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She and several
Steinhager '' She whispered Steinhager to herself, several times, memorizing it.
She was reportedly one of several wives of Uzbeg Khan of the Golden Horde.
She also appeared in several motion pictures, including Cat People with Malcolm McDowell.
She subsequently withdrew it realising that some of her samples were contaminated, but continued her microscopic studies for several more years.
She has also appeared in several comic book series, including the Sláine, which featured two runs, titled " Demon Killer " and " Queen of Witches " giving a free interpretation of Boudica's story.
She later had a brief solo music career in the early 2000s after the dissolution of Hole, releasing America's Sweetheart ( 2004 ), and went through several rehab sentences and run-ins with the law until achieving sobriety.
She won several other awards from various film critic associations for the performance.
She expresses this through several of her tales, including " The Merchant and the Jinni ", " The Fisherman and the Jinni ", " The Three Apples ", and " The Hunchback ".
She wrote the preface for On War and by 1834 had published several of his books.
She left for Paris with cousin May Whitlock, forsaking several suitors and overcoming the objections of her family.
He also illustrated several best-selling books, including Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens ( 1875 ), Selections from the Poetry of Robert Herrick ( 1882 ), and She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith ( 1887 ).
She appeared in several productions in Paris, earning rave reviews for her fine soprano voice.
She considered several suitors until she was about fifty.
She turned down Philip II's own hand in 1559, and negotiated for several years to marry his cousin Archduke Charles of Austria.
She was the Mother of several notable offspring, including the Winds, Zephyrus, Boreas, and Notus, and the Morning Star, Eosphoros, all of whom she bore to the Titan Astraeus (" of the Stars "), and Memnon, her son by Tithonus.
She was introduced anonymously while still a teenager in the third book in the series and plays a larger role in several of the titles of the 1930s and 1940s.
She reported feeling streams of a mysterious fluid running through her body and was relieved of her symptoms for several hours.
She had several rather fanatic followers, including Guibert of Gembloux, who wrote frequently to Hildegard and eventually became her secretary after Volmar died in 1173.
She even set the house on fire, stabbed him with a knife, and slashed her wrists on several occasions.
She had excelled in history, political science and economics but struggled with her Latin, failing in the subject several times.
She did this by liberating Orléans and defeating the English invaders on several occasions.
She made replicas of them and distributed them to several locations, which then became centres of Osiris worship.
She led the crowd singing " Over the Rainbow " and " People Have the Power " at the campaign's rallies, and also performed at several of Nader's subsequent " Democracy Rising " events.
She moves the young frequently among several nests, all of which she keeps clean.
Barer writes that several early Saint stories were rewritten from non-Saint stories, including the novel She Was a Lady, which appeared in magazine form featuring a different lead character.

She and friends
She and her husband had formerly lived in New York, where she had many friends, but Mr. Flannagan thought the country would be safer in case of war.
She seemed so anxious to go on the stage that some of her friends in the cocktail circuit set up a practical joke.
She picked her own Middle-Eastern friends from the flock of ardent Egyptians that buzzed around her.
She might have been talking to some of her friends about her husband if they've been having any trouble ''.
She had good friends here, people who liked her.
She chose an a cappella arrangement that was close to Edwin Othello Excell's, accompanied by a chorus of amateur singers who were friends of hers.
She avoided urban and street scenes as well as the nude figure and, like her fellow female Impressionist Mary Cassatt, focused on domestic life and portraits in which she could use family and personal friends as models.
She and Beatrix remained friends throughout their lives and Annie's eight children were the recipients of many of Potter ’ s delightful picture letters.
She wrote to a number of Goya's friends to complain of her exclusion but many of her friends were Goya's also and by then old men and had died, or died before they could reply.
She quoted his sister Avril that " he was essentially an aloof, undemonstrative person " and said herself of his friendship with the Buddicoms " I do not think he needed any other friends beyond the schoolfriend he occasionally and appreciatively referred to as ' CC '".
She commissioned Bernard Crick, a left-wing professor of politics at the University of London, to complete a biography and asked Orwell's friends to co-operate.
She invited friends to see her daughter, including Sir Hans Sloane, the King's physician.
She did not lack company, however, as she passed the time with her mother and sister, Beatrice ; and upon meeting Elisabetta Gonzaga, her 18-year-old sister-in-law, the two women became close friends.
She met George W. Bush in July 1977 when mutual friends John and Jan O ' Neill invited her and Bush to a backyard barbecue at their home.
She survived a helicopter crash in Sudan in 2000 while trying to learn the fates of her Nuba friends during the Sudanese civil war and was airlifted to a Munich hospital.
She unexpectedly becomes friends with Frasier and the other contestants.
Betsy Bloomingdale, one of Reagan's closest friends, stated, " She looks a little frail.
She's a very stoic, hardy person full of joy and excitement for life ... She is not without opinions on politics and political types these days ... She is, as most of her friends described her, a pistol.
She added that it was through her friends and their Pratt professors that she learned much of her own artistic skills, making the honour from the institute particularly poignant for Smith 43 years later.
She was nearly ten years his junior and was said by More's friends to be quiet and good-natured.
She now regularly delivers these tokens of her appreciation, bringing her closest friends along to share the experience:
She traveled to the Eastern Shore and led them north into the Canadian city of St. Catharines, Ontario, where a community of former slaves ( including Tubman's brothers, other relatives, and many friends ) had gathered.
She grows faint at the sight of monsters, but quickly forms a friendship with Buffy Summers ( Sarah Michelle Gellar ) and is revealed to have grown up as friends with Xander ( Nicholas Brendon ).

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