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She and drove
She smoked, wore trousers, and drove cars, unusual for women at the time.
She failed, however, to grasp the theological issues that drove their movement.
She sings in the first verse, " Maybe I should have called you first, but I was dying to get to you / I was dreaming while I drove the long, straight road ahead.
She had a team of horses she drove to drag the poles into position, directing the pole setting, and she would then finish the job by installing the telephone wiring. Nell Quakenbush working on a phone pole in Concrete, circa 1910 Kate was in charge of the switchboard operation ( with the assistance of a young girl they had taken in, Ethel Thompson ).
She drove a six-cylinder Napier motorcar, a 100 hp ( 74. 6 kW ) development of the K5, in a speed trial in Blackpool.
She drove him to distraction with her untraditional ways.
She drove me to drink.
She drove the corpse from Italy to Hyères and lied to the police ( it being a criminal offence to carry a corpse ).
She drove a convertible Lotus Elan at high speeds, and convincingly portrayed any series of undercover roles, from nurse to nanny.
She also drove a car by herself, which was very unusual for royalty at the time.
She rented a car, and she and Frykowski drove across the country.
She and Wojciech then drove back to the Polanski home and had a late lunch with Tate and her friends, Joanna Pettet and Barbara Lewis, on the front lawn patio.
She went to bed in the morning, got up in the evening, ate breakfast at night, and drove around in a carriage through the streets, in the courtyard, or wandered around the corridors of the sleeping castle with a light.
She claimed she drove it once at 120 mph " just for a mile ," and had to have cruise control installed because she kept getting speeding tickets.
She was accused by Bridget of stealing her ( ex -) boyfriend, Kyle, though it was quite clear that Bridget's actions drove Kyle away.
She suggests these pressures created internal movements, as well as reactions against European activity, that drove the state formations and concomitant violence and displacement.
She drove people insane by putting on ridiculous schemes such as spraying shaving cream into people's faces or cutting people's hair, in order to get the person to leave for her own reasons.
She also drove in rallies and was an accomplished hillclimb driver, claiming the Ladies ' Record at Shelsley Walsh twice.
She appeared in a tongue-in-cheek BBC HD advert in 2008, featuring the show ( which is one of the BBC's main programs on its HD service ), where she drove a car through a wall, before running towards a falling vase ; the car explodes as she jumps to save the vase from crashing.
She drove back to Mannheim the next day.
She often told people that this was the reason she never drove faster than 60 kilometres an hour ( 37 mph ).
She drove off the 20th Century Fox lot after studio czar Darryl F. Zanuck reputedly edited her scenes out of Fallen Angel ( 1945 ) to pump up his protege Linda Darnell.
She explains what brought Eddie and her together and drove them apart.
She drove an ambulance throughout the London Blitz in 1940 and 1941.

She and along
She sidled along the booths one step at a time.
She ate what she could and went out along the covered passageway, with the rain dripping from the vines.
She wore a gown of satin designed along princesse lines and featuring a flared skirt and lace jacket with bateau neckline.
She trudged along slowly, both hands clutching a tired teddy bear.
She was the author of the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the Christian Science textbook and which, along with the Bible, serve as the permanent " impersonal pastor " of the church.
She also served as one of three co-hosts ( along with Roy Clark and Glen Campbell ) on the CBS special Fifty Years of Country Music.
She enjoyed physical activities along with some academic work, but not maths.
She organizes and attends official ceremonies and functions of state either along with, or in place of, the president.
She was inducted in the Artist Inductees category along with fellow disco legends Chic and the late Sylvester.
She was a fishmonger, and she'd stroll along,
She is mentioned, along with a brief biography, in RFC 1336, Who's Who in the Internet ( 1992 ).
She is – along with St. Denis, St. Martin of Tours, St. Louis IX, and St. Theresa of Lisieux – one of the patron saints of France.
She also went to Greece to take footage of the games ' original site at Olympia, where she was aided by Greek photographer Nelly, along with route of the inaugural torch relay.
Rana Ratan Singh married Rani Padmini ( She along with hundreds of other women undertook Jauhar and the male members performed Saka during the siege of the Chittorgarh fort by the ignominious sultan of Delhi, Allauddin Khilji ).
She described the album as the " turbo version of the Body Talk album ", as it includes five songs from each previous Body Talk album along with five new songs.
She also has her DNA stolen, along with Charles Tucker's, in order to make the first Vulcan / Human hybrid in the " normal " timeline, who died from complications.
She donated five ambulances and 37 trucks to the army in Shanghai and the air force, along with 500 leather uniforms.
She publicly opposed the proposed free trade agreement of the European Economic Community ( EEC, later European Union ) in 1973, by signing a petition along with 500 other more-or-less prominent social democrats and socialists.
She settled in Castle McDuck at Dismal Downs, the Clan McDuck's old castle, along with her family in 1885.
She appears in the following verse from the Poetic Edda poem Völuspá, along with Urðr and Skuld:
She also has done tours featuring her poetry, sometimes along with either Lydia Lunch or Henry Rollins.
She did not take her seat, along with the other Sinn Féin TDs members.
She now regularly delivers these tokens of her appreciation, bringing her closest friends along to share the experience:
She found the box in a tree in Byblos, a city along the Phoenician coast, and brought it back to Egypt, hiding it in a swamp.

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