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from Brown Corpus
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She and managed
She had reason indeed to wonder how the letter had managed to find her.
She managed to send an emissary to throw herself on the mercy of Otto the Great.
She restored and preserved the farms that she bought or managed, making sure that each farm house had in it a piece of antique Lakeland furniture.
She admitted in an interview given that year that the fairies might have been " figments of my imagination ", but left open the possibility she believed that she had somehow managed to photograph her thoughts.
She managed to find new subjects for portraiture, working in the mornings and enjoying a leisurely life the rest of the time.
She managed to offend neither to a large extent, although she clamped down on Catholics towards the end of her reign as war with Catholic Spain loomed.
She managed to enter England in early 1941, and from there returned to India without completing her studies at Oxford.
She managed to remove the coffin and open it, but Osiris was already dead.
She managed a number of short trips within the New York Harbor area.
She managed to land unbilled small parts in several feature films and comedy shorts for two years.
She managed to terminate her contract with the studio and achieved acclaim in films produced by David O. Selznick in the mid-1930s.
She managed to rule for about 20 years.
She managed to leave Parma between 14 and 15 February, and a provisional government led by Count Filippo Luigi Linati was formed.
She managed however to begin planning a stained glass window design in her sister's memory for St. Edmund's, Pitlake.
She managed his career and his interviews, was his primary model, and was his life companion.
She managed her lands well ; by 1538, she was the fifth richest peer in England.
She took this course of action firstly due to her concern that unless she managed to find a powerful husband, she could easily lose the regency to any unscrupulous noble, and secondly because she was infatuated with the popular Romanus.
She would remain there for the next thirteen years, as Zoe managed the empire with her husbands, Romanos III and, after his death, Michael IV.
She hates having to cook, clean, and care for Blanche, who, although stuck upstairs in her bedroom, has nevertheless managed to keep her good looks, while Jane is now aged and ugly.
She managed to crawl out of the car and up to the gate and when the police arrived, they assumed Jane had been driving.
She managed to pull out his sword and kept it so she could recognize her offender.
She is also managed boxer Rebecca Rodriguez.
She managed to steal several scenes away from the film's star, Katharine Hepburn.
She managed a girl group, Minx, until 2004, and has set up a youth musical workshop, Star Academy.

She and missionary
She had dreamed of becoming a missionary prior to her marriage.
She was the fourth of six children of Charlie Soong, a wealthy businessman and former Methodist missionary from Hainan, and his wife Ni Kwei-tseng.
She succeeded Dan Beach Bradley, an American missionary, as teacher to the Siamese court.
She, along with many other Native Americans, joins a missionary settlement in Canada where a syncretistic blend of ascetic indigenous and Catholic beliefs evolves.
She thus becomes the first single woman missionary in the history of modern missions.
She married a Danish missionary, William Rasmussen, whom she met during the voyage.
She was a long-time Methodist missionary and honorary citizen of Brazil.
She left home at age 18 to join the Sisters of Loreto as a missionary.
She began her missionary work with the poor in 1948, replacing her traditional Loreto habit with a simple white cotton sari decorated with a blue border.
She was a former domestic turned missionary in China and best known for her work with children.
She now serves as a missionary pastor at the Scum of the Earth Church in Denver, supported by donations.
She had intended to become a Presbyterian missionary.
She is a missionary for World Vision, an organisation which combats AIDS, an ambassador for Doctors Without Borders in Sudan, and devotes time to UNICEF.
She was the daughter of a Presbyterian missionary in China, and the wife of an Episcopal rector.
She became a nun after being impressed by the missionary work of her aunt, this after she had to explain to the fiancee of a toy salesman who dated Elsie for eight months the real reason that they broke up that she was the one that wanted to see other people but when she mentioned to him that she might "... join a convent " he blamed himself and had to seek help over what happened after they crossed paths again during a vacation at a San Juan hotel.
She also reported that the first Christian missionary to the region, the Dominican monk Poldo Soldini, was buried there in 1779.
She pursued her favorite subject-the female experience-in a number of films, including Street Corner ( 1953 ) about women police officers, Somerset Maugham's The Beachcomber ( 1954 ), with Glynis Johns as a resourceful missionary, and a series of comedies about the battle of the sexes, including The Passionate Stranger ( 1957 ), The Truth About Women ( 1958 ) and her final film, Rattle of a Simple Man ( 1964 ).
She performed missionary work in Florida and was active in Muscogee Creek, Seminole, and Wichita Baptist Associations.
She was the elder daughter of the veteran Travancore missionary, Reverend Charles Mault ( 1791 – 1858 ) of the London Missionary Society.
She began her education there, but concluded her A-levels in a missionary school in the Rhodesian town of Umtali ( now Mutare ).
She also continued in her missionary work, even daring to stand up to a Presbyterian minister in defense of her faith.
She worked with her brother Charles as a missionary in Haiti.
She was the first black teacher hired by the American Missionary Association ( AMA ), a Northern missionary group led by black and white ministers from the Congregational, Presbyterian and Methodist denominations, who strongly supported education of freedmen.
" She joined other black physicians caring for freed slaves who would otherwise have had no access to medical care, working with the Freedmen's Bureau, and missionary and community groups, even though black physicians experienced intense racism working in the postwar South.

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