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She and appeared
She appeared with the teacart and he opened the windows.
She jumped as the little man now appeared at the window and, reaching through the opening, offered her a bottle of coke.
She gave a fine portrayal of Auntie Mame on Broadway in 1958 and has appeared in live television from `` Captain Brassbound's Conversion '' to `` Camille ''.
She appeared to have no children with her husband and her sepulchral inscription has been found in Italy.
She also appeared in several motion pictures, including Cat People with Malcolm McDowell.
She has also appeared in several comic book series, including the Sláine, which featured two runs, titled " Demon Killer " and " Queen of Witches " giving a free interpretation of Boudica's story.
She took one gulp of the sea and brought the mountains to view ; islands appeared after another.
She appeared on the television series Taxi in the early 1980s, as the wife of the character played by Andy Kaufman, winning two Emmy Awards for her work.
She also appeared in The Princess Bride ( 1987 ) and Scrooged ( 1988 ), with Bill Murray, in which Variety called her " unquestionably pic's comic highlight.
She also appeared in the NBC television live action production of The Year Without a Santa Claus in December 2006.
She first appeared in an advertisement when she was 11 months old.
She has since appeared in a total of eleven episodes.
She appeared in a John Denver TV special in 1974.
She appeared partially nude in Prime Suspect ( 1988 ) and Compelling Evidence ( 1995 ), but her most infamous film is 1997's Different Strokes: The Story of Jack and Jill ... and Jill.
" She also appeared on an episode of It's a Great Life as " the blonde in the mink coat.
She also appeared with a starring role in the series Extreme for NBC and the syndicated series Renegade and Queen of Swords.
She appeared in several productions in Paris, earning rave reviews for her fine soprano voice.
She appeared in a silent film, Deliverance ( 1919 ), which told her story in a melodramatic, allegorical style.
She is a playable character in X-Men Legends ( 2004 ), X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse ( 2005 ), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 ( 2009 ), and Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds ( 2011 ), and appeared as an enemy in the first Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.
She appeared in two scenes, both of which were eventually removed.
She appeared in an episode of the cult sci-fi TV show Red Dwarf ( 1989 ).
She appeared on Broadway starring in Chicago, Bob Fosse's Dancin, and Dreamgirls.
She was a choreographer for Whitney Houston's world tour from 1988 – 1992, and also appeared as a dancer in Natalie Cole's video for " Pink Cadillac " in 1988.
She appeared in Little Women the same year and in Jumanji the following year to further acclaim.

She and headed
She was better known than her three sisters during her lifetime and headed Red Cross committees during World War I.
She also created two awards for students entering the field of special education and subsequently created the Sauvé Foundation, which was dedicated to the cause of youth excellence in Canada and is today headed by Jean-François.
She also created Caras in 1992, which she headed until 2002.
She served as publisher from 1969 to 1979 and headed The Washington Post Company into the early 1990s as chairman of the board and CEO.
She recovered and headed back home for a Thanksgiving dinner with Peter, her doctor, Gwen and Captain George Stacy at the end of the first season, where May informed the others that she was writing a cookbook and had already received an advance from a publisher.
She studied at what is now the Royal College of Art in London, which at that time had a separate section for women, and was headed by Richard Burchett.
She replaced John Kennedy OBE, who had headed the organisation since 2005 and was also one of the co-producers of Live Aid and Live8.
She founded the American Field Hockey Association in 1901, and headed it for 20 years.
She headed the " Go Spadina " public campaign that was successful in persuading Metro, against the wishes of the City of Toronto, to pave the ditch and opened the road to Eglinton in 1976.
She headed the Troy Female Seminary until she remarried in 1838 and left the school in the hands of her son and daughter-in-law.
She then headed back to India, fortified with a $ 10, 000 grant from a Mr. Schell, a Manhattan banker, in memory of his wife.
She also published The ChildCare Sourcebook and headed the Tauscher Foundation, which provided funds for elementary schools to buy computers and Internet access.
She also supported the de facto government in Honduras, headed by Roberto Micheletti, that emerged after the military coup against President Manuel Zelaya.
She supported charities and headed the Garfield Hospital Aid Society.
She headed Birkbeck College, University of London, for a decade as Master ( from 1987 to 1997 ) until her appointment to the new Labour government in 1997.
She sent a special mission July 1883 to the United States headed by Min Yeong-ik, one of her relatives.
She also headed the Western Pennsylvania presidential campaigns of John F. Kennedy in 1960 and George McGovern in 1972 ; headed the unsuccessful campaign to get NAACP President Byrd Brown the Democratic nomination to Congress ; and was co-chairman with Mayor Joseph M. Barr of the unsuccessful U. S. Senate campaign of Jeanette Reibman in 1976.
She became an advisory planning commissioner for Rancho Mirage, California, and headed an organization dedicated to preserving development on the fragile desert hillsides.
She headed to Boston, U. S. for a three-month language course at Boston University's CELOP program in January.
She was also a composer, credited with the song " Witch's Egg " in Forbidden Zone, in which she starred, a 1982 low-budget indie film directed by Richard Elfman with musical group Oingo Boingo ( known then as The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo ), headed by Richard's younger brother Danny Elfman.
She studied to be a teacher in Melbourne and then headed north in the mid-1990s.
She headed a convoy of three other ships: the storeship Loire, the brig Argus and the corvette Écho.
She headed for Rome with her followers and persuaded the Pope, Cyriacus ( unknown in the pontifical records ), and Sulpicius, Bishop of Ravenna, to join them.

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