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Page "romance" ¶ 160
from Brown Corpus
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She and felt
She passed the entrance examinations to the University of Illinois, but during the year at Urbana felt more important events transpired at the University of Chicago.
She regretted what she described as the `` unwarrantable & unnecessary '' check to their friendship and said that she felt that they understood one another perfectly.
She felt the look and looked back because she could not help it, seeing that he was neither as old nor as thick as she had at first believed.
She ascribed her delight with both experiences to the effect they seemed to have of temporarily removing from her the controls which she felt so compulsively necessary to maintain even when it might seem appropriate to relax these controls.
She had felt that her arm wanted to go up in the first trial, but had consciously prevented it from so doing.
She looked confused at this, and I felt sure it had been a wrong response for me to make.
She wasn't quite sure that I felt enough remorse about my drinking, or that I would not return to it once I was out and on my own again.
She felt a lift in spirit.
She felt cold and hot, sticky and chilly at the same time.
She felt, rather than saw, the approach of the good-looking young man.
She felt like a fool, too.
She sat down and played two slots at once, looking grim, as if bested by mechanical devices, and Owen felt sorry for the lay-sisters depending on her support.
She felt the lash bite and heard her father say in crazed monosyllables words which had no meaning, like, `` unnnt!!
She felt as if some dark, totally unfamiliar shape would clutch at her arm ; ;
She felt, and said, that sympathy only made people feel sorry for themselves ; ;
She also used the priory during her short reign, particularly in 1547, where she felt safe from the English Army.
The Joplins felt that Janis always needed more attention than their other children, with her mother stating, " She was unhappy and unsatisfied without a lot of attention.
She felt that the final exuberant movement was " too brilliant ", as she was encouraged by the dark and tempestuous opening movement she had seen in an early draft.
She met and married William Davey, her first husband, at age 19 because she felt as if it was her duty as a daughter.
" She felt sorry for the group and agreed to help the remaining group hide from the police and FBI.
" She felt it important to " influence people in a positive way " to vote on November 4.
" She was also a believer and a practitioner of magic, performing curses against those whom she felt deserved it: as Ronald Hutton noted, " Once she carried out a ritual to blast a fellow academic whose promotion she believed to have been undeserved, by mixing up ingredients in a frying pan in the presence of two colleagues.
She gained weight, and felt nauseous in the mornings.
She was succeeded by her half-sister, who became Elizabeth I. Philip, who was in Brussels, wrote in a letter, " I felt a reasonable regret for her death.

She and walking
She took a good look at herself in the mirror before she turned and, walking with very small steps, started toward the door.
She musta been walking in her sleep -- you seen her yourself in here ''.
She was at the moment just a small, walking package, being delivered to her aunt's and uncle's house.
She is recovering from an undisclosed illness and is extremely weak-standing and walking are painful-but the doctor advises that a full recovery is possible.
She pretends to faint from exhaustion after " walking all day to find a job ", and worms her way into his confidence.
* She stopped walking to smell the flowers.
She decides to take a walking tour to relax, during which she stumbles over a corpse on a beach, adding to her notoriety.
She suffered from a painful muscular weakness in the legs that prevented her from walking, so that she was unable to mingle with other children until the age of six.
She is scared of insects and spiders ; on one occasion when Wellington tells her that the field they are walking through may contain thousands of hidden insects she is too terrified to move.
She was referred to Gull and began to visit him of 20 April 1887 ; in his notes, he remarks that she persisted in walking through the streets to his house despite being an object of attention to passers-by.
She has been described as “ a walking history book ” and an international expert on Canadian First Nations culture and history.
She is usually depicted walking in front of a Magariya.
She is last seen in photographs walking east on Elm Street and neither she nor the film she may have taken have been positively identified.
She is as well known as a hero and skilled warrior as Groo is for being a walking disaster, and travels the land seeking people in need of her help.
She was killed in a traffic accident in 1992 ; she was walking on the sidewalk of Yonge Street in Toronto, when a car hit her.
She and Dorothy are seen in " The Emerald City of Oz " walking through a garden holding hands and sharing kisses.
She said: " I was walking along the street with a friend one day and it was filthy and I said, ' My God, somebody ought to do something about this ,' and my friend said ' Why don't you?
She continued walking for 28 years, spanning the American involvement in the Vietnam War and beyond.
She first met Bertrand Russell in 1916 when joining him on a weekend walking tour.
When white people sit down to discuss racism what they are experiencing is shared ignorance .” She states her lesson plan for that day was to learn the Sioux prayer about not judging someone without walking in his / her moccasins and “ I treated them as we treat Hispanics, Chicanos, Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, women, people with disabilities .”
She later described the process: “ We needed a certain form of ending, after this huge distance walking towards each other.
She said " Scotland wants to see a future that allows her to walk taller within the UK without walking out " and called for a new “ expert-led and independent ” Scottish constitutional commission.
She then realized that she was being forced by two small men to walk in a forest in the nighttime, and of seeing Barney walking behind her, though when she called to him, he seemed to be in a trance or sleepwalking.
( Whenever we see a man walking with a particular gait, with one arm paralysed in a particular way, we say " This man has had a stroke "; and, if we see a woman in her late 50s with one arm distorted in a particular way, we say " She had polio as a child ".

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