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She and declared
She then declared no more CGP's would be allowed by the Atkins estate.
She was also the only Indian Prime Minister to have declared a state of emergency in order to ' rule by decree ' and the only Indian Prime Minister to have been imprisoned after holding that office.
She was declared heiress presumptive to Queen Anne of England and Ireland by the Act of Settlement 1701, which was passed by the English parliament, and therefore only applied to the Kingdom of England ( which included Wales ) and the Kingdom of Ireland.
She declared, " The children won't go without me.
She and Sophia Charlotte developed a strong relationship in which Caroline was treated as a surrogate daughter ; the queen once declared Berlin was " a desert " without Caroline whenever she left temporarily for Ansbach.
She was soon pregnant once more and declared that the child was " Frank coming again.
She was briefly outlived by Caesarion, who was declared pharaoh by his supporters, but he was soon killed on Octavian's orders.
She later began an affair with the celebrated Acmeist poet Osip Mandelstam, whose wife, Nadezhda, declared later, in her autobiography that she came to forgive Akhmatova for it in time.
She, however, declared that she would submit to any conditions imposed on her, and would give Nergal the sovereignty of the earth.
She declared that she was suspicious of governmental priorities set without women's voice and argued that vote-denied women were being taxed without representation, echoing the famous credo from the American Revolution.
She tried to probe into her inner-self and declared that she would sing only those songs which have a meaning for her.
" She held very extremist positions during the war, insufferably extremist, even for me, and they bothered even me as a declared Serb nationalist.
She manoeuvred to get herself declared Regent for her unborn child in the event of Nicholas's death, but the government disagreed and determined Michael would succeed regardless of the unborn child's gender.
She declared bankruptcy in 1995 and again in 2002.
She makes her farewell, repeating their aunt's maxim to Harriet that ' whenever the matrimonial alliance is broke, and war declared between husband and wife, she can hardly make a disadvantageous peace for herself on any conditions ' but Mrs Fitzpatrick contemptuously dismisses this advice.
She was then examined by several doctors, who all declared her to be insane.
She had decided to campaign in the former " zone of distention ", after the military operation " Tanatos " was launched, and after the zone was declared free of guerrillas by the government .< ref name = autogenerated2 >
She accepted Barbara, however later withdrew from the king's society, and in spite of Clarendon's attempts to moderate her resentment, declared she would return to Portugal rather than consent to a base compliance.
She would later be declared the patron saint of the city, in 1849.
She famously snubbed the Academy when, regarding her nomination, she declared it offended her to be nominated without being asked.
She " declared that what takes place in the Security Council " more closely resembles a mugging than either a political debate or an effort at problem-solving.
She was declared Blessed in 1975.
She has been declared " A person of national historic significance " by the Government of Canada.
She waged a long campaign to have the rose declared the official flower of the United States, which Congress eventually approved in 1987.
She declared, " I have few illusions and no money, but I'm staying for the finish.

She and noisy
She often ends her monologues with " And that's the truth ," punctuating it with a noisy raspberry.
She possessed a rubbery face capable of the broadest expressions — Life magazine compared her to Beatrice Lillie and Charlie Chaplin, and described her characterizations as taking " people or situations suspended in their own precarious balance between dignity and absurdity, and push ( ing ) them over the cliff with one single, pointed gesture "— the magazine noted a " particularly high-brow critic " as observing, " The trouble with most comedians who try to do satire is that they are essentially brash, noisy and indelicate people who have to use a sledge hammer to smash a butterfly.
She also makes a few pairs of " noisy shoes " by attaching pieces of metal to the soles of normal shoes.
Several of these pieces are quite different from their studio counterparts, in particular the noisy early version of " She Is Not Alone ".
She was still broke, still being conned by errant family members, still one of life's noisy malcontents, but not the formidable force she once was.

She and metallic
She became a physical witness of the plates, reporting that she felt them through a cloth, traced the pages through the cloth with her fingers, heard the metallic sound they made as she moved them, and felt their weight.
She conducted research in low temperature solid state physics, including studies in electron tunneling and vibrational modes of absorbed molecular species on metallic substrates ( surfaces ) at liquid helium temperatures.
She wears a belt of metallic discs, some with disc-charges containing plastic explosives, others have been shown to be compartments to house other equipment.
She tells him that she is sorry that she won't be able to look beautiful in her prom dress, as the camera pans up showing her new skin to be a golden metallic substance ; but her father reassures her that she will always be beautiful.
She later turns out to be Nemesis, a metallic monster with the same powerful abilities as Hayden's.
She is the eternal rival of her brother Bahamut, the ruler of the good metallic dragons.
She organises exhibitions of her works and sells a metallic sculpture to the City of Seacouver to adorn a park.
She was dressed in a silver metallic costume with a headset, microphone, and push-buttons on her forearm.
She was also able to spin her body at increased speeds and her metallic body gave her strength and hardness to cut through most substances.

She and guitar
She made her debut as a guitar player and singer in Peoria, Illinois in 1859, with George on the violin, and was teaching guitar by age thirteen.
She began playing musical instruments at the age of nine, learning the trombone, ukulele and – in later years – the guitar and keyboards.
She recorded several albums with piano accompaniment, but a guitar proved the perfect melodic foil for her.
She began playing regularly at the Mudd Club and other venues with Jim Tisdall accompanying her on harp and Gittler guitar.
She plays Guild S-250 and S-300D electric guitars ; in earlier years, even when performing solo, she often played her electric guitar through an octave multiplier to emulate a bass player.
She is also a classically trained pianist, and can play the guitar.
She occasionally plays acoustic guitar during live performances.
She borrowed her sister Kelley's bass guitar to use in the band.
She also pointed out that it almost doesn't depend on the acoustic guitar used.
She was also shown using the guitar on the tourbus in the Pixies ' documentary film loudQUIETloud ( 2006 ).
John Christ has described " She Rides " as “ Our first sex song ... it's such a stripped-down song, just a couple of guitar tracks and almost no bass.
She travelled to Memphis, Tennessee, playing guitar in nightclubs and on the street as Lizzie " Kid " Douglas.
She also made a pair of intimate vocal / guitar / double bass albums of jazz standards: After Hours ( 1961 ) with guitarist Mundell Lowe and double bassist George Duvivier and Sarah + 2 ( 1962 ) with guitarist Barney Kessell and double bassist Joe Comfort.
She worked to improve her guitar playing, started singing at the Delta Grange Hall in Washington State with the Pen Brothers ' band, The Westerners, then eventually cut her first record in February 1960.
She recorded her first release that same month, with bandleader Speedy West on steel guitar, Harold Hensely on fiddle, Roy Lanham on guitar, Al Williams on bass, and Muddy Berry on drums.
She attended school in Greenwood, Mississippi, and began teaching herself to play the guitar, bass, banjo, and vibes.
She gave this diary to a bookseller on condition of receiving a guitar if he secured any profits.
She is also greatly interested in pop culture and shows musical talent of her own, including playing the piano and guitar, singing, and composing all the songs for a school festival.
She inaugurated the guitar department at the Havana Municipal Conservatory in 1931, where she also introduced the teachings of the Cuban folk guitar style.
She revealed her talent at a young age while taking guitar, music, dance, ballet and voice lessons.
She falls in love with Tea Cake after he plays the guitar for her.
She learned how to play drums at the age of eleven, and guitar at about fourteen.

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