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Page "fiction" ¶ 1000
from Brown Corpus
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She and had
She had reached a point at which she didn't even care how she looked.
She stared at him, her eyes wide as she thought about what he had said ; ;
She had helped him change his mind.
She said, and her tone had softened until it was almost friendly.
She had picked up the quirt and was twirling it around her wrist and smiling at him.
She had offered to walk, but Pamela knew she would not feel comfortable about her child until she had personally confided her to the care of the little pink woman who chose to be called `` Auntie ''.
She seemed to have come such a long distance -- too far for her destination which had wilfully been swallowed up in the greedy gloom of the trees.
She had the feeling that, under the mouldering leaves, there would be the bodies of dead animals, quietly decaying and giving their soil back to the mountain.
She had to get away from here before this demoniac possession swallowed up the liquid of her eyes and sank into the fibers of her brain, depriving her of reason and sight.
She had been snared here by a vile sensuality that writhed around her throat in ever-tightening circles.
She had to escape.
She had to move in some direction -- any direction that would take her away from this evil place.
She wondered what had taken place in town, between him and his wife.
She had spent too many hours looking ahead, hoping and longing to catch even a glimpse of Dan and finding nothing but emptiness.
She had arrived this morning and come straight to the English Gardens.
She had retreated to this world.
She had touched her face, truly a noble and pure face, only with a lip salve which made her lips glisten but no redder than usual.
She had hated the whole idea before they started.
She had jumped away from his shy touch like a cat confronted by a sidewinder.
She had driven up with her husband in a convertible with Eastern license plates, although the two drivers knew nothing at the moment about that.
She might have been someone he had once loved.
She began to watch a blonde-haired man, also in shorts, standing right at the rear of the wrecked car in the one spot that most of the crowd had detoured slightly.
She was sitting on the edge of the bed again, back in the same position where the snake had found her.
She had the opportunity that few clever women can resist, of showing her superiority in argument over a man.

She and dignity
She believed changes in the law had afforded her daughter dignity that had been denied her before, and that she had been able to " help transform Sharon's legacy from murder victim to a symbol of victims ' rights ".
She dismissed the possibility that other countries might try to seize her territories and immediately started ensuring the imperial dignity for herself ; since a woman could not be elected Holy Roman Empress, Maria Theresa wanted to secure the imperial office for her husband.
She never lost her dignity for a moment.
She was tall and had a striking figure, brilliant beauty, powerfully expressive eyes, and solemn dignity of demeanour which enabled her to claim the character as her own.
She emphasized the psychological instability and difficulties in concentration of this age, as well as the creative tendencies and the development of " a sense of justice and a sense of personal dignity.
She has supported organizations such as the Alliance for Retired Americans and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, who share the mission to ensure social and economic justice and full civil rights for all citizens so that they may enjoy lives of dignity, personal and family fulfillment and security.
She wrote, " Incidences like these take away a woman's dignity, her space and her freedom ... why the state is so helpless in protecting the women.
" She argued that by portraying Cynthia in this manner, the filmmakers were " violently kill " the dignity of Filipino women, something that she feared would lead to " more violence against us ".
She also described the M6 programme Loft Story, imitating the internationally popular Big Brother TV series, as contrary to principles of human dignity and risking transforming viewers into voyeurs instead of providing quality programming.
She also develops a connection with Spike, who can relate to her newfound situation and treats her with acceptance and dignity, communicating easily with her and helping her venture into the world.
She possessed a rubbery face capable of the broadest expressions — Life magazine compared her to Beatrice Lillie and Charlie Chaplin, and described her characterizations as taking " people or situations suspended in their own precarious balance between dignity and absurdity, and push ( ing ) them over the cliff with one single, pointed gesture "— the magazine noted a " particularly high-brow critic " as observing, " The trouble with most comedians who try to do satire is that they are essentially brash, noisy and indelicate people who have to use a sledge hammer to smash a butterfly.
She works towards a theory of difference, that involves the creation of an other, woman, who is a feminine subject equal to the masculine subject in worth and dignity, yet radically different.
She then uses the Aiel code of ethics ( ji ' e ' toh ) she learned during her time there by accepting the nearly constant punishments ( another Aiel teaching of accepting pain ) and continuing to show the unbending dignity befitting the Amyrlin, patiently watching the seeds she plants grow.
She was presented a scroll that cited Mr. Evers ’ "... effective contribution to the cause of human freedom and dignity ... In choosing the name of Medgar Evers, it is our hope that his ideals will inspire students and faculty of the college in their pursuit of truth as the surest path to human freedom and social justice.
Cox has stated that her “ main concern is the deconstruction of stereotypes and the empowerment of women .” She uses herself as her primary model in order to promote an idea of “ self-love ” as articulated by bell hooks in her book Sisters of the Yam, because as Cox writes in an artist's statement, “ slavery stripped black men and women of their dignity and identity and that history continues to have an adverse affect
She had dignity.
She regards human security as describing " a condition of existence " which entails basic material needs, human dignity, including meaningful participation in the life of the community, and an active and substantive notion of democracy from the local to the global.
She very much liked his children, but was criticized for forgetting her dignity when she sat on the floor with them to play.
She was renowned for her interest in philosophy, and her virtue, dignity and simplicity.
She said she preferred to die with dignity and continue doing till the end what she loved rather than being sick in hospital.
She was nominated as Maharani-regent, a post this savior faire held for eight tough years and served the people with great aplomb, dignity, devotion, discipline and distinction.
She does however, retain her dignity by remaining truthful throughout her conversations with the Indians.
She fought to keep her job and dignity, while some doctors worried about the liability involved in having an HIV-positive employee in the ER.
She was accorded the dignity of Girmawit ( Imperial Majesty ) and the title of Siyimte Igziabiher ( feminized " Elect of God ").

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