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She and helped
She helped him with the dishes, then he brought more water in from the spring before it got dark.
She had helped him change his mind.
She helped with teaching as well as office work for a few years -- the catalogues show that she had classes in geography, rhetoric and bookkeeping.
She has consequently often credited her faith as having helped her overcome addictions and personal problems.
She made a public statement after her release, saying: " I would just like to thank the court for allowing me these 90 days ... helped me deal with a very gnarly drug problem, which is behind me ...
She helped Raymond of Capua write his biography of her daughter, and said, " I think God has laid my soul athwart in my body, so it can't get out.
She helped to instigate this debate by beginning to question the literary merits of Jean de Meun ’ s the Romance of the Rose.
She did this successfully by creating literary foremothers that helped her to formulate a female dialogue that celebrated women and their accomplishments.
She helped revise the Florida court system.
She provided him with a cabin for his own use and helped him with his writing-through organization, dictation, editing, and encouragement.
She also has helped with breast cancer awareness ; in September 2008 she participated in the Stand Up to Cancer telethon, to help raise funds to accelerate cancer research.
She helped Henry Fonda begin his acting career and fueled her son Marlon's interest in stage acting.
She helped him on his mission and then returned to DS9 with him.
She has said of the ordeal, " My deepest passion was music and it helped.
She was eventually rescued and she later helped defeat Cyberiad.
She had studied chemistry at Oberlin College, helped with the experiments, took laboratory notes and gave business advice to Charles.
She later helped John Brown recruit men for his raid on Harpers Ferry, and in the post-war era struggled for women's suffrage.
She also helped companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Macys with their management departments.
She has been credited with saving his life by stopping his heavy drinking, and helped to salvage his career.
She was too grief-stricken to join in the procession and during the funeral her relatives helped her to walk.
She helped the R & B trio Blaque to secure a record deal with Columbia Records.
She helped to popularise the practice of variolation ( an early type of immunisation ), which had been witnessed by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and Charles Maitland in Constantinople.
She performed three of the songs at the 1969 Woodstock Festival, helped to bring the songs of Bob Dylan to national prominence, and has displayed a lifelong commitment to political and social activism in the fields of nonviolence, civil rights, human rights and the environment.
She upset Arantxa Sánchez Vicario at the Chase Championships by serving her all love games, then helped the United States win the 2000 Fed Cup over Spain.
She thought a change of wet-nurse and over-feeding may not have helped.

She and resolve
She tried to convince Belldandy to return to Heaven to resolve the bug problem and at the same time with the ulterior motive of alleviating her loneliness.
According to court testimony by Ma Ava ( Ava Avalos ), a prominent disciple, Sheela played associates a tape recording of a meeting she had had with Osho about the " need to kill people " in order to strengthen wavering sannyasins resolve in participating in her murderous plots: " She came back to the meeting and [...] began to play the tape.
She is a good wife to Francis and helps him resolve troublesome situations.
) She is now left alone with the children, aided by Li ( Burt Kwouk ), the former leader of the prison revolt that she helped to resolve.
She is also informed that the wrinkles at the bottom of the vertical limb of the scar usually resolve and fade within 1 – 6 months post-operative ; yet some cases might require surgical revision of the vertical scar.
She is usually the active participant of the contact between the protagonist of folk tales and the mystical world, serving as a guide or giving the hero a task to test his valor and resolve.
She leads the order with an iron resolve, making sure the New York Branch Office runs as smooth as clockwork.
She watched how silverback male gorillas cared for their families and paternally intervened to resolve conflicts, thereby setting the tone for community behavior.
She does come back to help harden Lapis's resolve with a chilling prophecy given in a trance state.
She kept her resolve for four or five years.
She hires him to resolve an unpleasant matter of drug trafficking involving the Rug Ball Federation at the Rand Stadium.
She uses Harry's famous " ledgers ", a cache of books detailing all his robberies over the years, to find the details of the failed robbery, and, enlisting the help of a fourth woman, Bella O ' Reilly ( Eva Mottley ), they resolve to pull off the raid themselves.
She argues Kapp failed to resolve the issue of whether section 25 is only applied when the Charter is violated, or if applies earlier, when a Charter challenge is raised.

She and strike
She warned that the perpetrators of the violence could strike at the Gauteng train system.
She also helped make history when she intervened in the Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968, in which the women of the Dagenham Ford Plant demanded to be paid the same as their male counterparts.
She began in politics by organizing a general strike ; this resulted in four of its leaders being put to death and the party being disbanded, though remaining members, Luxemburg among them, met in secret.
She had been campaigning for Stewart to be her leading man and the studio complied for fear that she would stage a threatened strike.
She stated that “ the child labor law is better enforced for one thing and there are more men at work than seen in the mills here .” In response to the strike, mill owners also divulged their side of the story.
She does this to the boomers in storage in the central AD Police station, when the AD Police were on strike due to Genom cutting all funding and plans for the AD Police to be reintegrated since Genoms plans were complete, eventually causing almost every boomer in Tokyo to be under her control, warping all buildings in Tokyo which had machinery present and leading to the evacuation of Tokyo, which is also isolated from the rest of the country so that there is no power available to the boomers.
She led a strike by the Radio City Rockettes.
She was also a strong supporter of the Actors ' Equity Association and had a high-profile role in the 1919 strike.
She acted with Second City and Theatresports, and worked as a puppeteer on the children's series Fraggle Rock before deciding to strike out on her own.
She would go on to support numerous strikes including the Bryant & May strike of 1888 and the London Dock Strike of 1889.
She gets a job with an aristocratic woman, Mrs. Benson, nearby and eventually comes across Davis leading a Black strike.
She had found the experience demeaning: she had received few opportunities to fly ; male pilots ignored her or made her uncomfortable in the cockpit, had threatened to strike, and had voted to deny her membership in the Air Lines Pilot Association ; and the Bureau of Air Commerce had ordered her grounded in bad weather and had backed the pilots unions request that the airline limit her to three flights per month.
Undaunted by numerous enemy escort vessels and desperately severe anti-submarine measures, the USS TRIGGER skillfully penetrated convoy screens to reach her targets ... She pressed home daring attackes to leave four freighers and a destroyer a mass of smoke and weakage ... After seventeen hours of skillful evasion, to resurface and strike again at the enemy ...
She was also responsible for the development of the nation's strategic war plan, strategic support plans for theater combatant commanders and contingency planning for the global strike mission.
She recently supported the WGA strike.
She assures them of the Tok ' ra's innocence, but the Trust strike again with a symbiote poison attack, killing Zarin.
She became pregnant again, but tragedy would strike when it was discovered the pregnancy was ectopic.
She had taken up singing during an actors strike in the early 1960s.
She was there when an anti-mutant strike broke out.
She was pressured by her stepfather to marry a much older man, but was encouraged by her grandmother to strike out on her own.
She also served a useful purpose during the seamen's strike in the 1960s when she ventured out into the estuary to assist vessels held at anchor there waiting the strike to end.
She can strike with superhuman force by surrounding her fists with kinetic energy.
She also appeared as one of the boarding school girls who organise a strike against the Ministry of Education in The Wildcats of St. Trinian's ( 1980 ).

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