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She and occasionally
She quoted his sister Avril that " he was essentially an aloof, undemonstrative person " and said herself of his friendship with the Buddicoms " I do not think he needed any other friends beyond the schoolfriend he occasionally and appreciatively referred to as ' CC '".
She also occasionally wrote under the pseudonym Raccoona Sheldon ( 1974 – 77 ).
She chose to work only occasionally after her marriage to film costume designer Adrian in 1939.
She looked after the affairs of the Press very capably and occasionally sent Milford boxes of complimentary cigars.
She used predominantly the London fashion houses ; her favourite was Redfern's, but she shopped occasionally at Doucet and Fromont of Paris.
She occasionally takes Jo under her wing and entertains her.
She also occasionally used I. S. R. O and full spellings rather than abbreviations.
" She was occasionally called by the French version of her name, " Anastasie ," or by the Russian nicknames " Nastya ," " Nastas ," or " Nastenka.
She is a strong authoritarian and occasionally dispenses pills to the family.
She appeared occasionally in House of Mouse ( 2001 ).
She lived there, occasionally visiting brother James, ministering to the Native Americans, and raising silkworms for the local silk industry, until her death in 1784 at the age of 87.
She was the partner of Mars in ancient cult practices, and was sometimes identified with the goddess Bellona, and occasionally with the goddess Minerva.
She is also highly cynical of her friends ' plans and ideas and often teases Gobo about his Uncle Traveling Matt ( occasionally yawning while he reads the postcards ).
She is occasionally called Xilonen, (" the hairy one ", which referred to the hairs on unshucked maize ), who was married also to Tezcatlipoca.
She has participated in many advertising campaigns, and performs occasionally as a motivational speaker to young women and aspiring business leaders.
She keeps a small garden in her backyard, to which she tends occasionally.
The fifth and sixth lines are occasionally replaced by, " She hung it on the washing line / It fell into the River Tyne ".
She herself used Sophie Kowalevski ( or occasionally Kowalevsky ), for her academic publications.
She also occasionally voices the character of Katrina ( Shanks ) Meltsner on the Focus on the Family radio drama Adventures in Odyssey.
She admits to wondering occasionally what a life with Stevens might have been like, but she has come to love her husband and is looking forward to the birth of their first grandchild.
She occasionally called her boyfriend, Vito, a telephone repair man, or her pal Phoenicia, another operator.
She is occasionally bareheaded.
She also occasionally engaged in civic functions in a private capacity.
She occasionally plays acoustic guitar during live performances.

She and throws
She, coming to wit thereof, throws herself from a high window to the ground, and dies, and is buried with her lover.
She throws a volley of green arrows to all the enemies on screen.
She was partial to the understated English country house look, and her combinations of Colefax and Fowler chintzes, overstuffed armchairs, and brocade sofas with such unexpected items as patchwork quilts, four-poster beds, knitted throws, and rag rugs led to her being credited with ushering in what became known as American country style during the 1960s.
She throws her scarf toward the camera and departs just before the film ends.
She taunts him until he throws her skull against the wall, smashing it and giving his victim release from further torment.
She throws a party at their residence for the notables of Barsetshire.
She throws it into the air and shrieks when the President walks into her office for the first time.
She throws herself at Tom, and he gets her pregnant and then feels obliged to offer her his protection.
She throws herself at him, saying, ".. now I have changed my mind, or the girl who said ' no ,'— she doesn't exist any more, she died last summer — suffocated in smoke from something on fire inside her .".
She is also seen in the various movies picking up a horse ( the books often mention Pippi moving her horse Old Man by carrying him from one place to another ), a car, weights / barbells weighing over 1, 000 pounds ; she also pulls bars out of a jail window and throws pirates across a room.
She keeps up with and even embraces the social expectations of the wife of a patrician politician but she is still able to express herself and find distinction in the parties she throws.
She throws the lamp into the lava to free the genie from his captivity.
She tries to walk out on him, and he gets angry, throws her against the wall, hits her, pours alcohol on her, and lights her on fire.
She starts acting differently: she chokes her best friend, Sabrina Mason, throws apples at a house and steals a bag of candy from a boy.
She throws herself before the altar of the Nymphs, beseeching their protection.
She throws jealous temper tantrums, attempts suicide in his home, and destroys his carefully constructed career move into management.
She picks up a bucket of water and throws it at her.
She throws off her house frock to reveal a sequined dance outfit, and the kitchen set splits open to reveal a huge Hollywood stage, showcasing a giant can of soup, atop which Miller sings and dances, accompanied by a double chorus line.
She spurns his advances and throws a key into the water.
She throws herself into police work not so much because she's dedicated as because she needs the distraction, needs to keep busy and be good to assure herself of her worth.
She nearly dies when Katya Nadanova throws her off a cliff in Peru when she and Bond are first acquainted.
She angrily throws him out.
She throws her match into a pile of oily rags, starting a fire, and setting off the sprinklers.
She is killed when Dorothy throws the water when she lights a fire to threaten the Scarecrow.

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