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She and beds
Alexandra was devoted to her children: " She was in her glory when she could run up to the nursery, put on a flannel apron, wash the children herself and see them asleep in their little beds.
She and her sisters slept on camp beds without pillows, took cold baths in the morning, and were expected to keep themselves occupied with embroidery or knitting projects if they had a spare moment.
She was partial to the understated English country house look, and her combinations of Colefax and Fowler chintzes, overstuffed armchairs, and brocade sofas with such unexpected items as patchwork quilts, four-poster beds, knitted throws, and rag rugs led to her being credited with ushering in what became known as American country style during the 1960s.
She was known to have provided " beds in every room of the house " and commonly had " thirty or forty of such Kind of Chaps every Night, but more especially on Sunday Nights.
She provides the grass and brush beds and replaces them when they become too old and dry ....
She is a very friendly and cheerful person, but hates it when Wishbone digs up her flower beds and therefore finds him a nuisance at times.
She arranges that the boys can stay in a hotel, where they can have plenty of food, comfortable beds, and where they are visited by a barber and a tailor.
She provides the grass and brush beds and replaces them when they become too old and dry ....
She met families of those deceased from melanoma who were actively pushing for a change in law for a ban on tanning beds for under 18's which provoked Roberts to become an advocate for the ban of underage usage of tanning beds, and with the help of British MP Julie Morgan the pair produced a bill to ban under 18's from using sun-beds.
" She also arranged for beds to be set up in church basements and auditoriums — sometimes even at the city jail.

She and Dude
She agrees with The Dude's suspicion that Bunny kidnapped herself and asks The Dude to recover the ransom, as it was illegally withdrawn by her father from a charity.
She became the singer / yodeler in Dude Martin's Roundup Gang in 1942, appearing on Bay Area radio stations.
She does some preaching and praying for everyone ’ s sins, and then proposes marriage to Dude.
She appeared in Kelsey Grammer's The Sketch Show on Fox Television, King of Queens as a character named " Priscilla ", a waitress at a pirate-themed kiddie restaurant in an episode of Newsradio (" The Secret of Management "), and in numerous films including Mysterious Skin, Legally Blonde 2, Sweet Home Alabama, Dude, Where's My Car ?, Man on the Moon, Punch-Drunk Love, The Anniversary Party, Firewall, Little Miss Sunshine, music videos for Beck, Weezer and Sheryl Crow, as well as portraying a blind girl in the film Road Trip.

She and solely
She admits that Eva's behaviour had been blameless and that the firing was motivated solely by Sheila's jealousy and spite towards a pretty working-class woman.
She said, " it's wonderful to be in the midst of all this hype about the show, and people enjoying the show so much, and to be totally a fly on the wall ; people never recognise me solely from my voice.
She was employed solely in the Mediterranean as a despatch vessel and tender, and was sold in 1748 at Minorca.
" She concluded of Paglia, " Hers is a seductiveness of simple answers, of clear narratives, of motivations and actions traced solely to a biological origin — a place stripped of the complex ambiguities, the complex interactions of self, skin, group, and institutions that make up daily life.
She has said that her decision to leave the Christian music industry was not due solely to her coming out but to a number of factors including stress and burnout.
She aspires solely to serve God.
She credits Murray Rothbard's book Man, Economy, and State: A Treatise on Economic Principles as being " solely responsible for turning from the advocacy of limited government to a lifetime of work within the individualist-anarchist tradition.
She organized a group consisting solely of these special mothers, with the purpose of not only comforting each other, but giving loving care to hospitalized veterans confined in government hospitals far from home.
She describes her inability to spell properly using either the British or American systems as a result of having been taught to read solely with British books.
She added that she did an article for Clefairy solely because of her dislike for Clefable, though stating that it's " cool enough.
She recovered after receiving intensive-care treatment, and while her other behaviour remained normal, she began walking erect solely on her hind legs, which gained her immediate media attention ; the Maariv daily newspaper showed a picture of her striding through the grass, with the tongue-in-cheek caption " The Missing Link?
Following the success of " Fade Into You ", She Hangs Brightly album opener " Halah " began to receive heavy airplay in the U. S. and peaked at No. 19 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart, a position based solely on airplay.
She was presumed dead and solely responsible for Root's death, though Foaly helped prove that she had in fact been framed.
She is a radical and does not appeal much to her emotion but, focuses solely on facts as they are presented to her.
She described the nocturnal activities of a smuggling ring based at the now celebrated inn, " portraying a hidden world as a place of tense excitement and claustrophobia of real peril and thrill .” It should be noted though that in Du Maurier's novel, the Jamaica Inn is not functionable as an inn with many guests it had in reality, but was solely the home of the landlord and a rendezvous and storagehouse for smuggling.
She claims to be an eyewitness and to be writing without any embellishment or theme, relying solely upon reality.
She trained with the Libyan military, earning the rank of Lieutenant Colonel ; however, according to Libyan civilians, Gaddafi did not merit such a high rank and was afforded that honor solely because she is Gaddafi's daughter .< ref name =" AA ">
She encountered terrible food: " There was flour and water soup seasoned solely with pepper ; bread and gristle rissoles ; dehydrated onions and carrots ; corned beef toad in the hole.
She had broken a record in the US, becoming the first artist to make No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 based solely upon airplay points, with her single " Try Again ".
She has said that when she first arrived, it was being produced by a staff of solely gay men, who would choose to display photos of the ugliest possible women, to mock their heterosexual readership.
She has an odd habit of being able to appear anywhere, as well as enjoys playing " matchmaker " solely because of all the entertainment she gets from the situation.
She was very much influenced by the fact that thousands of female textile workers worked elsewhere to supplement the family income, but there were state laws protecting only those who were solely industrial workers and not these self-employed women.
She was the first black woman to model for a line of cosmetics that was not targeted solely at blacks, in the successful Faberge Tigress perfume ads.
She also appears in two Doctor Who audio plays opposite Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace, as well as in over 50 audio plays based solely on Bernice.

She and conceive
She did not conceive the Eternal Son of God merely that He might be made man taking His human nature from her, but also, by giving him her human nature, that He might be the Redeemer of men.
She could not conceive, and so Uther asked for the help of the sorceress Nimueh so that they could have a child.
She goes on further to state that she could not conceive of working in any other space in New York.
She and Worf had been trying to conceive, despite the doubts of Dr. Bashir that such a pregnancy was possible.
He retained a magician to look at his concubines to see which one could conceive an heir, and the magician looked at all of them and opined that none was destined to give him an heir — but then he saw a dark-skinned maid who was working with textiles, who was derogatorily referred to as a Malay, named Li Lingrong, and he, in surprised, yelled out, " She is the one!
She explains one snowy day she swallowed a snowflake while thinking about her husband which caused her to conceive.
She seemed to conceive of love as a " triangle " and enjoyed being the third.
She is given men from the queen's own guard, her Ravens, to guard her body and fill her bed as heir to the throne, provided she can conceive a child before her cousin.
She restricted most of Lindo's daily activities, eventually ordering her to remain on bed rest until she could conceive and deliver a child.
She quickly develops a taste for humans and builds a colony in order to conceive both an army of offspring and a Chimera Ant king named Meryem.
She had had her right ovary removed in an operation the year before, and had been told that if she did not become pregnant within two to three years, it was unlikely she would ever be able to conceive.
She has been trying to conceive for ten years.
She schemes to become Empress at all costs, though her inability conceive a child has laid back her plans.
She enters into a relationship with the Xeteskian mage Denser and it is not until later in the first trilogy that it's revealed that the child they conceive together harbours a new kind of magic known as the One.

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