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She and gives
She gives him food, and speaks to him, urging him not to " have on his conscience the staggering burden of needless bloodshed " ( verse 31, NIV ) and reminding him that God will make him a " lasting dynasty " ( verse 28 ).
She gives birth to a boy, Frank Jr. Jr., and two girls: Leslie, and Chandler.
She gives him some of her life energy as the Cosmos sing, and Battra revives.
She has blue eyes like Gerald O ' Hara and Melanie gives her the nickname, " Bonnie Blue ," in reference to the Bonnie Blue Flag of the Confederacy.
" She gives the example of Hamlet's advice to Ophelia, " get thee to a nunnery ", which is simultaneously a reference to a place of chastity and a slang term for a brothel, reflecting Hamlet's confused feelings about female sexuality.
She takes him to his father, who gives him to his brother, Gavida the smith, in fosterage.
She gives up her badge and gun and continues the investigation alone.
She gives some real competition to Sanjay Dutt.
She gives Cúchulainn three drinks of milk.
She said it was fine, that she knew him, and I said, ‘ It ’ s okay, he ’ s a cartoonist .’ So Johnny gives that classic look and he says, ‘ I knew I should have taken up drawing .’”
She, being reanimated, gives birth to a male child ; and Messer Gentile restores her, with her son, to Niccoluccio Caccianimico, her husband.
She gives not only herself reason, but also gives readers, and women, reason to believe that women are not bad creatures and have a significant place within society.
She gives the imperial diadem to the Illyrian ( or Thracian ) officer and senator Marcian, age 58, and is crowned as empress in the Hippodrome at Constantinople in a first religious coronation ceremony.
She gives a stirring speech in which she tells him that she must obey her conscience rather than human law.
For example: " He gives her a flower " or " She gave the watch to John ".
She gives him a miniature American flag to wave in greeting to his father, which he does, blindfolded, throughout the following action.
She later gives them two pieces of candy for one cent, when it is later revealed that the candy was a nickel apiece.
She was at home during her near death experience, and gives no mention of her personal life up until that point.
She gives birth to her baby, attracting media attention, and she sets up a new life with the help of new friends.
She gives her a buckeye tree and a welcome basket.
She acknowledges the need for Neville's execution, and gives him pills, claiming they will " make it easier ".
She gives an example of how in an earlier composition of hers, she had the tuba above the piccolo.
She is the only character to show the hunchback a moment of human kindness: as he is being whipped for punishment and jeered by a horrid rabble, she approaches the public stock and gives him a drink of water.
She gives Ketterley a box from Atlantis containing the dust from which he constructs the rings Digory and Polly use to travel between worlds.

She and lessons
She then studied for two years with the painter Francis Adolf Van der Wielen, who offered lessons in perspective and drawing from casts during the time that the new Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts was under construction.
She also gave private art lessons, and produced decorative art and small portraits.
" She appeared in a television commercial for Lux soap, and took acting lessons at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, before appearing in three further television movies – Callie and Son ( 1981 ) with Lindsay Wagner, The Children Nobody Wanted ( 1981 ), and a remake of Splendor in the Grass.
She took extra lessons from the noted teachers of the day — Christian Johansson, Pavel Gerdt, Nikolai Legat and more especially from Enrico Cecchetti, considered the greatest ballet virtuoso of the time and founder of the Cecchetti method, a very influential ballet technique used up to this day.
She then became a stripper, and in 1991, began taking modeling and voice lessons.
She got to know Per Böklin, a principal at a school in Kristianstad in the 1830s, who gave her private lessons and became her friend.
In 2002, Raitt signed on as an official supporter of Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization that provides free musical instruments and free lessons to children in public schools throughout the U. S. A. She has visited children in the program and sits on the organization's board of directors as an honorary member.
She and her family, along with the Meramec Iron Works, are emphasized in the school's lessons on local history, and the city library showcases items once belonging to her.
She took piano lessons from Mrs. Mazzanovich who lived in Gillette Woods.
She encouraged his early interest in and talent for music, spending hours playing the piano and singing with him and arranging for piano and dance lessons.
She took art lessons in order to illustrate her work professionally.
She was 13 years younger than her beautiful sister, diva Maria Malibran, but her father made Pauline his favorite and trained her on the piano and also gave her singing lessons.
She had taken piano lessons with the young Franz Liszt and counterpoint and harmony classes with Anton Reicha, the teacher of Liszt and Hector Berlioz, and friend of Ludwig van Beethoven.
She had taken ballet lessons as a child and began taking acting lessons and fashion modelling to pay for them.
She became enamoured with a cellist, Arnold Trowell ( Mansfield was an accomplished cellist, having received lessons from Trowell's father ), in 1902, although the feelings were largely unreciprocated.
She went through several more operations and even when she got her voice back, she was forced to take vocal lessons, something she had never done before.
She modelled for Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec ( who gave her painting lessons ), Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Pierre-Cécile Puvis de Chavannes, and is known to have had affairs with the latter two.
" She immediately began intensive vocal lessons, hoping to accomplish a realistic Southern accent for the role.
She was educated at Los Gatos High School, and was soon taking diction lessons alongside her elder sister.
She began her musical studies with her mother, and at age five her father took over her musical lessons.
She began taking flight lessons from flight instructor Joe Reid on her sixth birthday, and became enthusiastic about flying.
She met Alexander von Zemlinsky in early 1900, began composition lessons with him that fall, and continued as his student until her engagement with Gustav Mahler ( December 1901 ), after which she ceased composing.
" She began with lessons from her mother, who composed little pieces accompanied by illustrations, before beginning study at the London Violoncello School at age five.
She took several singing lessons a day from William, who had become the choirmaster of the Octagon Chapel.

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