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She and decided
She decided to risk it.
She decided that an ecumenical council needed to be held to address the issue of iconoclasm and directed this request to Pope Hadrian I ( 772 – 795 ) in Rome.
She was rearrested when it was decided that she had been mistakenly released a year early from prison due to a miscalculation by the parole board.
She denied using the drug, but decided not to appeal the imminent ban.
She decided to move with her mother into an apartment for senior citizens.
She eventually decided to purchase hundreds of iPod Nanos, load them with music, artists, and playlists which she would hand select, and autograph them:
She presided over his council, decided policy, and controlled state business and patronage.
She decided to leave France, and soon ended up in Belgium, where she became the mistress of Henri, Prince de Ligne, and gave birth to their son, Maurice, in 1864.
She decided to rely on her father's advice to retain his councillors and defer to her husband, whom she considered to be more experienced, on other matters.
She died in 1778 but her second husband and the son of her sister continued to resist the heirs-at-law's action until 1800 when the Court decided in favour of Sir George's will and George III granted Downing a Royal Charter, marking the official foundation of the college.
She soon resigned from the party and returned to journalism, but when CLP Chief Minister Marshall Perron resigned from his Darwin seat of Fannie Bay, causing a by-election, she decided to make another attempt to enter Parliament.
She " never decided to become a writer ... just was one.
She had no choice in these matters, often decided in her childhood.
She may be a woman who decided to dedicate her life to serving all other living beings, or to be an ascetic who voluntarily chooses to leave mainstream society and live her life in prayer and contemplation in a monastery or convent.
She then wrote psychological novels, including Aloma which won the Crexells Prize, but even with the success this novel enjoyed, Rodoreda decided to remake and republish it some years later since she was not fully satisfied with this period of her life and her works at that time.
She wished her remains could be buried in her home province of Shandong, but in consideration of possible future vandalism to her tomb, the state decided to have her remains moved to a safer common cemetery in Beijing.
" She decided that " One has to struggle much because the return for good is evil, and evil reigns.
She was so enraged that she decided to take vengeance upon him.
She decided to kill her rival, but when she saw the strength of Fand's love for Cú Chulainn she decided to give him up to her.
She was ordered to decide a fight between two kings, Hjalmgunnar and Agnar, and knew that Odin preferred the older king, Hjalmgunnar, yet she decided the battle for Agnar.
She then decided to lay off her warrior clothes and follow Alf to Denmark, where they got married.
She has stated that the often-repeated explanation that she left due to pregnancy is a myth that was started by producer John Nathan-Turner as she was not pregnant when she decided to leave the series.
She decided that, in addition to plants, she wanted to make something that could dance.

She and stay
She sounded so exactly like Doaty that Henrietta obeyed her under the clear impression that she could either comply or stay home.
She had better stay there, Lucy thought ; ;
She was quiet and hard working, and determined to stay and get the education she needed to support herself.
She even goes on to state that Lady Nancy Astor ' even offered all her sapphires if he would stay on in England '.
She accepts his request to stay on as station counselor.
She was not happy at Moulson's, but she did not have to stay there long.
She could not stay at a stable depth, set by the operator.
" She was launched on 24 September 1888 and would stay in service to 1908.
One admirer of Tubman said: " She always came in the winter, when the nights are long and dark, and people who have homes stay in them.
She then says she is returning to stay with Esteban's grandparents.
She became his secretary, and after a few months agreed to stay only if Chagall married her.
She ruled the part of Wendland in which Olaf had landed, and Olaf and his men were given an offer to stay for the winter.
She had the option to leave, and considered it for a time, but chose to stay and was proud of her decision to remain.
As she has rented it out for the duration of the term to a couple visiting from the United States, however, she finally brings herself to stay on and face the challenge: She has never finished her D. Phil.
She was asked to stay in Poland and join the Polish national athletic team ; she also continued to run in various American challenges and games.
She attempts to go reclaim Chris, but he refuses ( because he wants to stay with his friends — fellow refugees ).
She offered to release Orestes if he would carry home a letter from her to Greece ; he refused to go, but bid Pylades take the letter while he himself will stay and be slain.
:: She wants < u > us to stay </ u >.
She wanted to lose weight and stay in shape.
She was probably related to mummification where she would fortify the body against corruption, so it would stay fresh for reanimation by the deceased's ka.
She continues her conversation with Tintin, telling him about her new spiritual leader, Endaddine Akass, with whom she intends to stay at his villa in Ischia, an island off the coast of Naples.
She resolves to stay and rebuild her life, free of her wicked husband.
She tells Mrs. Bramson she is too frightened to stay in the house and warns her to get out of the house too.
She is a polyglot as a result of her upbringing in Hong Kong and England and ten years ' stay in Paris.

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