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She and demanded
She refused to go with them and demanded that they allow her to pray to the Mother of God for protection.
She also demanded that the cross be personally sent by Botaneiates as a vow of his good faith.
She demanded that young girls " act the bear " at her sanctuary in atonement for the bear's death.
She then summoned Edward and demanded his help for Harthacnut, but he refused as he had no resources to launch an invasion, and disclaimed any interest for himself in the throne.
She demanded the heifer as a present, and Zeus could not refuse her without arousing suspicion.
She prohibited visitors — including the studio brass — from her sets and demanded that black flats or screens surround her to prevent extras and technicians from watching her.
She then demanded that Zeus reveal himself in all his glory as proof of his godhood.
She also helped make history when she intervened in the Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968, in which the women of the Dagenham Ford Plant demanded to be paid the same as their male counterparts.
She in return demanded a cooling-off period to consider her new role as wife and mother.
She demanded he tear up the contract and willingly he complied.
She recognized that this work demanded speed and accuracy rather than understanding.
She therefore demanded that a faux grain and stain be applied.
She demanded sole custody and the right to educate and bring him up, threatening MacBride that if he did not agree to this she would take a case against him for divorce.
She was so upset by it that she demanded from her husband, who was now referred to as Abraham, to send Hagar and her son away.
She demanded that her daughter be returned to her custody, and threatened to sue.
" She issued a statement that she had met Kapur only five times in ten years and publicly demanded that he step forward and clear her of the accusation.
She demanded to know why she did not remember Leo leaving her, and Leo told her that he used his powers to make her forget and not feel as much pain.
" Feminine devotion is demanded as a duty by Montherlant and Lawrence ; less arrogant, Claudel, Breton, and Stendahl admire it as a generous choice ...." She finds that woman is " the privileged Other ", that Other is defined in the " way the One chooses to posit himself ", and:
She was very assertive in her early years, at the age of seventeen she demanded to be allowed to wear her hair short, which went against the conventional norm of the time, a personal trademark that she kept through her life.
She was instructed beforehand to review the script and make a decision of whether or not she felt the role was right for her, and, if so, that she truly wanted to commit to the strict contract Sullivan had demanded for the title character.
She was educated at home until the age of 17, when she demanded to go to school.
She was initially torn between her two fellow founders romantically, after she was left catatonic from shutting down the Composite Man's mind ; as her mentor Aven was only able to restore her to an infant-like state, she demanded Garth, and it was only after he told her he needed her that she was restored to normal.
She used her new influence to support the Christian minority in Iran, but the political situation demanded that she do so discreetly.
She denied the accusation and demanded an apology, but it was unsuccessful.

She and resignation
She announced her resignation in a speech to the Senate, concluding with a " pledge to bring the party back home to the members again ", and referring to her reluctance over colleagues ' attitude towards her.
She then married his brother, Rainilaiarivony, head of the army at the time of Radama II's murder who was promoted to the post of Prime Minister upon the resignation and exile of his older brother.
She announced her resignation in May 2012 after being appointed to the new cabinet appointed by President François Hollande.
She submitted her resignation in August 1865 and would later consider this " episode " in her career a failure.
On 23 March 2006, Gandhi announced her resignation from the Lok Sabha and also as chairperson of the National Advisory Council under the office-of-profit controversy and the speculation that the government was planning to bring an ordinance to exempt the post of chairperson of National Advisory Council from the purview of office of profit. She was re-elected from her constituency Rae Bareilly in May 2006 by a margin of over 400, 000 votes.
She continued to serve as official head of the Peronist Justicialist Party until her resignation in 1985, nearly a decade after her fall from power.
She acted with great energy and zeal as governess to the daughters of the family, and was in 1781 appointed by the duke of Chartres to the responsible office of gouverneur of his sons, a bold step which led to the resignation of all the tutors as well as to much social scandal, though there is no reason to suppose that the intellectual interests of her pupils suffered on that account.
She nonetheless offered her resignation to Rae, who rejected it.
She has served as the acting head of state of Georgia twice ; the first time from 23 November 2003 to 25 January 2004 in the wake of Eduard Shevardnadze's resignation during the Rose Revolution, and again from 25 November 2007 to 20 January 2008, when Mikheil Saakashvili stepped down to rerun in the early presidential elections.
She led her family's newspaper, The Washington Post, for more than two decades, overseeing its most famous period, the Watergate coverage that eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.
She was a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives, representing California's 10th congressional district from 1997 until her resignation in 2009 upon joining the State Department.
She lost her seat at the 1997 general election, following a dispute with local fishermen, but later in the same year was elected MP for Beckenham via a by-election after the resignation of Piers Merchant.
She served as the Minister of State for Housing and Planning in 2008, and later as the Minister for Europe until her resignation in 2009, citing the leadership of Gordon Brown as a reason.
She was then appointed to the seat again in 2012 to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Rep. W. David Guice.
She became a member of the London Assembly on 1 March 2003 after the resignation of Trevor Phillips who became chair of the Commission for Racial Equality, having been next on the list of London-wide members at the 2000 election.
She announced her resignation as PCC chair following criticism of its handling of the phone hacking scandal at the News of the World.
She submitted her resignation in January 2002, saying she did not wish to seek a further three years in the post when her period of office expired in June 2002
She is rapidly followed by Corder who bears Honey's letter of resignation to Scott and her own account of the events in Gander.
In 1955, Goodban announced his resignation while Canon George Zimmern ( aka George She ) was appointed the next headmaster, the first Hong Kong-born old boy to become so.
She finally gets fed up with the situation and gives him her two weeks ' notice of resignation after he sends her a message of an " emergency " while she is at her friend's wedding, since the emergency is, as she finds out, that he is unable to choose what to wear to an event.
She has been a Member of the European Parliament since 1998, and was first elected in a by-election following the resignation of Norman West.
She decided to take a leave of absence from parliament work and think about her political future after the resignation.
She took office two days early because of the resignation of Richard B.
She gained the position in May, 2004 following the resignation of longtime NARAL president Kate Michelman.

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