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She and commented
She also commented on Dean's romantic side claiming that he will often do spontaneous things to surprise her and sometimes even writes her poems.
She is reputed to have commented after he was threatened with disciplinary action following the straining of his ship's engines, " What?
She commented on the disease: " Like many women, I assumed heart disease was a man's disease and cancer was what we would fear the most.
She commented in the book's introduction: " Mention the name ' Moonies ' to anyone in the West today, and the chances are that you will receive an immediate reaction which falls somewhere between a delicate shudder and an indignant outburst of fury.
She commented that " I used to take my toenails — they would die from dancing — so I would just take the whole toenail and throw it away, and not feel anything ," however, ballet instilled in her discipline that would be important in her future acting career.
In 1999, Katrina Bayonas, Cruz's agent, commented, " She was absolutely magic the audition.
She also commented that she once saw a woman in her audience dressed in dripping chiffon with a Gibson Girl hairstyle and big boots and Nicks knew she wanted something similar.
She frequently commented on her admiration for Lee Grant, with whom she had played several dramatic scenes.
She commented to a journalist that the record company was " putting Manson up on a pedestal for young people who don't know who he is to worship like an idol.
" Rihanna has commented that " he was one of the first female pop icons that I could relate to ... She was so vibrant, she had so much energy.
She appeared opposite Maurice Chevalier, who commented of her, " She was lovely, brunette, talented and a delicious comedienne, and her English was perfect.
When someone commented that Stein didn't look like her portrait, Picasso replied, " She will ".
She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the role, but commented it was belated recognition for Of Human Bondage, calling the award a " consolation prize ".
She commented that she had a " nerve " playing a woman in her sixties, to which Laughton replied, " Never not dare to hang yourself.
But when it opened at the Palace Theatre in February 1968, Frank Marcus, reviewing for Plays and Players, commented that: " She sings well.
" Following her death a couple of years later, he commented that it was perhaps her " fast and shallow " lifestyle that led to her death: " She could have been Queen of England – and she was swanning about Paris with Arabs.
She also commented on the difficulties she had while recording her second solo album Overpowered.
She commented in a letter: " The polyclads of Bermuda were so pretty that I could not resist collecting them and figuring out Verrill's mistakes " ( quoted in Schram, p. 126 ).
She also commented that although he was not drunk, he was not really sober either, but had very strict rules when it came to performances.
She commented that the advent of video allowed the film to be seen by a new audience and that modern appraisals of the film had led to it being regarded as a classic, but that the renewed appreciation for Johnson's performance had started only shortly before her death.
She provided her reminiscences from her sick bed, and commented " Have you any idea of the pleasure of lying in bed for six months, talking about yourself to a very intelligent man?
She also commented on the band's third album Faceless, which " mixes arena rock in the vein of an Alice in Chains ", " riff-heavy, layered tunes and sharp, confident bridge-burning lyrics ".
James ' brother Jack commented, " She was a damn no-good woman ".
She later commented that she had not expected it to succeed and that she ultimately felt trapped by its success.

She and ,"
She replied, " Let him kill me, provided he becomes emperor ," according to Tacitus.
"</ i ></ ref > She calls the Holy Ghost " divine Science or the Holy Comforter ," the spiritual law of God operating as the Holy Ghost in the world.
She constantly struggled for perfection, " A perfect technique in anything ," she stated in an interview, " means that there has been no break in continuity between the conception and the act of performance.
She was at one time called the " most dangerous woman in America ," due to her free-love idealism and outspoken nature.
" She is only a woman, only mistress of half an island ," marvelled Pope Sixtus V, " and yet she makes herself feared by Spain, by France, by the Empire, by all ".
She asserts: " In their traditional exhibitionist role women are simultaneously looked at and displayed, with their appearance coded for strong visual and erotic impact so that they can be said to connote to-be-looked-at-ness ," and as a result contends that in film a woman is the " bearer of meaning, not maker of meaning.
She tells Rhett tearfully, " I'm afraid I'll die and go to hell ," to which Rhett replies, " Maybe there isn't a hell.
She has blue eyes like Gerald O ' Hara and Melanie gives her the nickname, " Bonnie Blue ," in reference to the Bonnie Blue Flag of the Confederacy.
She wanted to have the watch engraved with the words, " To Pork from the O ' Hara's — Well done good and faithful servant ," but Pork declined the offer.
She risked war with Spain by supporting the " Sea Dogs ," such as John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake, who preyed on the Spanish merchant ships carrying gold and silver from the New World.
She defined an era and made her mark on the nation ," he stated.
" She recalled returning home to Beirut from a sight-seeing trip in Jordan to find Philby " hopelessly drunk and incoherent with grief on the terrace of the flat ," mourning the death of a little pet fox which had fallen from the balcony.
She also appeared in the music videos for Savage Garden's " I Knew I Loved You ," and R. E. M.
" She must have been a Great Goddess ," Kerényi observes.
She explained what happened and after exacting an oath of vengeance: " Pledge me your solemn word that the adulterer shall not go unpunished ," while they were discussing the matter drew the poignard and stabbed herself, again in the heart.
" Further he elaborates ," She is an exemplary dancer. From Kathak to Dhak Dhak, she's done it all and wowed us every step of the way.
" She was ready to meet her Creator ," wrote her son-in-law, Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich, about Maria's last years.
" She wrote in her memoirs, " I don't think I was as bad, or as extreme in my power or my weakness, as I was depicted ," but went on, " owever the first lady fits in, she has a unique and important role to play in looking after her husband.
Stuart Dischell published a well-received pantoum, " She Put on Her Lipstick in the Dark ," in the December, 2007 issue of The Atlantic.
She is most famous for her cover version of the Little Willie John hit " Fever " written by Eddie Cooley and John Davenport, to which she added her own, uncopyrighted lyrics (" Romeo loved Juliet ," " Captain Smith and Pocahontas ") and her rendition of Leiber and Stoller's " Is That All There Is ?".
She performed on the children's show All That in 1997, singing " Show Me Love ," proving her growing popularity in the United States.
She tells Peter and " the beloved disciple ," who run to the tomb and find the grave-clothes, then go home.
" She also released the single " Light In Your Eyes ," which received limited airplay.
She returned to No. 1 on the same charts in November 2004 with " Everyman ... Everywoman ...," a reworking of her song " Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him ", in January 2008, with " No No No ," and in August 2008, with " Give Peace a Chance.

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