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Page "humor" ¶ 197
from Brown Corpus
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She and made
She had touched her face, truly a noble and pure face, only with a lip salve which made her lips glisten but no redder than usual.
She just about made me carry her upstairs and then she clung to me and wouldn't let me go.
She stood up, smoothing her hair down, straightening her clothes, feeling a thankfulness for the enveloping darkness outside, and, above everything else, for the absence of the need to answer, to respond, to be aware even of Stowey coming in or going out, and yet, now that she was beginning to cook, she glimpsed a future without him, a future alone like this, and the pain made her head writhe, and in a moment she found it hard to wait for Lucretia to come with her guests.
She had made curtains for all the windows of her little house, and she had kept it spotless and neat, shabby as it was, and cooked good meals for Bobby Joe.
She made him sad some days, and he was never sure why ; ;
She had talked to him right there, with the hot sun in his face, which made him sweat and feel ashamed.
She had been moving in cafe society as Lady Diana Harrington, a name that made some of the gossip columns.
She teamed up with another beauty, whose name has been lost to history, and commenced with some fiddling that would have made Nero envious.
She spoke also with deep thankfulness of the many individuals and agencies whose interest and efforts through the years had made the work so fruitful in results.
She had reason to change the one she made right after Mr. Meeker's death.
She made a face at him and then she laughed.
She was thinking of Paul a few weeks ago, in the Easter holidays, with her at one of those awful Friday Evening Dancing Class parties her mother had made her attend.
She made better pictures than any book he'd read, but he didn't say so.
She made me welcome.
She felt, and said, that sympathy only made people feel sorry for themselves ; ;
The Irish were gay but made trouble in the house ; the English were of all kinds " She proposes this, after the fact, knowing the chosen Charlotte lasts decades.
She also has a habit of constantly changing her hairstyle, and in every appearance by her much is made of the clothes and hats she wears.
She has been made the heroine of a tragedy by François Ponsard, Agnès de Méranie, and of an opera by Vincenzo Bellini, La straniera.
She became a national figure in 1991 when she alleged that U. S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas had made harassing sexual statements when he was her supervisor at the U. S. Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
She testified that after leaving the EEOC, she had had two " inconsequential " phone conversations with Thomas, and had seen him personally on two occasions ; once to get a job reference and the second time when he made a public appearance in Oklahoma where she was teaching.
She made sure that Abd ar-Rahman's education was conducted with some rigorousness.
She was beloved by two gods, Hermes and Apollo, and boasted that she was prettier than Artemis because she made two gods fall in love with her at once.
She made substantial contributions to the PBS documentary series Cosmos and was the third wife of the late Carl Sagan.
She finds favor in the king's eyes, and is made his new queen.

She and General
She would later advise her confessor and biographer, the Blessed Raymond of Capua, O. P., ( who went on to become Master General of the Order ) to do during times of trouble what she did now as a teenager: " Build a cell inside your mind, from which you can never flee.
She served three terms as Prime Minister of Norway ( 1981, 1986 – 89, 1990 – 96 ), and has served as the Director General of the World Health Organization.
She was the first female Attorney General and the second longest serving Attorney General after William Wirt.
She meets Domin, the General Manager of R. U. R., who tells her the history of the company.
She advances Rawdon's interests tirelessly, flirting with men such as General Tufto and the Marquis of Steyne in order to get him promoted.
She sometimes makes the mistake of applying Gothic novels to real life situations ; for example, later in the novel she begins to suspect General Tilney of having murdered his deceased wife.
She was given a pass by General William Hammond to ride in army ambulances to provide comfort to the soldiers and nurse them back to health and lobbied the U. S. Army bureaucracy, at first without success, to bring her own medical supplies to the battlefields.
She dropped out of high school, but later earned a General Educational Development ( GED ) with her aunt's help.
She was born in Wales, the daughter of army officer William Degacher ( 1841 – 1879 ) by his marriage to Julia Caroline Smith, the daughter of Lieutenant General James Webber Smith.
She publicly endorsed General Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War and admired Vichy leader Marshal Philippe Pétain, translating some of the latter's speeches into English.
She was travelling in the second of two carriages on the way to the Opéra alongside her daughter, Hortense, pregnant sister-in-law, Caroline Murat, and General Rapp.
She was flanked on horseback by her Lieutenant General the Earl of Leicester on the right, and on the left by the Earl of Essex, her Master of the Horse.
General Leigh Wade flew with Earhart in 1929: " She was a born flier, with a delicate touch on the stick.
She assumed the rank of General and the mantle of International Leadership at 00: 01hrs on 2 April 2011.
Helen Timmons Henderson ( 1877 – 1925 ) helped participate in the work of the Buchanan Mission School at Council, Va. She and Sarah Lee Fain ( 1888 – 1962 ) of Norfolk became the first two women to be elected into the Virginia General Assembly.
She first voiced Nelson in the episode " Bart the General " ( season one, 1990 ).
She was personally acquainted with prominent men and women of pioneer days and named one of her children after General Sam Houston in memory of his victory at San Jacinto.
She was the paternal granddaughter of Nathaneal Bland ( d. 1760 ), Vicar General of Ardfert and Agadhoe, and Judge of the Prerogative Court of Dublin, Ireland, and his wife Lucy ( née Heaton ).
She was elected MP for the Pontefract and Castleford constituency at the 1997 General Election succeeding the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Geoff Lofthouse, who retired as then MP.
" In the state in which they were left by the General, to be free at her death, she did not feel as tho her Life was safe in their Hands, many of whom would be told that it was their interest to get rid of her – She therefore was advised to set them all free at the close of the year .–" ( A.
She was employed at the Carboloy Products Division of General Electric throughout much of DeLorean's early life.
She was released after a year in jail when neither the FBI nor General Douglas MacArthur's staff found any evidence she had aided the Japanese Axis forces.
She was appointed to the frontbench by Charles Kennedy after the 2001 General Election as the party's spokeswoman on women's issues and older people from 2001, with a seat in the Liberal Democrat Frontbench Team.

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