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She and met
She took it grudgingly, her dark eyes baleful as they met his.
She thought royal status might come her way when, while she was still in Rome, she met Pulley Bey, a personal procurer to King Farouk of Egypt.
She met my eyes, suddenly angry.
She could always predict what Stanley was going to do, ever since she first met him.
" She first met Poirot in the story Cards on the Table and has been bothering him ever since.
She is reputed to have met with Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1593.
She then committed suicide by stabbing herself with the same sword she gave Aeneas when they first met.
She had met Dean at the Wishy-Washy Laundromat two years earlier on her first day in Nashville.
She met Thomas at Idlewild Airport and was shocked at his appearance, as he " looked pale, delicate and shaky, not his usual robust self.
She built an acting career, and in 1989, while filming Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat, she met actor Brendan Hughes and they married soon after.
She met with Naomi Watts, who was to play the role of Ann Darrow.
She stayed at the house of John Chapman, the radical publisher whom she had met at Rosehill ( near Coventry ) and who had printed her translation.
She received a fine classical education and, as a girl, met many famous humanist scholars and artists.
She met and married William Davey, her first husband, at age 19 because she felt as if it was her duty as a daughter.
She met George Walker Bush in 1977, and they were married later that year.
She met George W. Bush in July 1977 when mutual friends John and Jan O ' Neill invited her and Bush to a backyard barbecue at their home.
" This translates to " He / She is not accessible through intellect, or through mere scholarship or cleverness at argument ; He / She is met, when He / She pleases, through devotion " ( GG, 436 ).
She had met him by chance in Buffalo, New York around 1910.
She later studied in France, where she met her husband, the historian Charles Le Guin.
She and Olivia de Havilland secretly met with Cukor at night and on weekends for his advice about how they should play their parts.
She met lawyer and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela in 1957.
She met McCartney who declined to give her any of his own manuscripts for the book.
She also met keyboardist Eddy Quintela ( 12 years her junior ), whom she married on October 18, 1986.

She and George
She refolded the letter, replaced it in its envelope, and turned with relief to one from her brother George.
Murder, She Said ( 1961, directed by George Pollock ) was the first of four British MGM productions starring Rutherford.
She intermittently took classes at Portland State University studying English, as well as San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Art Institute, where she took a film class taught by George Kuchar and starred in one of his short films.
She made her debut as a guitar player and singer in Peoria, Illinois in 1859, with George on the violin, and was teaching guitar by age thirteen.
She also adopted a new nom-de-plume, the one for which she would become best known: George Eliot.
She was interred in Highgate Cemetery ( East ), Highgate, London in the area reserved for religious dissenters or agnostics, next to George Henry Lewes ; Karl Marx's memorial is nearby.
She was succeeded by her second cousin, George I, of the House of Hanover, who was a descendant of the Stuarts through his maternal grandmother, Elizabeth, daughter of James VI & I.
She studied for her Bachelor of Arts degree at American University ( 1957 – 59 ), going on to achieve a doctorate at George Washington University in Experimental Psychology in 1967.
She portrayed a child prostitute, Charlie Chiemingo, taken under the guidance of Dr. Doug Ross, played by George Clooney.
She sent Maria Eleonora to territory outside of George William's reach and concluded the marriage negotiations herself.
She was the daughter of George the Bearded, Duke of Saxony and his wife Barbara.
She hosted 56 state dinners over eight years, compared to six by George and Laura Bush.
She had directed the detailed planning of the funeral, including ordering all the major events and asking former President George H. W. Bush as well as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to speak during the National Cathedral Service.
She was presented with the 2002 Raúl Juliá Award for Excellence for her efforts, as the executive producer of the sitcom George Lopez, in helping expand career openings for Hispanic talent in the media and entertainment industry.
She was also introduced by George Bush at a commemoration ceremony.
She was one of the first four ships to settle Christchurch, New Zealand ( the other three were Cressy, Sir George Seymour and Charlotte-Jane ).
She attended the silver jubilee of her grandparents, George V and Queen Mary, at age five in 1935.
She tries to console Amelia, but Amelia responds angrily, disgusted by Becky's flirtatious behaviour with George and her lack of concern about Captain Crawley.
She meets the young George at a card table and then enchants Jos Sedley all over again.
She marries George Osborne against the wishes of George's father, and is devoted to him despite his neglect of her and flirtation with Becky.
She was able to replace Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party, County Board President George Dunne, a Daley loyalist, with her ally Alderman Edward Vrdolyak.
She briefly joins forces with Riley's team, until they discover one of the Initiative's experiments, Adam ( George Hertzberg ), is creating an army of demon-human hybrids.
She received the George A. Miller Award for her proposed theory of group socialization ( GS theory ).

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