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She and enrolled
" She graduated from Battin High School in 1956, then enrolled in Boston University.
She enrolled in the University of California, Berkeley on a state scholarship in 1968.
She then enrolled at the University of Missouri, in Columbia, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition, Performance, and Education.
She left Japan to rejoin the family and enrolled in nearby Sarah Lawrence College.
She enrolled in school under a more dignified name, Li Yunhe, and simply changed it for convenience to Li He.
She graduated with honors from Aušra Gymnasium in Kaunas in 1938 and enrolled in the Vytautas Magnus University the same year, where she studied linguistics in the Department of Philology.
She made her first stage appearance aged three after her mother, Bertha, enrolled her at Robinson's Dance Studio.
" She eventually was enrolled in Hyde Park High School but spent a miserable semester where a yearbook caption captured the essence of her unhappiness, " A. E.
She attended an elementary catholic school and later enrolled in the ninth grade at Commonwealth High School.
She later enrolled at Juilliard, eventually ( in 1975 ) becoming the first woman to earn the degree of Doctor of Musical Arts in composition.
She first attended Roedean, then enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art ( RADA ) at the age of 15.
She turned it down in favor of singing and acting, and enrolled at the University of Georgia, but soon reconsidered and went to New York to become a Ford model.
She was singing by the age of two, was enrolled in vocal and dance training, and by the age of five was performing at local talent shows.
She enrolled in a Protestant private school for girls that also accepted Catholic and Jewish pupils ; most of those of the Jewish faith had to pay three times the amount Catholics paid.
She enrolled in a business school and became a proficient bookkeeper and typist.
She enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena upon her return.
She started the suffrage movement at Vassar, enrolled two-thirds of the students, and taught them the principles of socialism.
She was also a tireless advocate for women's rights and wrote in her memoir, " I believed ... in every form of independence for women and I was ... an enrolled worker for Women's suffrage.
She enrolled in the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, but the economic conditions of the Great Depression forced her to withdraw and seek work to help her family.
She enrolled for the diploma course to teach physics and mathematics in secondary schools ( section VIA ) at the same time as Albert Einstein.
She is currently enrolled at Columbia University where she is acquiring her Master of Human Rights degree.
She enrolled at Wayne University ( now Wayne State University ), in Detroit, receiving a bachelor's degree in English in 1942.
She took Gian Carlo with her, and in 1928 she enrolled him at Philadelphia's Curtis Institute of Music, but she returned to Italy.
She enrolled at her father's alma mater, the University of Virginia, in 1975 and was a Delta Delta Delta sorority sister.

She and landscape
She was an accomplished landscape artist, some of whose paintings are in the collection of the Leanin ' Tree Museum of Western Art.
She walked out of a holding camp, beginning a series of escapes and arrests across the chaotic landscape.
She was also inspired by these and other landscape traditions, distilling their influences into her designs.
She began practicing landscape architecture at the age of 25, working from the upper floor of her mother's brownstone house on East Eleventh Street in New York.
She was the first consulting landscape architect for Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey ( 1912 – 1943 ).
She was the consulting landscape architect at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut for twenty-three years ( 1923 – 43 ), with projects including the Marsh Botanical Garden.
She walks off into the wintry landscape just as she drifted into the Ward's household at the beginning.
She is chased over a frozen winter landscape by a terrifying bear ( representing the ferocity of Onegin's inhuman persona ) and confronted by demons and goblins in a hut she hopes will provide shelter.
She also maintains a 35, 000 square foot residence on Mount Desert Island in Seal Harbor, Maine, known as ' Skylands ', the former summer estate of automobile designer and tycoon, Edsel Ford, with gardens designed by renowned landscape architect Jens Jensen ( 1922 ).
She wrote appreciatively about the landscape and people of Afghanistan, calling herself " Afghanatical " and claiming that the Afghan " is a man after my own heart.
She collected rocks and bones from the desert floor and made them and the distinctive architectural and landscape forms of the area subjects in her work.
She gushes even over the simplest form of art the moment she sees it, and in one episode of the Nickelodeon series, she mistakenly gave Doug the credit for the hand-painted drawing, that turned out to be the back of Doug's landscape painting that was covered by Porkchop and a Racoon chasing each other.
She soon returned to her home in rural Wisconsin, a landscape that was to influence much of her later writing.
She also made a significant impact on the landscape of the capital city of Shahjahanabad.
Some of her other Congressional accomplishments included critical funding to revitalize the Fall Creek Neighborhood in Indianapolis which today includes some of the finest examples of reclaimed urban landscape in the U. S. She also provided outstanding support for the new terminal for the Indianapolis International Airport, which opened November 12, 2008.
She said of Horst " His sympathy and understanding, but primarily his faith, gave me a landscape to move in.
She incorporated photographic techniques during the filming of Boys Don't Cry — including the use of time-lapse photography when displaying the dimly lit Nebraska landscape and inherited stylistic influence from avant garde photographer Man Ray, who Peirce has cited as an inspiration on her work.
She was so deeply affected by the landscape that she returned nearly every summer for the rest of her life to the cottage her aunt and uncle built in 1913.
She was also deeply knowledgeable about megalithic monuments and the history of the British landscape.
She returned to Ireland in 1931 and once more began exhibiting her landscape painting at the RHA.
She is the daughter of Swedish landscape painter Henry Mayne ( 1891 – 1975 ).
She started her schooling in Stellenbosch, but spent most of her childhood in Graaff-Reinet, where drought and a harsh landscape fostered an appreciation for beauty that resides in many forms and the tiniest things.
She hired Japanese landscape artists and architects to design the gardens and the Upper " Moon Viewing " House.
She secured $ 11 million for the landscape and active sport field plan in Ashbridges Bay area.

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