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She and also
She began to watch a blonde-haired man, also in shorts, standing right at the rear of the wrecked car in the one spot that most of the crowd had detoured slightly.
She also mentioned leaving a little bunch of flowers at the bust of Lauro Di Bosis.
She also banks into a turn like a fine runabout -- not digging in on the outside to throw passengers all over the boat like many a small cabin cruiser.
She also taught them to sing `` I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate ''.
She also builds one or two waxen cups which she fills with honey.
She spoke also with deep thankfulness of the many individuals and agencies whose interest and efforts through the years had made the work so fruitful in results.
She knew also that I was unmarried and without a single known relative.
She was also stone deaf in her right ear.
She also was the original GOP national committeewoman from New Jersey in the early 1920s following adoption of the women's suffrage amendment.
Typical touch: She sold a $10,000 morning light mink to Sportsman Freddie Wacker for his frau, Jana Mason, also an ex-singer.
She also likes the femininity and charm of designs by Ceil Chapman and Helen Rose.
She also has a habit of constantly changing her hairstyle, and in every appearance by her much is made of the clothes and hats she wears.
She is also the only one in Poirot's universe to have noted that " It ’ s not natural for five or six people to be on the spot when B is murdered and all have a motive for killing B.
She also worked for the government agent-turned-philanthropist, Parker Pyne.
She also has a remarkable ability to latch onto a casual comment and connect it to the case at hand.
Angela Lansbury, who had played Miss Marple in the movie, The Mirror Crack'd, directed by Guy Hamilton, went on to star in the TV series Murder, She Wrote as Jessica Fletcher, a mystery novelist who also solves crimes.
" She also called for a sweeping reform of tax and customs administration, the creation of a " strong and independent judicial system " as well as a tough fight against government corruption.
She answered her accusers that she received tuition from Thomas Reid, a former barony officer who had died at the Battle of Pinkie some 30 years before and also from the Queen of the Elfhame which lay nearby.
She was also one of two horses driven by Menelaus at the funeral games of Patroclus.
She also was a stepmother to Claudia Antonia, Claudius ' daughter and only child from his second marriage to Aelia Paetina, and to the young Claudia Octavia and Britannicus, Claudius ' children with Valeria Messalina.
She also eliminated or removed anyone who she considered was a potential threat to her position and the future of her son, one of her victims being Lucius ' second paternal aunt and Messalina's mother Domitia Lepida the Younger.
She also alienated the army by extreme parsimony, and neither she nor her son were strong enough to impose military discipline.
She also demanded that the cross be personally sent by Botaneiates as a vow of his good faith.
She is also called Abi.
" She has also rejected an immigrant designation for African-Americans and instead prefers the term " black " or " white " to denote the African and European U. S. founding populations.

She and invented
She invented a stick figure notation for her own personal use.
She is visited by ' Starmen who claim the Reegs invented JJ-180 as a chemical weapon against the ' Starmen and Terrans, also stating that there is no known cure for the drug's addiction and ' That's why we put you on it '.
She never washed dishes herself and invented the dishwasher because her servants were chipping her fine china.
She was also said to have invented the Latin alphabet.
She told them she was a VJ, the term she invented with a staff member to put on her first payslip.
She also invented the ' girl detective ': in the character of Violet Strange, a debutante with a secret life as a sleuth.
She regularly takes anti-depressants, but no longer uses a squeeze-box ( hug machine ) that she invented at the age of 18 as a form of stress relief therapy, stating in February 2010 that: “ It broke two years ago, and I never got around to fixing it.
She invented the Enlightenment salon.
She had invented a fictitious language out of imaginary and gypsy words and created an exotic character.
She invented it to be a tool of healing.
However, Antonia Gransden in ‘ Historical writing in England c. 550 to c. 1307 ’ argues that because William of Poitiers as a panegyrist, looking to praise the Conqueror at every opportunity, William of Poitiers ‘ suppressed, distorted and probably invented facts ... tediously elaborated his hero ’ s praises .’ She goes on to say that because he as in service to William the Conqueror, William of Poitiers produced a ‘ biased, unreliable account of events, and unrealistic portraits of the two principle protagonists .’
She was launched by a spring-style cannon invented by Canadian William Leonard Hunt (" The Great Farini ").
The review described the narrative as " very stirring " and " exciting " and of " remarkable imaginative power ", adding: " The ingenuity of the story ... is as subtle as ever romancer invented, and from the day when Leo and Holly land on the coast of Africa, to the day when the pillar of fire is revealed to them by the all but immortal ' She who must be obeyed ', the interest of the tale rises higher and higher with every new turn in its course ".
She invented a style called " Butoh-vocal theatre " which incorporates singing, talking, mudras, sign language, spoken word and experimental vocalizations with butoh after the traditional dance styles of the Edo people of West Africa.
She invented the Berkley Horse, an apparatus that reportedly earned her a fortune in flogging wealthy men and women of the time.
She invented a stick figure notation for her own personal use.
She was strangled to death by a jealous roommate in 1982 with leg warmers, which Roxy had invented.
She has been a painter, photographer, collagist ( having invented a number of surrealist collage methods including the " landscapade " and " insect music " which cut-out shapes are placed on the background of a musical score.
She also invented the commonly used variables from algebraic math.
She was the daughter of Christopher Sholes, the man who invented the first practical typewriter.
She asks him whether he can name who invented the telephone.
She wrote that for her poetry was " not something invented but given … Brought up as I was in a household where poets were so regarded it naturally became my ambition to be a poet ".
She did what we would have done if we invented the New Yorker from scratch.
She invented The Landlord's Game, the precursor to Monopoly.

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