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Page "Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma" ¶ 22
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She and kept
She munched little ginger cakes called mulatto's belly and kept her green, somewhat hypnotic eyes fixed on a light-colored male who was prancing wildly with a 5-foot king snake wrapped around his bronze neck.
She kept the dolls on the Lincoln bed.
She had made curtains for all the windows of her little house, and she had kept it spotless and neat, shabby as it was, and cooked good meals for Bobby Joe.
She went in to get the hamburgers, and I switched on the device again and kept the signal from Dowling's car coming in steady and clear until I saw her starting back with the hamburgers.
She kept repeating.
She came home afterward with the necklace and kept silent as if nothing happened.
She was said to have had red hair kept in curls, blue eyes, and fair skin and she was very beautiful, intelligent, charming, desirable, elegant, friendly, and gentle, but she was considered to be insane.
She did not ally herself with Eakins ' ardent student supporters, and later wrote, " A curious instinct of self-preservation kept me outside the magic circle.
Even though it might have cost me a lot of money, I kept saying no .” She eventually found a publisher who agreed to print the book containing only 10 % of the material.
She was a Protestant, but kept Catholic symbols ( such as the crucifix ), and downplayed the role of sermons in defiance of a key Protestant belief.
She also used to explore the forests when she was a little girl and wrote of her dreams in a notebook kept by her bedside.
She kept 17 others under seal.
She said she was kept naked in a suicide watch cell and given cold showers and that Reno visited her late at night in pursuit of her confession and damning testimony.
She kept both on her bookshelf even as an adult and gave them as gifts.
She then overcomes the four challenges of the We before entering the final temple where the Heart of the We is kept.
" She kept silent out of respect for her father and denies that the two had agreed that she would not reveal her connection to Thurmond.
I didn't relate to Sharon Tate as being anything but a store mannequin ... sounded just like an IBM machine ... She kept begging and pleading and pleading and begging, and I got sick of listening to her, so I stabbed her.
She kept greyhounds, and she may have enjoyed hunting and archery.
When she got into the band, she was dedicated to her music …. She was a lonely girl around New York, just kept herself to herself, for the gig.
She has changed her premarital surname and kept it for life because she thinks daughters should take their mother's surnames and keep them after their marriage.
She and her father determined that the weather was too rough for the lifeboat to put out from Seahouses ( then North Sunderland ), so they took a rowing boat ( a 21 ft, 4-man Northumberland coble ) across to the survivors, taking a long route that kept to the lee side of the islands, a distance of nearly a mile.
She picked up the pace quickly, but was unable to shake off Gardner, who kept close until the finish line, and the two finished almost simultaneously.
She was playing with a rose on the table, and Bogdanovich kept expecting the rose to keel over and collapse ; he recognised in that gesture the way Jacy Farrow plays with guys in the movie, and this convinced him that he had found Jacy.
She heads for the treasury where Ged is kept prisoner, and in her desperation, confesses everything to him.

She and touch
She had jumped away from his shy touch like a cat confronted by a sidewinder.
She did not touch him.
Typical touch: She sold a $10,000 morning light mink to Sportsman Freddie Wacker for his frau, Jana Mason, also an ex-singer.
She played with style and a touch of the grand manner, and every piece she performed was especially effective in its closing measures.
She had to hurdle a barbecue pit to touch Lady Bird Johnson, she accidentally knocked Pat Nixon down, and Nancy Reagan told her to get out of her face or she'd have her arrested.
She learned to " hear " people's speech by reading their lips with her hands — her sense of touch had become extremely subtle.
" She puts a touch of rouge on her own and on her child ’ s cheeks and then, as Suzuki does her hair, asks her, " What will they say?
" She believes they both used fake names and she doesn't know how to get in touch with him or even what he looks like.
She perpetually keeps in touch with President Skroob via Videophones on various walls, surprising him when he is in bed with twin young women, and even when he is in the bathroom.
She hears voices and seems so out of touch with reality that she doesn ’ t recognize her husband Robert ( Mark Stevens ).
She can ’ t sleep and loses touch with reality, as she feels it ’ s November and snaps when Robert corrects her.
She was also attributed with a wide range of powers over snakes, including the power to kill snakes with a touch.
General Leigh Wade flew with Earhart in 1929: " She was a born flier, with a delicate touch on the stick.
She and her sisters where brought up to marry in to the aristocracy ; a trip on the continent in 1821-22 was the finishing touch of her upbringing before her social debut.
And never touch pen, brush or pencil as long as you live .” She tried for a few months to follow Mitchell's advice, but her depression deepened, and Gilman came perilously close to a full emotional collapse.
She kept in touch with her large extended Hemings family, still enslaved at Monticello, and aided her children there.
She has a soft and attractive voice with a " touch of Irish lilt when she is merry ".
She kept in touch with him until 1999, three years before his death.
She can touch your lobes, but never your latinum.
" Despite earlier clashes, Michael Grade said of her: " She was very witty, she was a great debater, she was very courageous and she had a very sincere view, but it was out of touch entirely with the real world.
Writing for the New York Times, Ralph Thompson states, “ the normal life of Negroes in the South today – the life with its holdovers from slave times, its social difficulties, childish excitements, and endless exuberances … compared to this sort of story, the ordinary narratives of Negroes in Harlem or Birmingham seem ordinary indeed .” For the New York Herald Tribune, Sheila Hibben described Hurston as writing “ with her head as with her heart ” creating a “ warm, vibrant touch .” She praised Their Eyes as filled with “ a flashing, gleaming riot of black people, with a limitless sense of humor, and a wild, strange sadness .” New York Times critic Lucille Tompkins described Their Eyes, “ It is about Negroes … but really it is about every one, or at least every one who isn ’ t so civilized that he has lost the capacity for glory .”
Her direct physical senses were deadened, and Norma no longer cared about taste, touch, or smell ... She found it remarkable to see webbing between her fingers and toes.
She reportedly tried to " out " Cary Grant and Randolph Scott as gay lovers, but Grant was too big a star even for her to touch.
She notices when the children's hands touch, they create a wave of purple energy.

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