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Page "learned" ¶ 524
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

She and looked
She had reached a point at which she didn't even care how she looked.
She looked around.
She looked at him, lips compressed.
She looked more like twenty-five or six.
She set the dipper on the edge of the deck, leaving it for him to stretch after it while she looked on scornfully.
She looked down at her hands, too.
She looked up and saw that, without knowing it, Mrs. Coolidge was holding it aloft.
She looked at him in surprise.
She looked back toward the schoolroom.
She looked at the girl speculatively from eyes which had paled with the years ; ;
She felt the look and looked back because she could not help it, seeing that he was neither as old nor as thick as she had at first believed.
She looked mighty interested, though.
She looked at him impudently over the corner of the paper.
She it was who had looked to see if I was wearing shoes upon learning that I couldn't drive.
She must have looked temptingly pretty to the dean as he put the crown on her head.
She looked at me provocatively.
She looked around, self-consciously.
She certainly looked Japanese, and perhaps she could not really blame the young men.
She looked crestfallen, as if he had somehow disappointed the whole human race.
She looked well-fed and prosperous, but he didn't get the impression he was being propositioned the way he'd been hoping.
She looked out at the corn field, the great green deep acres of it rolled out like the sea in the field beyond the whitewashed fence bordering the grounds.
She looked as if she were accusing me of some fraud.
She looked about sixty, though I recalled that the chart gave her age as forty-four.
She looked good, with her short tousled hair and no make-up.

She and confused
She managed a missionary drive for the church once and got the books so confused that old Mr. Webber, the eldest elder, who'd never donated more than five dollars to anything, had to cough up five hundred dollars to avoid a scandal in what Edythe called `` the bosoms of the church ''.
" She gives the example of Hamlet's advice to Ophelia, " get thee to a nunnery ", which is simultaneously a reference to a place of chastity and a slang term for a brothel, reflecting Hamlet's confused feelings about female sexuality.
She needs to feed from the energy from his optic blasts, and confused by Jean's emotions thinks she's in love with Scott.
She often was confused with ( and later was absorbed by ) their primal snake goddess Wadjet, the Egyptian cobra, who from the earliest of records was the patron and protector of the country, all other deities, and the pharaohs.
She is confused when Cadmus does not delight in her trophy, his face contorting in horror.
She is sometimes confused with Aella the Amazon.
She is later confused with Chryseis and it is under variations of that name that the character is developed further, becoming Shakespeare's Cressida.
She is often confused with Bechuma of the Fair Skin.
She lived about sixty years later than Helena of Constantinople, the mother of Constantine the Great with whom she has, in times past, been confused.
She should not be confused, however, with a different Orisha of a similar name spelled " Osun ," who is the protector of the Ori, or our heads and inner souls.
She keeps Wilfred busy until her father returns the keys, which she returns to Wilfred's belt, and leaves the confused and hopeful jailer to his fantasies of marrying her.
She still felt confused about her role as a woman, though.
She had at least two brothers and a sister named Malissa, with whom Gertrude was later confused in some sources.
She is not to be confused with her niece, Clodia Pulchra, who was briefly married to Octavian.
( She often confused the issue by saying she was born in 1931 or 1933, and most sources report these years, but there is documentary evidence for a 1928 year of birth.
" She was, however, confused even on the nature of the orders.
She is often confused with the Red Queen from the sequel, Through the Looking-Glass, although the two are very different.
She tries to run away from her celebrity status and start anew, with a more simple life alongside Hikaru, who is now more confused than ever in defining his feelings for Minmay and Misa Hayase ; all of this while new conflicts arise between the human and Zentradi survivors of the first war.
She is confused until she realizes that, being a time traveller, he will sacrifice himself much later in his future, even though it was just a little while ago in hers.
She is not to be confused with Anne Sheridan ( 1908 – 2008 ), another actress, who performed in silent films of the 1920s.
She leaves her pocket book with all of her identification ; she tells a sleeping Brandy that since Shane is still confused about what he wants out of life, he can have the only thing she has left, her identity.
" She does get a bra and is excited but also confused about growing up.
She realized that the change confused the audience, and that " nobody was buying it ".
She is hyper, and when she gets hurt, angry or confused her favorite catch-phrase is, “ Unyah ~!” Is the real sister of Minamo and Wakaba.

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