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She and has
She has shared her husband's greatness, but only within the confines of their home ; ;
She has rarely been photographed with him and, except for Carl's seventy-fifth anniversary celebration in Chicago in 1953, she has not attended the dozens of banquets, functions, public appearances, and dinners honoring him -- all of this upon her insistence.
She has small, broad, capable hands and an enormous energy.
She has studied and observed and she is convinced that her young man is going to be endlessly enchanting.
She has the small, highly developed body of a prime athlete, and holds in contempt the `` girls who just move sex ''.
She has a pretty bad cold ''.
She hesitated, she hopped, she rolled and rocked, skipped and jumped, but in some two weeks she started to pace, From that time to this she has shown steady improvement and now looks like one of the classiest things on the grounds.
She has been acting as a prostitute.
She teamed up with another beauty, whose name has been lost to history, and commenced with some fiddling that would have made Nero envious.
She replied, `` I know of one man that has not been friendly with him.
`` She says she has to finish a story ''.
She gave a fine portrayal of Auntie Mame on Broadway in 1958 and has appeared in live television from `` Captain Brassbound's Conversion '' to `` Camille ''.
She has to have at least one car herself.
She is the most beautiful thing you ever laid eyes on, and her dancing has a feminine suavity, lightness, sparkle, and refinement which are simply incomparable.
) She has since turned to Bellini, whose opera `` Beatrice Di Tenda '' in a concert version with the American Opera Society introduced her to New York last season.
She has a good, firm delivery of songs and adds to the solid virtues of the evening.
She is just home from a sojourn in London where she has become the sweetheart of a young fellow named Ronnie ( we never do see him ) and has been subjected to a first course in thinking and appreciating, including a dose of good British socialism.
She also has a habit of constantly changing her hairstyle, and in every appearance by her much is made of the clothes and hats she wears.
She has a maid called Maria who prevents the public adoration from becoming too much of a burden on her employer, but does nothing to prevent her from becoming too much of a burden on others.
She has authored over fifty-six novels and she has a great dislike of people taking and modifying her story characters.
" She first met Poirot in the story Cards on the Table and has been bothering him ever since.
She also has a remarkable ability to latch onto a casual comment and connect it to the case at hand.

She and collaborated
She collaborated with producers Max Martin and Denniz Pop, who provided the singer with a gritty yet popular sound.
She organized and collaborated with civil rights leaders, including Edgar Nixon, president of the local chapter of the NAACP ; and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a new minister in town who gained national prominence in the civil rights movement.
She has also collaborated with Marius de Vries, who has worked with Björk.
She collaborated with novelist and playwright Michael Frayn on the BBC programmes Beyond a Joke ( 1972 ) and Making Faces ( 1975 ).
She collaborated with French group Indochine on their song " Le Grand Secret ", singing a duet in French with Nicola Sirkis, to great acclaim in France.
She collaborated again with director Robert Altman in what would prove to be his last film, A Prairie Home Companion, playing Rhonda Johnson, one half of a middle-aged Midwestern singing duo with Meryl Streep.
She also collaborated with Junkie XL for his 2003 album Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin.
She also collaborated on the album Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell, which earned a gold record certificate.
She and Renwick also collaborated on another comedy-drama, Love Soup, starring Tamsin Greig and transmitted on BBC One in the autumn of 2005.
She then collaborated with actress Neve Campbell on a screenplay named The Company ( 2003 ), about the inner workings of Chicago ’ s Joffrey Ballet, which was directed by her old friend Robert Altman.
She has also collaborated with dance artist Chicane for performing the vocals on the single " Saltwater ", which was also featured in the VisitScotland advertising campaign, as well as having been used by Fáilte Ireland to promote Ireland, and by Belfast city council, both in television adverts.
She collaborated with talented craftsman such as Jim Steinman and David Foster who helped her devise more adult contemporary songs.
She first collaborated on a screenplay for The Dark Angel, an earlier play and silent film.
She was married to fellow composer Hajime Mizoguchi, with whom she collaborated on the soundtracks for Please Save My Earth and The Vision of Escaflowne.
She also collaborated with Texas Music band, Cross Canadian Ragweed on their hit, " Sick and Tired " in 2004.
She has recorded extensively with this unusual instrument and has collaborated with such luminary figures as composer Pauline Oliveros, choreographer Deborah Hay, the Kronos Quartet, and Francis-Marie Uitti.
She consoled herself largely by recording a new album, enlisting Charlie Calello, with whom she had collaborated on Eli and the Thirteenth Confession.
She concluded that he was not an " agent " and that there is no evidence he collaborated with KGB.
She has collaborated with most major orchestras, including the New York Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic.
She received a Golden Globe Award for the music score to the film Gladiator, on which she collaborated with Hans Zimmer.
She next collaborated with the duo Secret Garden in recording the song " The Things You Are to Me " for their 2007 album, Inside I'm Singing.
She has collaborated with a number of other musicians, among them Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M ( with whom she performs as Cosmos ) and Utah Kawasaki ( with whom she makes up Astro Twin ).
She also collaborated with composers including Aaron Copland on Appalachian Spring, Louis Horst, Samuel Barber, William Schuman, Carlos Surinach, Norman Dello Joio, and Gian Carlo Menotti.
She collaborated with NewsRadio writer Joe Furey for a special, " Working with Joe Furey " featurette for Furey's film Love and Support.

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