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She and assumed
She had assumed before then that one day he would ask her to marry him.
She instinctively regulated her `` sight '' until the skin lost its cratered look and the pores assumed normal proportions.
She put her bag on the bed to claim it as her own ; it was assumed this was pre-arranged.
She is assumed to have been the inspiration for his novel about a nun, La Religieuse, in which he depicts a woman who is forced to enter a monastery where she suffers at the hands of the other nuns in the community.
She cries tears of red gold for him, and searches for him under assumed names.
She goes to sleep unsettled, only to awake and learn that what she assumed to be haunting spirits were actually the domestic voices of the servant, Peter.
She had built a life with her husband Gerald Frederick " Fred " Peterson ( who was a doctor ) and three daughters from Zimbabwe to Saint Paul, Minnesota, having assumed the alias Sara Jane Olson ; the surname chosen being one of the most common names in Minnesota due to the large decent of Scandinavian-Americans.
She commented on the disease: " Like many women, I assumed heart disease was a man's disease and cancer was what we would fear the most.
She assumed that children's songs were a peculiar form of coded historical narrative, propaganda or covert protest, and rarely considered that they could have been written simply for entertainment.
She assumed the role of Elizabeth's guardian following the King's death ; and another book, The Lamentations of a Sinner, was published.
She managed to crawl out of the car and up to the gate and when the police arrived, they assumed Jane had been driving.
She assumed command on August 4, 2006, becoming the first woman to command the Recruit Depot.
She assumed the name " Mrs. Jordan ", because it was slightly more respectable for a married woman to be on the stage.
She assumed control of his education, isolated him from his peers and hired him a private tutor, from the ages of six to twelve.
She has assumed power as Holy Regent in the name of Paul's children, Leto II and Ghanima.
She assumed the role from Interim Leader Christopher Ian Bennett.
She converted to Islam and assumed the title Queen Fadila of Egypt.
She is assumed to have a panic disorder which causes her to freeze and break down in times of fear or stress.
She was elected Princeton's first woman president on May 5, 2001, and assumed office on June 15, 2001.
) She assumed regency over Emperor Xiaowen and assumed the title of Grand Empress Dowager.
Swan also assumed the rights to the German version of " She Loves You ", " Sie Liebt Dich " which peaked at # 97 in 1964.
She eventually assumed the role of editor of the Black Panther publication in the Southern California Branch of the Party.
She tells him that she never said she didn't speak it, he assumed.

She and rank
She later was promoted to major, a high rank for women.
She eventually marries a man named Takashi Kimura, and retires from Starfleet with the rank of lieutenant commander.
She insisted throughout that the King of Prussia must be rendered harmless to his neighbors for the future, and that the only way to bring this about was to reduce him to the rank of a Prince-Elector.
She graduated in 1899 at age 18, being allowed to enter the Imperial Ballet a rank ahead of corps de ballet as a coryphée.
She held various titles over the years that indicated her advancing rank as a favored consort until she eventually became Empress Dowager in 1933, with style of Her Imperial Majesty added in 1945.
She is granted the rank of lieutenant and remains on DS9 as station's Chief of Security.
She can usually be easily recognised as she is richly dressed and crowned, as befits her rank as a princess, and often holds a segment of her wheel as an attribute, or a martyr's palm.
* " She scored a tremendous hit in Down to the Sea in Ships ..( and ).. has reached the front rank of motion picture principal players ".
She has traditional views on class and rank and disapproves of the Wimsey marriage, particularly Harriet's attitude to work and children.
She attained the rank of deputy to the Supreme Soviet, membership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Committee, Vice President of the International Woman ’ s Democratic Federation and President of the Soviet-Algerian Friendship Society.
" She begins the series at the rank of Lieutenant ; at the start of the fourth season, she becomes a Lieutenant Commander and remains one until her death in the sixth-season finale.
She holds the rank of Lieutenant RN, which is a prerequisite rank for this position.
She would rank No. 8 in CMT's 40 Greatest Women of Country Music in 2002.
She entered the palace as a concubine of the fourth rank but for unknown reason she was demoted by three rank.
She also became a Chevalier of the Order of Leopold, received the Belgian Croix de Guerre / Oorlogskruis with palm, and was granted the honorary rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the Belgian Army.
She has obtained the rank of Major in the Maryland Army National Guard and serves as the Operations Officer for the JFHQ Medical Detachment.
She was awarded the rank of Brevet-Major by General Garfield and commended by President Abraham Lincoln for her service to the union cause, and became known as Miss Major Cushman.
She was original in doing away with the time-honored distinction between choir sisters and lay sisters, but this perfect equality of rank did not prevent her from putting each sister to the work for which her capacity and education fitted her.
She does not portray the death of the Republic as a positive thing but rather portrays Caesar as being a great man and his crossing of the Rubicon as being inevitable, given that the alternative was exile and disgrace and the violation of his dignitas, which was an unthinkable anathema to a Roman Patrician of consular rank.
She was then able to wear the purple paludamentum representing imperial rank and was depicted in Roman currency.
She quickly impressed her superiors and, after she had joined the Nazi Party on 1 April 1941, was elevated to the rank of a SS-Oberaufseherin in April 1942.
She was recruited at the highest possible rank of chief yeoman and was assigned to the Code and Signal section of the Director of Naval Communications.

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