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Page "adventure" ¶ 69
from Brown Corpus
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She and doesn't
Woman in the Court – In her house happens the first judgment of K. She claims help from K. because she doesn't want to be abused by the magistrates.
Concerning her retirement, he spoke, " She doesn't like the new film grammar, the method of presentation of the material ; she says there's no heart in it anymore, that people no longer take human love seriously.
She looks at herself instead of looking at you, and so doesn't know you.
She describes herself as a " relative pacifist ", meaning that she doesn't support unilateral disarmament.
She doesn't seem to have strong opinions of her own and is kind of the third wheel of her group.
" She further noted that " a lot of the time the creationists ... they'll search through scientific journals and try to pull out something they think demonstrates evolution doesn't work and there is a kind of interesting rationale behind it.
She asks if Meursault loves her but Meursault replies that he doesn't think so.
She doesn't rise to being heckled at all ; she just pretends it must be an oversight on the part of the people doing it.
She is described as a snob who doesn't care about second class people, only respecting the people of her class.
She doesn't talk to anyone.
Alice interpreted the look as a flirtation and left the room, prompting Gertrude to follow, and when Gertrude returned, she said, " doesn't want to come lunch .... She feels the heat today.
" She generously takes them in, and doesn't betray them to a passing German army patrol.
She is refused food and clothing because nothing – according to Petruchio – is good enough for her ; he claims perfectly cooked meat is overcooked, a beautiful dress doesn't fit right, and a stylish hat is not fashionable.
She dreams of going to Paris, but doesn't get there.
" She believes they both used fake names and she doesn't know how to get in touch with him or even what he looks like.
She faces ridicule as the lady tells her to drink and wash at a spring that doesn't exist, but digs a hole in the ground and uses the wet sand and mud.
Rolling Stone gave the album three out of five stars, but noted " Love was an absolute monster vocalist in the nineties, the greatest era ever for rock singers ... She doesn't have that power in her lungs anymore – barely a trace.
She doesn't know that her nephew is Spider-Man and when asked by the reporter Ned Leeds if he is Spider-Man she thought she was being punked.
She doesn't believe this until she notices her bag is not beside the bench anymore.
She also pointed out that it almost doesn't depend on the acoustic guitar used.
She mentions that if she wants to visit les Invalides, she doesn't need an invitation: she has her own set of keys.
She also has a lawyer, though it appears he is mostly used to threaten the staff if she doesn't get what she wants.
She doesn't see why she should have to answer to him above anyone else ; finding himself self-important.
She also tends to be meek, while Laverne is more outspoken and athletic ; this doesn't mean that Shirley is a wimp or a pushover, as she is quite capable of standing up for herself when necessary — she just isn't quite as aggressive about it as her friend.

She and want
She was the only kind of Negro Laura Andrus would want around: independent, unservile, probably charging double what ordinary maids did for housework -- and doubly efficient.
She said to the saleslady, `` I want a dress to put on around the house ''.
She didn't want to be the only one with a stove in her room, especially as her life span was nearly run out anyway, and she insisted that Hope have the heater.
She was trying to make a hole in my armor, and I didn't want it.
She reveals that she had expected that he would want to sacrifice his reputation for hers, and that she had planned to kill herself to prevent him from doing so.
She never left Haworth for more than a few weeks at a time as she did not want to leave her ageing father.
She wrote, " Fleury is much less benign than Bouguereau and don't temper his severities … he hinted of possibilities before me and as he rose said the nicest thing of all, ' we will do all we can to help you '… I want these men … to know me and recognize that I can do something.
She did not want their food, referring to the table laid for her in Heaven with her real family.
She calls Rhett a cad and tells him no woman would want a baby of his.
She asked for three pigeons and three sparrows from each house, since she did not want to burden the villagers any further after the siege.
She did not want the school to become " the Vassar of the West " because she felt that would not be an appropriate memorial for her son.
She wanted to marry him but Worf refused because he did not want to share his dishonor with her and their son ( TNG: " Reunion ").
She is reluctant to reveal this part of her background, as she does not want to be known by a nickname she had been called earlier in life -- the Dancing Doctor.
She also chose Tau Ceti for a final shortlist of just five stars suitable for searches by the ( indefinitely postponed ) Terrestrial Planet Finder telescope system, commenting that " these are places I'd want to live if God were to put our planet around another star.
She later stated in an interview, " I didn't want to do Willow as someone who's feeling sorry for herself.
She is everything that a guy from Knight's Ridge would want in a woman.
She reportedly called Nichols and said, " I want to see you!
She wanted to build her own life and said “ the poor suburbs, it's not enough just to want to get out.
Director Michael Curtiz did not want Crawford and told Jack Warner, " She comes over here with her high-hat airs and her goddamn shoulder pads ... why should I waste my time directing a has-been?
She is closely associated with a line from Grand Hotel, one which the American Film Institute in 2005 voted the 30th most memorable movie quote of all time, " I want to be alone, I just want to be alone ", a theme echoed in several of her other roles.
She didn ’ t want to go on ".

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