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She and internalized
She was a practical young woman who had internalized the materialism of the United States in the 1920s and therefore equated culture with cold cash and tangible assets.
She remembers black nuns who told her ' Act your age, not your color ' because of the then internalized views in society concerning black people.
She was also unable to fully deal with her internalized homophobia and regretted that she never knew her birth parents.

She and every
She would return this symbol to the mountain, as one pours seed back into the soil every Spring or as ancient fertility cults demand annual human sacrifice.
She finds married life stifling and every prolonged sex relationship unbearably monotonous.
She wore grey every day, and white every evening.
She played with style and a touch of the grand manner, and every piece she performed was especially effective in its closing measures.
She also has a habit of constantly changing her hairstyle, and in every appearance by her much is made of the clothes and hats she wears.
She ends up hitting every batter at the plate ( or " beaning " them ) and goes down as the worst pitcher in history.
" She summed up her driving work ethic, " I can say this: When I attempt anything, I have a passionate determination to overcome every obstacle … And I do my own work with a refusal to accept defeat that might almost be called painful.
She still sings in her mother's choir every Christmas at midnight Mass, at St. Mary's Church.
She, like Menken, had a fiery temper and, like every other Bogart spouse, was an actress.
She and Todd are obsessed with transforming their bodies into perfect " machines " by going to the gym every day and taking protein pills and drinks.
" Further he elaborates ," She is an exemplary dancer. From Kathak to Dhak Dhak, she's done it all and wowed us every step of the way.
Barbara Walters said of her, " She has served every day for eight long years the word ' style.
America sees the absurdities -- she sees the kingdoms of Europe, disturbed by wrangling sectaries, or their commerce, population and improvements of every kind cramped and retarded, because the human mind like the body is fettered ' and bound fast by the chords of policy and superstition ': She laughs at their folly and shuns their errors: She founds her empire upon the idea of universal toleration: She admits all religions into her bosom ; She secures the sacred rights of every individual ; and ( astonishing absurdity to Europeans!
She and Marshall had been unable to have children, and when she brought the baby home, Marshall told her that she could " keep him, provided he did not squall ..." Marshall grew to love the boy and wrote that he " never walked the streets of Washington with as sure a certainty as he walked into my heart ", and, as the boy grew older, that he was " beautiful as an angel ; brilliant beyond his years ; lovable from every standpoint.
She was given a ballroom studio with the premise that she would sing in the lobby every Saturday.
She arranged every aspect of what, in later years, became a very lucrative speaking career.
She has appeared on Peoples annual list of The Most Beautiful every year since 1995, and came in at # 1 in 2004.

She and emotion
She daubed at her swimming eyes with a lacy handkerchief and said with obvious emotion: `` That poor boy!!
She returned to the library in California for a sunset memorial service and interment, where, overcome with emotion, she lost her composure, crying in public for the first time during the week.
She described it as her first " off-screen death scene ", and worked to correctly convey the emotion involved.
She was brought up in a laboratory-like school and educated in a manner that imparted knowledge without unnecessary information, such as emotion or communication with others.
Her manager later said, " She normally doesn ’ t show so much emotion for an award that I was taken aback.
She introduces herself as Lime, embracing the dumbfounded boy with a laugh and revealing an unprecedented ability to express emotion.
She displays a depth of emotion that runs from Pop music to the richly-woven tapestries of Classical.
She tells him that " it's a beautiful day, the perfect day for a Sunday drive " and, barely holding back emotion, tells him that if he is going to leave he must do so now.
She writes on public spheres as affect worlds, where affect and emotion lead the way for belonging ahead of the modes of rational or deliberative thought ( Habermas ) that attach strangers to each other and shape the terms of the state-civil society relation.
She is also numbed from emotion, pain and empathy, impervious to cold, and resistant to heat in this form.
She eventually becomes irritated at Ari's lack of emotion towards violent deaths, but comes to understand and accept his dedication to Israel.
She is incapable of emotion, speaks in a monotone voice, and interprets most commands literally.
She is also trained in playing the veena, and has a good command over Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil, which helps her sing with greater understanding or artha bhava ( meaning and emotion ).
She appeared at the 24th episode of the first season, and the story was equal to the story told on the album: When Tabaluga saw Lilly for the first time, he immediately had a strange but wonderful emotion he couldn ` t explain to himself-all he could think or dream about was Lilly.
She is a radical and does not appeal much to her emotion but, focuses solely on facts as they are presented to her.
Yearwood says, " She had a power and an emotion in her voice that made you believe every word she sang.
She stated, "" I always select music based on emotion, how it makes me feel, even before I made records.
She has also helped explain human life and emotion to the alien Silver Surfer.
* La Belle: She reflects all human emotion, the soul of Saltimbanco.
She thinks a lot more about the texture and emotion behind a piece, rather than what you would see just by looking at or hearing it.
She fell passionately in love with Arnold II of Guînes, and tried as hard as she could to seduce him ; or rather, with typical feminine fickleness and deception she feigned that emotion.
" She claimed that the facial exercises used to overcome the paralysis taught her how to convey human emotion.
She finds herself scarcely able to control how much emotion she is receiving or projecting, and she is afraid to ask Kris for help.
She made these vows with great emotion and joy.
She is shocked when Michael returns to see his son, and upset when he shows no emotion at learning that he died.

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