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She and admitted
She was admitted to the District of Columbia Bar in 1980 and began her law career as an associate with the Washington, D. C. firm of Wald, Harkrader & Ross.
She admitted in an interview given that year that the fairies might have been " figments of my imagination ", but left open the possibility she believed that she had somehow managed to photograph her thoughts.
She admitted to drinking and using recreational drugs during her years on Diff ' rent Strokes.
She admitted to being a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, but claimed that she had been sober for more than ten years by that point, and was not using any drugs, with the exception of prescribed painkillers due to discomfort and pain from the recent extraction of her wisdom teeth.
She promised that if he admitted to charges of infidelity, she would allow him unlimited access to their daughters.
She admitted that he never gave his name.
She admitted in an interview having regrets for her choice to work in the film: " Simply Irresistible was just a bad choice – and for that, it was a great learning experience.
She remarked in an interview that starring in the film was a positive experience for her, although she admitted that horror movies terrified her, particularly Vincent Price's House of Wax ( 1953 ).
She further alleged that Caroline had been rude about the royal family, touched her in an inappropriately sexual way, and had admitted that any woman friendly with a man was sure to become his lover.
She readily admitted that she had come from an abusive, alcoholic background and struggled with alcohol problems herself.
She admitted her guilt when she signed a statement the day before the trial, thus reaffirming the crime in the presence of all other prisoners and lawyers present in the court at the beginning of the trial.
She admitted that her college career was most notable for " anti-Vietnam War rioting ".
She obtained first-class honours in her final exams, though women were not at that time admitted to degrees at Oxford.
She admitted she was terrified during the making of her earliest films and that she became tough by necessity.
" She admitted a fondness for the early paintings of John Everett Millais and " the wonderful things " of Edward Burne-Jones.
She confronted Gardner with this, who admitted that the text he had received from the New Forest coven had been fragmentary and he had had to fill much of it using various sources.
She was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on May 17, 1989 for a CAT scan.
She once admitted that she was " designed for a nun " and the fact that she had so many Catholic connections, such as Henry Neville who was later arrested, would certainly have aroused suspicions during the anti-Catholic fervor of the 1680s ( Goreau 243 ).
" She attended Beverly Hills High School, which she later admitted she hated.
She was admitted, and in the dead of night quietly opened the gate.
She is famous for her book Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years which recently she admitted was a hoax.
She visited Hollywood and appeared in January 1936 on the Music Variety Show, but she admitted to feeling intimidated by her brother's reputation.
She admitted to him that she had committed adultery with a number of men, including the Prince of Wales, ' often, and in open day.
She did succeed in being admitted to PARADA, the academy's preparatory school, and finally, on her fourth attempt, she graduated and was trained at RADA.

She and inspiration
She states in Volume One of her diaries that she drew inspiration from Marcel Proust, André Gide, Jean Cocteau, Paul Valéry, and Arthur Rimbaud.
She returned to Haworth in January 1844 and used the time spent in Brussels as the inspiration for some experiences in The Professor and Villette.
She is assumed to have been the inspiration for his novel about a nun, La Religieuse, in which he depicts a woman who is forced to enter a monastery where she suffers at the hands of the other nuns in the community.
She was the inspiration for Dr. Gottfried Hertzka's " Hildegard-Medicine ", and is the namesake for June Boyce-Tillman's Hildegard Network, a healing center that focuses on a holistic approach to wellness and brings
She credits her brother, Todd, as one of her most important sources of inspiration, and her mother and grandmother as role models.
She is often shown at her desk in Ishimyama Temple, staring at the moon for inspiration.
She has said that she drew inspiration for Snape's character from a disliked teacher from her own childhood, and described Snape as a horrible teacher, saying the " worst, shabbiest thing you can do as a teacher is to bully students.
She was famous for being irascible, garrulous, eccentric and outspoken, but the marriage, to all appearances, was essentially happy and she was a great source of inspiration to him.
She was an example and an inspiration to both Leontyne Price and Jessye Norman.
She was mentioned in the Divine Comedy by Dante, was an inspiration for Mirra by Vittorio Alfieri, and was alluded to in Mathilda by Mary Shelley.
She was also the inspiration for several species ' scientific names and an asteroid's.
She had a magical cauldron that could make a potion granting the gift of wisdom and poetic inspiration.
The arrest became the inspiration for the exploitation film She Shoulda Said No!
She used the town as inspiration for several in her novels, including Black Hawk in My Ántonia.
She was the inspiration for Mrs Bidlake in Aldous Huxley's Point Counter Point, for Hermione Roddice in D. H. Lawrence's Women in Love, for Lady Caroline Bury in Graham Greene's It's a Battlefield, and for Lady Sybilline Quarrell in Alan Bennett's Forty Years On.
Years later, he would reference this incident to John Lennon and George Harrison while taking LSD with The Beatles, and claiming " I know what it's like to be dead ", which ended up becoming a direct inspiration for The Beatles song " She Said, She Said ".
She has also been credited as an inspiration to other performers such as Sara Evans, Kelly Clarkson, Lee Ann Womack, Terri Clark, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood ,.
She draws inspiration for her songs from things in her life that move her emotionally, which she describes as " a beautiful picture, scenery, tasting something delicious, scents that bring back memories, happy and sad things ...
She is thought to be a major inspiration for later cutesy-looking girl characters ( not overly stoic ones such as Rei Ayanami ) who are sarcastic and jaded rather than cutesy-acting.
* In the liner notes to the 1999 The Magnetic Fields album 69 Love Songs, Magnetic Fields frontman Stephin Merritt credited the sentence as an inspiration for the songs " The Things We Did and Didn't Do " and " The Flowers She Sent and the Flowers She Said She Sent.
She wrote in her autobiography that she had “ tried to embalm all the tenderness of passion for him .” With this emotional inspiration, Hurston went on to paint the picture of Their Eyes using her personal experience and research as a template.

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