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Page "adventure" ¶ 909
from Brown Corpus
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She and had
She had reached a point at which she didn't even care how she looked.
She stared at him, her eyes wide as she thought about what he had said ; ;
She had helped him change his mind.
She said, and her tone had softened until it was almost friendly.
She had picked up the quirt and was twirling it around her wrist and smiling at him.
She had offered to walk, but Pamela knew she would not feel comfortable about her child until she had personally confided her to the care of the little pink woman who chose to be called `` Auntie ''.
She seemed to have come such a long distance -- too far for her destination which had wilfully been swallowed up in the greedy gloom of the trees.
She had the feeling that, under the mouldering leaves, there would be the bodies of dead animals, quietly decaying and giving their soil back to the mountain.
She had to get away from here before this demoniac possession swallowed up the liquid of her eyes and sank into the fibers of her brain, depriving her of reason and sight.
She had been snared here by a vile sensuality that writhed around her throat in ever-tightening circles.
She had to escape.
She had to move in some direction -- any direction that would take her away from this evil place.
She wondered what had taken place in town, between him and his wife.
She had spent too many hours looking ahead, hoping and longing to catch even a glimpse of Dan and finding nothing but emptiness.
She had arrived this morning and come straight to the English Gardens.
She had retreated to this world.
She had touched her face, truly a noble and pure face, only with a lip salve which made her lips glisten but no redder than usual.
She had jumped away from his shy touch like a cat confronted by a sidewinder.
She had driven up with her husband in a convertible with Eastern license plates, although the two drivers knew nothing at the moment about that.
She might have been someone he had once loved.
She began to watch a blonde-haired man, also in shorts, standing right at the rear of the wrecked car in the one spot that most of the crowd had detoured slightly.
She was sitting on the edge of the bed again, back in the same position where the snake had found her.
She had the opportunity that few clever women can resist, of showing her superiority in argument over a man.

She and hated
She hated bloodshed and conflict and went to great lengths to alter the Russian system of punishment, even outlawing capital punishment.
She hated the name Crawford, saying it sounded like " crawfish ".
She hated school and preferred to play alone.
" She attended Beverly Hills High School, which she later admitted she hated.
She died in 1964 having lived to see her son Duke of Marlborough, and frequently returning to Blenheim, the house she had hated and yet saved, albeit as the unwilling sacrifice.
She wrote that no one could see her, yet many hated her.
She has said of the honorific title, " I hated that because what if I don ’ t do that anymore?
She, her father Tokimasa, and her brother Yoshitoki created a council of regents for the eighteen-year-old Yoriie, but the headstrong shogun hated his mother's family and preferred his wife's family, the Hiki clan, and his father-in-law, Hiki Yoshikazu.
She hated Emperor Jing's sister Princess Liu Piao, because Princess Piao had often given her brother beautiful women as concubines, drawing Consort Li's jealousy.
She complies, and is freed from her hated spinning when the three tell the king that their hideous looks spring from their endless spinning.
She is disdainful of her brother's easygoing, untidy ways and has hated Snitter since she first met him.
She hated the rigidities of the master-disciple system where students were supposed to imbibe tradition through the sensei.
She and Lestat shared a special bond: they both were trapped in a place they hated and struggling endlessly to escape.
She loved it, but hated what it did to her thighs.
She converted to Catholicism, despite having hated the religion earlier in her life.
" She lived at the Warenne family estates, Conisbrough Castle and Sandal Castle, abandoned by her husband, who hated her and since 1313 had been trying to divorce her.
She also hated that her character had become a villain, but that is not the direct cause of her leaving the company.
The Watchband's second single was a commercial-sounding " Misty Lane ", released with an orchestrated ballad, " She Weaves a Tender Trap ", as its B-side, a choice that the band absolutely hated.
She is the hated sister of the Shi ' ar empress Lilandra Neramani, the mother of the Shi ' ar warrior, Deathcry, and constantly seeks to usurp her sister's throne.
The track peaked at # 36 in the UK Singles Chart in 1964. She reportedly hated the song claiming it was recorded " in three hours with the worst four musicians in Paris.
She may also have done this as she hated the boy.
She burnt herself to death with her hated husband.
She ’ s hated all the men I ’ ve ever been involved with.
She openly hated his swing style, refused to sing in a swinging way, and she was far too outspoken for his tastes.

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