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Page "adventure" ¶ 40
from Brown Corpus
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She and got
She helped him with the dishes, then he brought more water in from the spring before it got dark.
She finally regained her balance and got up in the saddle.
She got so drunk I had to take her home.
She was going to keep on scheming, poking, prodding, suggesting, and dictating until the cops got up enough interest in him to go back to their old neighborhood and ask questions.
She managed a missionary drive for the church once and got the books so confused that old Mr. Webber, the eldest elder, who'd never donated more than five dollars to anything, had to cough up five hundred dollars to avoid a scandal in what Edythe called `` the bosoms of the church ''.
She got up, standing uncertainly for a moment, then moving aside to let go past her, talking, a group of young men.
She never got on his back.
She has been repaying the debt from her housekeeping budget, and also from some work she got copying papers by hand, which she did secretly in her room, and took pride in her ability to earn money " as if she were a man.
She said yes, and got that necklace back.
She got her knowledge of Troy from the Histoire ancienne jusqu ' à César, and chose an anti-Trojan position.
She joined the Maenads disregarding her pregnancy, and got into labor when she was dragging a sacrificial bull by the horns.
She lost her job on The Dinah Shore Show when, as she said, " We were shooting all night, and into the next day, and time just got away from me, and I didn't realize that I was supposed to be on the set working as Dinah's double on her show, Chevy Theatre.
She tries to escape the cabin, only to get killed by the woods themselves ( in a similar fashion Cheryl got raped in the first film ).
relation to her Witch-Cult theory, She behaved in fact rather like someone who was a fully convinced member of some unusual religious sect, or perhaps, of the Freemasons, but never on any account got into arguments about it in public.
She ended her argument by accusing men of being self-centered, saying, “ man is so selfish that he has got women ’ s rights and his own too, and yet he won ’ t give women their rights.
She easily won her party's nomination, and eventually got 40 % of the votes in the first round of the presidential elections, and 51. 6 % in the second, thus defeating the Centre Party's Esko Aho and becoming the 11th president of Finland.
She got her first taste of singing solo at a fire hall, where she soaked up the crowd ’ s appreciation.
She got her start in supporting roles in The World According to Garp ( 1982 ), The Big Chill ( 1983 ), and The Natural ( 1984 ), which all earned her nominations for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.
I didn't relate to Sharon Tate as being anything but a store mannequin ... sounded just like an IBM machine ... She kept begging and pleading and pleading and begging, and I got sick of listening to her, so I stabbed her.
She also states she got lost on her way home and she does not look like herself.
When she got into the band, she was dedicated to her music …. She was a lonely girl around New York, just kept herself to herself, for the gig.
She got a second divorce, and she and Bill are actually man and wife.
She got so that after a while everyone else who danced with me looked wrong.
She is later rehired when the substitute teacher got drunk.

She and her
She lay there, making no effort to get back on her feet.
She drank greedily, and murmured, `` Thank you '', as he lowered her head.
She rubbed her eyes and stretched, then sat up, her hands going to her hair.
She stared at him, her eyes wide as she thought about what he had said ; ;
She sat down at the table, shaking her head.
She clung to him, talking to him, and dabbing at her eyes.
She was carrying a quirt, and she started to raise it, then let it fall again and dangle from her wrist.
She showed her surprise by tightening the reins and moving the gelding around so that she could get a better look at his face.
She said, and her tone had softened until it was almost friendly.
She had picked up the quirt and was twirling it around her wrist and smiling at him.
She swung the quirt again, and this time he caught her wrist and pulled her out of the saddle.
She came down against him, and he tried to break her fall.
She wiped it off with the sleeve of her coat.
She brought up her free hand to hit him, but this time he was quicker.
She had offered to walk, but Pamela knew she would not feel comfortable about her child until she had personally confided her to the care of the little pink woman who chose to be called `` Auntie ''.
She remembered little of her previous journey there with Grace, and she could but hope that her dedication to her mission would enable her to accomplish it.

She and feet
She was standing on a flat rock three feet above ground and when she saw him she rose to full height and roared, opening her mouth wide, lashing her tail, and stamping at the rock with both forefeet in irritation, as much as to say: `` How dare you disturb me in my sacred precinct ''??
She saw me and sat down beside me, three feet away.
She tried to run away, but the blood of the tree had touched her skin and she found her feet rooted to the spot.
She is represented in art as a young girl in robes, holding a palm branch in her hand and a lamb at her feet or in her arms.
She survives after falling 10, 160 meters ( 33, 330 feet ) in the tail section of the aircraft.
She wrote to a friend, Charlotte Murchison, in November that year: " Perhaps you will laugh when I say that the death of my old faithful dog has quite upset me, the cliff that fell upon him and killed him in a moment before my eyes, and close to my feet ... it was but a moment between me and the same fate.
She is described as having been an awkward and introverted girl who was teased for her tall frame, angular bone structure, enormous feet and unusual name ( sometimes using the name “ Uma Karen ” instead of her birth name ).
She may also chalk her hands and / or feet for added stability on the apparatus.
She holds a statue of Victory about four cubits high, and in the other hand a spear ; at her feet lies a shield and near the spear is a serpent.
She also usually held or stood beside a Greek hoplite shield, which sported the British Union Flag: also at her feet was often the British Lion, an animal found on the arms of England, Scotland and the Prince of Wales.
She was young, and her hair was still blonde ; she had been 5 feet 6 inches tall.
She has a lunar crescent at her feet, " a horned diadem on her head, with a globe in the middle place " similar to the crown of the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, but with the horns having a shape more like half-crescents, and a large cross on her breast.
She loves life but that don't keep her on her feet for too long.
She was standing one day, the day before I was taken ill, 15 at a window that looked on the Terrace with Trelawny — it was day — she saw as she thought Shelley pass by the window, as he often was then, without a coat or jacket — he passed again — now as he passed both times the same way — and as from the side towards which he went each time there was no way to get back except past the window again ( except over a wall twenty feet from the ground ) she was struck at seeing him pass twice thus & looked out & seeing him no more she cried — " Good God can Shelley have leapt from the wall ?....
She descends slowly and with fumbling feet .” O backs up and hurries down the steps to the right again where he sits down on a step and presses his face against the balusters.
She could run over the waves of the sea without getting her feet wet.
She escaped a regulation strait jacket secured with 50 feet of 1 / 4 inch chain and 10 padlocks in 2: 37.
She fell 15 feet, but was able to continue.
She imagines herself swept off her feet by Gary, the camp counselor.
She attended to charitable works, serving orphans and the poor every day before she ate, and washing the feet of the poor in imitation of Christ.
She had not expected to win, and her feet were sore.
She also danced with Reggie Mantle, crushing his feet with her own.
She responded, protesting that she was at 5 feet, 4 inches ( 1. 63 m ) and, not at all overweight, although she appears heavier than her more petite costars.

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