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Page "fiction" ¶ 638
from Brown Corpus
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She and gave
She once gave a German recitation before a convention of German-language teachers in Milwaukee.
She gave me the names of some people who would surely help pay for the flowers and might even march up to the monument with me.
She gave herself a title, Lady Diana Harrington.
She gave a little pout and said, `` I don't get off work until eleven o'clock.
She gave a fine portrayal of Auntie Mame on Broadway in 1958 and has appeared in live television from `` Captain Brassbound's Conversion '' to `` Camille ''.
She gave herself fancy airs!!
She gave Jim a quick, shape-up look of warning.
She looked about sixty, though I recalled that the chart gave her age as forty-four.
She came out pink from a hot bath, and I gave her my robe.
She gave birth there and was accepted by the people, offering them her promise that her son would be always favourable toward the city.
She then committed suicide by stabbing herself with the same sword she gave Aeneas when they first met.
The band performed mostly covers of international hits, but Andersson soon started writing his own material, and gave the band the classic hits " No Response ", " Sunny Girl ", " Wedding ", " Consolation ", " It's Nice To Be Back " and " She Will Love You " amongst others.
" She took him home, however, fed him and gave him his first dose.
She gave him the phone number of her neighbour Olga Volkova who resided below.
She gave birth to their son Christopher on September 25, 1974.
She subsequently gave birth to three daughters and another son, Samuel ( who would eventually succeed their father as rector of Stenbrohult and write a manual on beekeeping ).
She also advised Odysseus to go to the Underworld and gave him directions.
She also gave private art lessons, and produced decorative art and small portraits.
She gave birth to a daughter on 10 November, but the child was weak and lived either only a few hours or at most a week.
She may have been influenced by them, or have come to similar conclusions on her own ; as an Anglican, the reasonings she gave are rooted in the theologies of Creation and Incarnation, and thus are slightly different from the Catholic Chesterton and Belloc.
She keeps a necklace that Ash gave to her early in the film.
She gave Louis a wedding present that is still in existence, a rock crystal vase, currently on display at the Louvre.
She gave birth to a son, Pierfederico, on March 22, 1944 but the child died of encephalitis three weeks later.
She did appoint Malcolm Muggeridge as official biographer, but later biographers have seen this as deliberate spoiling as Muggeridge eventually gave up the work.

She and laugh
She began to laugh.
She skipped a piece of water at him and laughed, a funny, hoarse laugh he liked to hear.
She wrote to a friend, Charlotte Murchison, in November that year: " Perhaps you will laugh when I say that the death of my old faithful dog has quite upset me, the cliff that fell upon him and killed him in a moment before my eyes, and close to my feet ... it was but a moment between me and the same fate.
She also appeared in two Carry On films, Carry On Regardless ( playing Mata Hari ) and Carry On Camping ( playing Terry Scott's wife with a braying laugh and jolly bossiness ).
She was described as a woman " always ready to laugh " and " maternal in a light-hearted way " and her daughter recalled that she was often torn between her desire to care for her family and her need to be involved in the " mechanics " of acting.
She befriends Doris Elward, and helps the girl all she can with her studies, while Doris makes her laugh.
" She also likes to make jokes, which only she would laugh at.
She then commanded 3, 000 men to drink the lake dry, only to laugh when they all drowned.
She introduces herself as Lime, embracing the dumbfounded boy with a laugh and revealing an unprecedented ability to express emotion.
She also made personal appearances, and Hamilton described the children's usual reaction to her portrayal of the Witch :" Almost always they want me to laugh like the Witch.
She later remarked that their response made her " realise how wonderful it was to make people laugh ".
She makes everyone laugh and gasp by saying " Ray was a bad lay.
She is a clown who will do nearly anything for a laugh.
She didn't go back home thinking her father and brother would laugh at her.
She shouts at her subordinates: " How dare you laugh at me?
She was often known for her public drunkenness and being taken advantage of by many photographers, however, Julie always had the last laugh by getting her revenge.
She also has a very recognizable laugh ( an accident on Debra Jo Rupp's part ) and a fondness for square dancing.
She cannot laugh, whatever her father does to amuse her, so he sets up a fountain of oil by the door, thinking people slipping in the oil would make her laugh.
She nevertheless tried to stay true to her character " and not go for the cheap laugh ".
She took three girlfriends to the theater where Benny performed, sitting in the front row and making sure not to laugh.

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