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She and is
Meredith was irritated when the Grafin knocked at his door and told him, `` She is a great beauty!!
She said, `` My name is Songau and these girls are Ponkob and Piwen.
She, too, is concerned with `` the becoming, the process of realization '', but she does not think in terms of subtle variations of spatial or temporal patterns.
She was exposing herself to temptation which it is best to avoid where it can consistently be done.
She is not only a trained mathematician and Classicist, but a good architect.
She had stood at the bottom of the stairs, as usual, when Mrs. Coolidge came down, in the same dress that is now in the Smithsonian, to greet her guests.
She has studied and observed and she is convinced that her young man is going to be endlessly enchanting.
She is an aggressive, nervous child.
She said, `` My dear, do you know what Kent House is ''??
She is owned by Ralph H. Kroening, Milwaukee, Wis., who, according to the railbirds, can feel justly proud of her.
She is more like her full brother, Taraday Hanover, but larger.
She is a beautiful filly and likes to trot.
She told the sheep, ' The world is coming to an end '!!
`` She really is a dear little thing '', my mother agreed.
She later divorced Graham, who is believed to have moved to Bolivia.
She is a regular stub and twister, double geered.
She is well-educated and refined, all wildcat and fur, and Union from the muzzle to the crupper ''.
She is even prone to regard the college girl as immature.
She didn't like her stepmother, but nothing is known to have occurred shortly before the crime that could have caused such a murderous rage.
She may well be incapacitated by it when she is confronted with present and future alternatives -- e.g., whether to prepare primarily for a career or for the role of a homemaker ; ;
She said, `` Barney, why is he keeping me here ''??
She mumbled, `` I just know that Chief Moore is out to kill my Tim ''!!
She sees that there is a cup of steaming hot coffee awaiting him and the two chat informally as she presents the rules of the center and explains procedures.
She is in Madame Tussard's Waxworks in London, a princess of the Kiowa tribe and an honorary colonel in many states.

She and presented
She presented the character as a bold and eccentric old lady, different from the prim and birdlike character Christie created in her novels.
She was then presented for the people's acceptance, amidst a deafening noise of organs, fifes, trumpets, drums, and bells.
She was awarded the Bent Spoon Award by Australian Skeptics in 2000 (" presented to the perpetrator of the most preposterous piece of paranormal or pseudoscientific piffle ").
She has presented this modification as a gift to the android, hoping to obtain his encryption codes to the Enterprise computer.
She was presented with the 2002 Raúl Juliá Award for Excellence for her efforts, as the executive producer of the sitcom George Lopez, in helping expand career openings for Hispanic talent in the media and entertainment industry.
She had lived a sad life to this point ; conceived as an attempt to reincarnate her short-lived brother, for the first few years of her life, she was presented as her mother's adopted niece.
She presented Federico Fellini with his Honorary Oscar.
She presented Philip with three sons, for whom she had ambitions of securing Italian crowns.
She presented the North End in Boston, Massachusetts, as an idealization of this persistent occupation and tasking in a condensed city space, as a model for criminal control.
She had presented confusing testimony and he recalled her to the stand to answer his questions, much to the dismay and objections of the prosecution.
She had some appearances in Mickey Mouse Works ( 1999 ), where she is presented as Daisy Duck's neighbor.
She is also sometimes described, as Karl Kerenyi noted, in archaic vase-painting, with a pair of echidnas performing sacred rites in a vineyard, while on the opposite side of the vessel, goats were attacking the vines: thus chthonic Echidnae are presented as protectors of the vineyard.
She presented the children of Melanippe to her husband, as if they were her own.
She is often presented as the female complement of the Sun ( Sol ) conceived of as a god.
She was Curtiz's helper whenever his need to deal with scripts or other elements went beyond his grasp of English, and he often phoned her for advice when presented with a problem while filming.
She put them in a bowl and carried this to the men's lodge, and presented it to Igaluk, saying " If you enjoy me so much, then eat these ," and ran away out the door, grabbing a torch as she went.
She presented her flag to a Volunteer Georgia Battalion, who went to Texas in 1835 to assist Texans in their fight for independence.
While scenes for Murder, She Wrote were being filmed in Mendocino, residents say that it was not uncommon to see Angela Lansbury, who played Jessica Fletcher, stop to speak with a toddler, or for Tom Bosley to sign his autograph on a Glad Bag box presented by a shopper stepping out of the local grocery store.
She was the second recipient of the Hanno R. Ellenbogen Citizenship Award presented by the Prague Society for International Cooperation.
" She attributes the solution presented " as an archetypal pattern or image.
She reveals that he fell in love with an 18-year old American girl on board ship ( when Juliette was not present ), and then presented Juliette with his ideas for an open marriage: " What Julian really wanted was ... a definite freedom from the conventional bonds of marriage.
She was a nominee for the latter again in 2003 and was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the CFDA in 2004.
She then presented a rocket launcher which she promptly ' fired ' destroying a television camera.
She was so attracted by the town of Bötzow, that her husband presented the entire region to her.

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