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She and credited
She is credited with preserving much of the land that now comprises the Lake District National Park.
She has consequently often credited her faith as having helped her overcome addictions and personal problems.
She was first credited as Enya ( as opposed to Eithne ) for writing some of the music for the 1984 movie The Frog Prince, which was released on a soundtrack album of the same title.
She is credited with popularizing the term " debugging " for fixing computer glitches ( motivated by an actual moth removed from the computer ).
She is credited with adding to his popularity in office.
She is also credited with having a stabilizing effect on his private life.
She is credited with the pluralization of the term " semiotics.
She is credited with writing the first book discussing both differential and integral calculus and was an honorary member of the faculty at the University of Bologna.
She was widely credited for her prophecies.
She wrote and sang lead vocals on Surfer Rosas " Gigantic ", and the single " Bam Thwok ", credited as Mrs. John Murphy on the former composition — at the time she was married and she used this name as an ironic feminist joke.
She is credited with the development of the " real self " and the " ideal self ".
She has also been credited as Robin Wright Penn.
She is credited with introducing the fork to Western Europe-chronographers mention the astonishment she caused when she " used a golden double prong to bring food to her mouth " instead of using her hands as was the norm.
She credited her geography teacher, Andrew Kearney.
She has been credited with helping Harding achieve more than he might have alone ; some have speculated that she later pushed him all the way to the White House.
She has been credited with saving his life by stopping his heavy drinking, and helped to salvage his career.
* " She Belongs to Me ", by Bob Dylan, credited, quoting Bach, uncredited, and fragments of the theme from The Magnificent Seven, by Elmer Bernstein, uncredited.
She is credited as Jane on this later album.
Speed is credited as the designer on the 1916 silent movie version of the novel She by H. Rider Haggard, which he had illustrated.
She was sometimes credited with founding the city of Ardea in Latium.
She is credited in the same passage with inventing a whistle used for night travel.
She was partial to the understated English country house look, and her combinations of Colefax and Fowler chintzes, overstuffed armchairs, and brocade sofas with such unexpected items as patchwork quilts, four-poster beds, knitted throws, and rag rugs led to her being credited with ushering in what became known as American country style during the 1960s.
She was seen as a scribe and record keeper, and her name means she who scrivens ( i. e. she who is the scribe ), and is credited with inventing writing.
She later credited Stevie Ray Vaughan for his help in a Minnesota State Fair concert the night after Vaughan's 1990 death.

She and Hart
She made her professional debut on the New York stage, appearing in Beside Herself alongside Melissa Joan Hart, at the Circle Repertory Theatre.
She originated the role of Kendall Hart on the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children, winning the 1995 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.
She was a sister to Captain Nathaniel G. S. Hart, who died in the Massacre of the River Raisin in the War of 1812.
She returns home, horrified, and shows Taverner a newspaper mentioning that he is wanted in connection with Alys Buckman's death, the motive believed to have been his jealousy over Alys ' purported relationship with Hart.
She married Films in Review magazine editor Henry Hart a few years later.
She also appeared opposite William S. Hart in The Aryan and with Douglas Fairbanks in The Good Bad Man, Reggie Mixes In, and The Mystery of the Leaping Fish ( all 1916 ).
She guest-starred on TV, appearing on The Love Boat, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Hart to Hart, CHiPs and Fantasy Island.
Lamour published her autobiography, My Side of the Road, in 1980, revived her nightclub act, and performed in plays and television shows such as Hart to Hart, Crazy Like a Fox, Remington Steele and Murder, She Wrote.
She married, first, at Quebec, November 8th, 1851, Alexander Hart, C E, who died.
She later changed her name to Emma Hart.
She stayed in the town for one night at a building named the ' White Hart ' in the area of Caldmore.
She is sometimes credited as Jane Esther Hamilton, Jane Hamilton, V. Hart, Veronica Heart, Victoria Holt, Kathryn Stanleigh, Randee Styles or just Veronica.
She returned to the West End theatre in April 2006 ( for the first time since 1998 ) playing the murderess Roxie Hart in the long-running West End musical Chicago and again in Dec 2007-Feb 2008 in the same role, also in 2006-7 she appeared in the Birmingham and Plymouth tours of Guys and Dolls playing Miss Adelaide Adams, a dance hall hostess.
She was the sixteenth of seventeen children from her father, Samuel Hart, and his second wife Lydia Hinsdale Hart.
She had minor single hits with the standards " Blame It On My Youth " ( music by Oscar Levant and lyrics by Edward Heyman ), " Looking For A Boy " ( music by George Gershwin and lyrics by Ira Gershwin ), and " Spring Is Here " ( music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Lorenz Hart ).
She then joined the cast of the WB series Reba, playing Kyra Hart, the younger daughter of Reba and Brock Hart ( Reba McEntire and Christopher Rich ).
She then got small roles in episodes of popular 1980s television series such as Family, Hart to Hart and Fame.
She tries to convince him to join Wolfram & Hart, but he refuses her advances.
She presents Angel with a tempting offer: full control of the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart with all its resources.

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