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Page "mystery" ¶ 910
from Brown Corpus
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She and cut
She was a large woman with a frizzled gray poodle cut and a pencil clamped like a bit between her teeth while she hunted and pecked on an old typewriter.
She was wearing a brown cotton dress, cut across the hips in a way that was supposed to make her look slimmer, a yoke set into the skirt and flaring pleats below.
She played a reckless socialite in Coquette ( 1929 ), a role where she no longer had her famous ringlets, but rather a 1920s bob ; Pickford had cut her hair in the wake of her mother's death in 1928.
She was therefore obligated to cut her hair to rid herself of the splotch and in turn she made all of the ladies at Court do the same, which they did “ with tears in their eyes .” This aggressive vanity became a tenet of Elizabeth ’ s Court throughout the entirety of her reign, particularly as she grew older.
She has said that she spent six months on the set of the film in Geneva, although her role in the final cut is contained to only a few scenes.
She disagreed with amendments made to the script because of censorship restrictions and found that many of the aspects of the role that had initially appealed to her had been cut.
She ordered house servants to cut down on noise by removing their shoes and avoiding clothes rustling.
She had one good speech to win the audience, but it was cut.
She chose the manner of each person's death ; and when their time was come, she cut their life-thread with " her abhorred shears ".
She and her crab were slain by Heracles as the second of his Twelve Labors-he cut off her heads and burnt the neck so that she could not regenerate, and crushed her ninth head under a rock, ( the crab being accidentally crushed underneath Heracles ' heel ).
She saw herself with her head cut off and a great tree growing out of her neck.
She appeared in The Hunt for Red October as Jack Ryan's wife Caroline, though most of her scenes were cut in post-production.
She also was believed to advance ahead of the Egyptian armies and cut down their enemies with fiery arrows, similar to other war deities She was less known to the people as Crown goddess ..
She cited another report that a Kitanemuk Indian referred to the site Campo del Soldado ( Soldier's Camp ), " which was where the soldiers stayed when they cut timber from a mountain they called Pinery Mountain, today's Frazier Mountain.
She starts to explain her resentment of her, nervously fidgeting ( which causes her to cut her own leg ) and then attacks her.
Nevertheless Empress Dowager Lü had an assassin force venom down Liu Ruyi's throat .... She then had Concubine Qi's limbs chopped off, blinded her by gouging out her eyes, cut off her tongue and locked her in the latrine, and called her a " Human Swine " ( 人彘 ).
She gave students her personal e-mail address, held office hours, successfully cut first year class sizes in half, and was given credit for a host of quality-of-life improvements at the law school, including an ice-skating rink ( during the winter ) and a beach volleyball court ( the rest of the year ) on campus, free coffee in classroom buildings, free tampons in campus public restrooms, and the renovation of several of the school's facilities.
She cut her debut album, Pieces of You, in 1995 when she was 21.
She has been stopped twice, by TKO ; the contest with Rolanda Andrews and by a head butt and resulting cut in her second bout with Jessica Rakoczy.
She is most known for organizing tax cut initiative petitions in Massachusetts ( called ballot measures in other states ).
She started an initiative to repeal the Massachusetts state personal income tax in 2002 and again in 2008 and one to cut the state sales tax in 2010.
She then put her head through and he cut that off also.
She attempted tried an older role with her final silent film My Best Girl in 1927., and in 1928, following the death of her mother, cut off her world famous curls.

She and engines
She is reputed to have commented after he was threatened with disciplinary action following the straining of his ship's engines, " What?
She was a twin screw vessel powered by diesel engines and constructed in 1976 for Hy-Line Cruises.
She is sometimes a " big sister " figure to the smaller engines like Thomas and Percy.
She engages the hyperspace engines with only a fraction of the usual amount of power.

She and slowly
She puffed on the cigarette slowly, sitting slumped against the back seat ; ;
She asked, turning slowly.
She trudged along slowly, both hands clutching a tired teddy bear.
She had no idea his fling had been with Becky Granger, a supporting character who slowly rose to more prominent status.
She slowly began to turn into a black poplar, the bark spreading up her legs from the earth, but just before the woody stiffness finally reached her throat and as her arms began sprouting twigs her husband Andraemon heard her cries and came to her.
She raised her arms above her head-then " turned away slowly, walked on, following the bank, and passed into the bushes.
She walked slowly.
She does so in a particularly sadistic way, watching him die slowly.
She collects children, with whom she quickly becomes bored or frustrated, and imprisons them behind a magical mirror, slowly sucking the life from them.
She slowly fades away as a guard calls for George.
She is said to be deaf and answers her patrons slowly.
She became nearly stationary over Pennsylvania by morning of June 23, but was soon absorbed by a low-pressure system that slowly drifted northeastward from Pennsylvania into New York.
She descends slowly and with fumbling feet .” O backs up and hurries down the steps to the right again where he sits down on a step and presses his face against the balusters.
She starts off very much a stereotyped girl, dressing up the Dog in a pram and playing dolls, however she slowly turned into a strong pro-feminist.
She interprets the scene mentioned by Sato differently, pointing out that the wife gives herself to the bandit when the sun slowly fades out.
She begins to realize that what Paul said about being all the puppets is true, and slowly walks to Reynardo and dances with him.
She journeyed slowly through Russia and Finland to Sweden, making a stay at Saint Petersburg, spent the winter in Stockholm, and then set out for England.
She was eventually released and returned to Charnhan, where she and others slowly began to piece the truth together.
She indirectly argues the need for humane insight in order for de-McDonaldization to slowly take its place.
She is a vegetarian and says she came to it slowly.
She quoted, “ When Karan Johar wanted my voice to be dubbed for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, I really thought that it voice was bad and very husky and rough, but slowly I worked to improve my diction, and am now quite comfortable with it.
She goes with her loyal maid to the camp of the enemy general, Holofernes, with whom she slowly ingratiates herself, promising him information on the Israelites.
She slowly realises that the attraction the two exert for her is irresistible.
She thereupon obtained an engagement at Drury Lane, where her beauty rather than her ability slowly brought her into favour, and it was not until ten years later that she was generally acknowledged as the best actress of her time.

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