coupe directly in front of the bar headed south.
Shayne turned the handle and jerked the door open before either of the men were quite aware of his presence in the night.
Shayne locked his big hands around Harris' thin neck and dragged him out over the seat into the roadway.
They were both breathing heavily, out cold, and Shayne didn't think either of them had recognized him or could describe him.

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