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Page "lore" ¶ 773
from Brown Corpus
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She and agreed
She opened his reply with trembling fingers he agreed!!
`` She really is a dear little thing '', my mother agreed.
She clearly agreed that this had been the case.
She said the jurors agreed that Pohl's confession was valid.
She encountered some difficulty in publishing the first book, since most publishers would only offer her a deal if she agreed to remove the stories from the internet.
Even though it might have cost me a lot of money, I kept saying no .” She eventually found a publisher who agreed to print the book containing only 10 % of the material.
She agreed to marry Mieszko I providing that he was baptized.
She agreed but only if she could choose her own husband and king, and after being crowned, she immediately crowned Guy with her own hands.
" She felt sorry for the group and agreed to help the remaining group hide from the police and FBI.
She suggested that the name be changed to " Kathryn ", to which the producers agreed.
She was at first wary of Homer, but agreed to go to the prom with him, although she ended up going with Artie Ziff.
She agreed to return to the United States as his concubine after he promised to free her children when they came of age.
She is now living well again as her son, the new baronet, has agreed to financially support her ( in spite of her past neglect and indifference towards him ).
She agreed to wear an orange dress, which is believed to have appeared red in the artificial lights of the theater, so that police could easily identify her.
* She agreed to a date with actor Jack Nicholson to make Bogdanovich jealous.
* She and her Moonlighting costar Bruce Willis almost became lovers off-screen but they agreed that it would hurt the series so they chose not to consummate their relationship on a physical level.
" She kept silent out of respect for her father and denies that the two had agreed that she would not reveal her connection to Thurmond.
She agreed with Bitzer that past responses can indicate what is an appropriate response to the current situation, but Miller holds that, rhetorically, genre should be " centered not on the substance or the form of discourse but on the action it is used to accomplish " ( Miller 151 ).
She agreed to leave the country in exchange for an annual allowance of £ 35, 000.
She became his secretary, and after a few months agreed to stay only if Chagall married her.
She surrendered Lleida to James and agreed to hold Urgell in fief from him.
She agreed to accompany him and arrived at Dunbar at midnight.
She agreed to running races against her suitors because she thought she would never lose.
She finally agreed to play the song again on her " True Colors " tour in 2007, and it was featured in her 2008 tour of Australia as the second number performed at each show.

She and take
She could not scream, for even if a sound could take shape within her parched mouth, who would hear, who would listen??
She had to move in some direction -- any direction that would take her away from this evil place.
She was still hugging the stained coat around her, so I said, `` Relax, let me take your things.
She was not an overnight guest in the White House, but Mr. Ike Hoover, the chief usher, had Mama check her fur coat when she came in, and take care of her needs.
She would often go up on the roof to see the attendant take down the flag in the evening.
She got so drunk I had to take her home.
She had talked her `` boy friend '' into sending her to New York to take a screen test.
She named 48 items, and said there were `` many more things which it would take too long to write ''.
She come to the kitchen and say she take it up to you ''.
She promised that she would soon take a few day's leave and visit the uncle she had never seen, on the island of Oyajima -- which was not very far from Yokosuka.
She might like to take him to St. Peter's.
She could take care of herself and her ambulatory half, in any situation already recorded in the annals of Central Worlds and any situation its most fertile minds could imagine.
She appears at the rock with all forty-nine of the inmates, or “ Cookies ” in tow, intending to let them take some of the water.
She would take his manhood unless he had her swear by the names of the gods that she would not.
* Ela levá-lo-ia (" She take-it-would " – " She would take it ").
She argued that Barna had formulated his report with undue irony and skepticism, and that he had failed to take into account the reasons for the data which enkindled his " arrière pensée.
She further asserted that the police had insinuated if she did not cooperate with them they would take away her child.
She had just enough time to warn her husband to take care of their child and make sure that he did not pick flowers.
She observed in the flirtations between the American soldiers and British women a pattern of misunderstandings regarding who is supposed to take which initiative.
She then uses her power as Etzel's wife to take a bloody revenge in which not only Hagen and Gunther but all Burgundian knights find their death at festivities to which she and Etzel had invited them.
She also bought more than 400 works by Dutch artist Bart van der Leck, but his popularity did not take off like van Gogh's.
She convinces her father to take him with them to York, where he may be best treated.
She was also one of the first major science fiction writers to take slash fiction and its cultural and literary implications seriously.

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