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She and joined
She had run away from home, intent on making a career in dance, and aged 18 joined the chorus line at the London Palladium.
She joined the Maenads disregarding her pregnancy, and got into labor when she was dragging a sacrificial bull by the horns.
She began her musical career in 1980, when she briefly joined her family band Clannad before leaving to perform solo.
She was joined by her sister Lydia who shared an apartment with her.
She also joined the Literary Club and had two stories published in the yearbook: Little Sister and Sergeant Terry.
" She joined his band in 1941 and stayed for two years.
She also joined the Pep Club, the National Honor Society, National FFA Organization and Paperdoll Queen.
She then began dating Kevin Gilbert and joined him in an ad hoc group of musicians known to everyone in the group as the " Tuesday Music Club.
She joined Olivier for a European tour with Titus Andronicus, but the tour was marred by Leigh's frequent outbursts against Olivier and other members of the company.
She also joined Temple's summer program at Tennessee State and trained regularly and raced with his Tigerbelles for two years.
She joined her first band " The Changing Times " while attending Arcadia High School in Arcadia, California.
She was attending a high school party and saw Buckingham playing " California Dreamin '", and joined in with the harmony.
She has spoken of being embarrassed about handing President Bill Clinton a silenced tambourine when he joined Fleetwood Mac on stage.
She was joined by guitarist Marc Ribot and percussionist Jay Bellerose.
She was joined there by her daughter, Edith of Wilton, who lived there as a nun until her death.
She is soon joined by Freder and Josaphat, who help her rescue the children and escape to the upper levels of the city via an escape ladder.
She also joined the choir in the finale of " O Holy Night ". Joan Baez concert in Dresden, Germany, July 2008
She first aligned with Sean and Vecepia who readily joined her.
She introduced him to Transactional Analysis therapists and joined him in meditation twice a day, ( given to him by Harriet Levy ), and cooked him a macrobiotic diet.
She joined Earth First!
She also joined Earth First!
She also joined a host of distinguished comedy stars, including Ian Carmichael and Peter Sellers, in the Boulting Brothers ' satire I'm All Right Jack ( 1959 ).
" She joined the literary circles of New York and Boston and made the acquaintance of local lights on the lecture circuit, such as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, a book whose anti-slavery message Leonowens had brought to the attention of the royal household.
She soon became involved with the suffrage movement and joined her mother at speaking events.
She joined Warner Bros. in 1932 and established her career with several critically acclaimed performances.

She and de
She had, of course, been exposed to and enjoyed a music appreciation course which had included the better known classical works such as `` Tristan und Isolde '', `` Candide '', `` Oklahoma '', `` Nozze de Figaro '', the atomic age singers, Eileen Farrell, Elvis Presley and Geraldine Todd, as well as the curious rhythmic progressions of the Venusians, Capellan visual chromatics and the sonic concerti of the Altairians.
She has been made the heroine of a tragedy by François Ponsard, Agnès de Méranie, and of an opera by Vincenzo Bellini, La straniera.
She spent two years in France, where she worked for Anne Willan, the founder of Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne.
She was the subject of Simone de Beauvoir's 1959 essay, The Lolita Syndrome, which described Bardot as a " locomotive of women's history " and built upon existentialist themes to declare her the first and most liberated woman of post-war France.
She was 16 and he was 35, meaning Chaplin could have been charged with de facto rape under California law.
She would eventually become the de facto ruler of the Manchu Qing Dynasty in China for 47 years after her son's death.
She was the daughter of Tommaso di Benvenuto da Pizzano ( Thomas de Pizan ; named for the family's origins in the town of Pizzano, south east of Bologna ), a physician, court astrologer, and Councillor of the Republic of Venice.
She helped to instigate this debate by beginning to question the literary merits of Jean de Meun ’ s the Romance of the Rose.
She begins by claiming that her opponent was an “ expert in rhetoric ” as compared to herself “ a woman ignorant of subtle understanding and agile sentiment .” In this particular apologetic response, de Pizan belittles her own style.
She was the patroness of such literary figures as Wace, Benoît de Sainte-Maure, and Bernart de Ventadorn.
She decided to stay in Geneva alone, living first on the lake at Plongeon ( near the present United Nations buildings ) and then at the Rue de Chanoines ( now the Rue de la Pelisserie ) with François and Juliet d ’ Albert Durade on the second floor (" one feels in a downy nest high up in a good old tree ").
She married Herbert FitzHerbert, son of Herbert ' the Chamberlain ' of Winchester and Emma de Blois.
She returned the following January and gained support from two men of standing: Jean de Metz and Bertrand de Poulengy.
She also played the lead role in the first production in English of Federico Garcia Lorca's The House of Bernarda Alba, at the ANTA Playhouse in New York in 1951, and a BBC production of Lorca's Blood wedding ( Bodas de sangre ), broadcast on June 2, 1959.
She worked as a guest artist with Roland Petit's Le Ballet National de Marseilles, the Bolshoi Ballet, the London Festival Ballet, the Paris Opera Ballet, the Hamburg Ballet, the Vienna State Opera Ballet, and the Eliot Feld Ballet.
She was survived by her son don Martín, who would be raised primarily by his father's family, and a daughter doña María who would be raised by Jaramillo and his second wife doña Beatriz de Andrada.
She was defeated and killed by an army commanded by Maurice de Londres of Oystermouth Castle.
" And American University's Gray records,She also published in Annales de chimie et de physique an examination of principles which led to the discovery of the laws of equilibrium and movement of elastic solids.
She has also collaborated with Marius de Vries, who has worked with Björk.
She and Olivia de Havilland secretly met with Cukor at night and on weekends for his advice about how they should play their parts.
She befriended Clark Gable, his wife Carole Lombard and Olivia de Havilland ; but she clashed with Leslie Howard, with whom she was required to play several emotional scenes.

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