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She and accepts
She stresses the complementarity and equal importance of the male and female roles according to yin-yang theory, but she clearly accepts the dominance of the yang-male.
She is hesitant, but accepts him when he mentions that their bed was made from an olive tree still rooted to the ground.
She accepts the date, but only if her date will take her out to the ballgame.
She accepts, but seems to love him very largely for his professed name of Ernest.
She accepts.
She accepts, but when he asks her how much she loves him, she admits " Nobody could love ' ee more than Tess did!
She finally accepts that her husband has returned.
She accepts that sometimes she cannot save everyone.
She reluctantly accepts the invitation, and relationships among the three develop.
She is of such assistance that she overcomes Leo's reluctance and, with Harry's support, is offered and accepts a position on the team.
She accepts.
She happily accepts and they marry in a small ceremony.
She declines at first, but when Charlie offers to pay her, she graciously accepts.
She accepts, but before they can do anything, she is taken away by Lilac's henchmen.
She manages to get a screen test for a role in a film she ’ d always wanted to play, being offered a supporting role which she accepts, trusting that if she plays that character as a sexy young woman she might be able to get the best part, but it does not work out.
She accepts and her natural and pure manner of interacting with the puppets becomes the most valuable part of the act.
She accepts the Celtic label, but has at times indicated a slight discomfort with being seen as " New Age " as much of her music is strongly Christian, with several of her songs centring on maintaining a relationship with Jesus Christ.
She accepts and, having changed, surprises Will with a kiss which starts their mutual attraction.
Only with the help of all three can the bird soar into the heights .” She accepts the various spiritual practices and prayers of all religions as but various systems for the single goal of purifying the mind.
She accepts it, as it coincides with her finally being taught by Odeen about physics ( which violates the gender norms of this society-Odeen consulted his hard-teacher about the problem of the third child, the teacher encouraged him to go with her abnormalities ).
She discovers quickly that Martha and Lettie have switched places, but accepts Lettie as her apprentice anyway and encourages her to accept Howl's advances and become his pupil, though she eventually chooses Suliman instead.
She accepts, and the two are quietly wed.
She accepts, but before the ceremony, Ed is shot.
She is involved in a relationship with Danny, who proposes to her in Season 2 – she accepts, then later calls off the engagement.

She and request
She was the only character created at the request of MTV, who wanted a female character who could tolerate and handle the duo.
She sought to discuss the issue with Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, but her request for a meeting was reportedly denied.
She had ceased to attend the meetings when she was nominated to be the first woman Grand Master of the Science Fiction Writers of America, but the nomination was withdrawn at the request of her husband, Thomas Reggie, who said that due to the Alzheimer's progress the award and ceremony would be at best confusing and likely upsetting to her.
She tells them that not only is her father dead, but she burned all of the notes about the giant dinosaur ( at her father's request ).
She decided that an ecumenical council needed to be held to address the issue of iconoclasm and directed this request to Pope Hadrian I ( 772 – 795 ) in Rome.
She returned home in 1896 following her father's request that she come home to nurse her mother, who died three years later in 1899.
She also stated she never asked for non-public records and that upon the request of the college showed her California Driver ’ s License bearing her full name and address.
She was purified from this action by Priam, and in exchange she fought for him and killed many, including Machaon ( according to Pausanias, Machaon was killed by Eurypylus ), and according to another version, Achilles himself, who was resurrected at the request of Thetis.
She was buried in her wedding dress and Edward's heart, placed into a casket thirty years before, was interred with her at her request.
She was beautiful as he was ugly, and she refused his request to exchange faces.
She conceals her blonde hair beneath a brunette wig and functions as Supergirl only in secret, at Superman's request, until she can gain, in his opinion, sufficient control of her powers.
She tells him that her agency has received a system request from him, so she has been sent to grant him a single wish.
She did however request that it would be returned to her family if the Dutch were to abolish the monarchy.
She followed this, again at the publisher's request, with A Laboratory Manual for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy ( 1922 ), which also had great success.
She was disappointed when she learned he requested she join him along with several other students to request they volunteer as he felt they all had potential in becoming teachers themselves.
She had cited " advancing age, failing health and poor prison conditions " as the reasons for her request.
She first spoke in public about autism in the mid-1980s at the request of Ruth C. Sullivan, one of the founders of the Autism Society of America.
She would go on to change her name to Matilda, on Wolfe Tone's request.
She and her sister are the only granddaughters of the Queen to hold the title of Princess of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the style Her Royal Highness: although their cousin, Lady Louise Windsor, is legally a princess, in accordance with Letters Patent issued by King George V, she is not styled as such at the request of the Queen and her parents ; their other female first cousin, Zara Phillips, is the Queen's granddaughter through the female-line, therefore allowing her only the title and style of her father, who has none.
She obtained a legal divorce on July 21, 1942, during which Wallace withdrew his request for separate maintenance, and West testified that she and Wallace had lived together for only " several weeks.
She wrote instructions for her funeral during an illness in 1841 at Sudbury Hall: " I die in all humility ", she wrote, " we are alike before the throne of God, and I request therefore that my mortal remains be conveyed to the grave without pomp or state … to have as private and quiet a funeral as possible.
She was formally re-arrested on January 22, 1947 at the request of the Justice Department and was eventually flown to the United States to await trial on
She repeated this request on December 2, 1940, stating in the year 1929, the Blessed Lady requested in another apparition the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.
She also ignored the request of New York Chancery officials, representing Cardinal Spellman, that she stop using " Catholic " in the title of her paper, according to the, written accounts of Ammon Hennacy and Michael Harrington as well as others in the movement.

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