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She and officially
She dedicated her performance to the victims of 9 / 11, and officially started the Demolition Derby.
She is Ireland's best-selling solo musician and is officially the country's second-largest musical export after the band U2.
She broke off their relationship officially and left for good.
She died in 1932, officially of illness.
She is venerated in the Anglican and Lutheran churches, but has never been canonized, or officially beatified, by the Catholic Church, probably because so little is known of her life aside from her writings, including the exact date of her death.
She was also officially restyled as Marie Antoinette, Dauphine of France.
She was briefly called Cuddles before a contest was held to officially name her.
She was now officially Queen Mother, though she did not use that title and was instead known as Her Majesty Queen Mary.
In spring of 1110 she was sent to Germany, taking with her a large dowry, estimated at 10, 000 marks in silver, to become the bride of Henry V. She met her husband-to-be at Liège before travelling to Utrecht where, on 10 April, Matilda became officially betrothed to Henry.
She comes to understand chaos theory and theorizes the second law of thermodynamics, before either is officially recognized and established in mathematical and scientific communities.
She and a friend of hers, April Wind, move in with Tierwater, officially for April Wind to write a biography, or rather hagiography, of Sierra Tierwater, his daughter, who died in 2001 as a martyr to the environmentalist cause.
She was succeeded by assistant coach Jimmy Petruska, who was named interim coach immediately following her death, before being officially named the team's head coach on April 27, 2011.
She spoke kindly of Mikhail Gorbachev, officially invited Medvedev to Ireland, and addressed students at a university in Saint Petersburg.
The song was officially released on Monsters of Folk's 2009 self-titled album, on which Oberst teams up with Jim James ( of My Morning Jacket ), M. Ward ( of She & Him ), and Mike Mogis ( of Bright Eyes ).
She also worked on songs that later appeared on IV, but no credit is officially given.
She most recently starred as Michelle in an Off-Broadway show, White's Lies, which began previews at New World Stages on April 12, 2010, and officially opened on May 6, 2010.
She eventually rejoins the Scooby Gang as Season Seven focuses on the long fight against the First Evil and eventually becomes friends with Xander ; although Xander and Anya still love each other, they never officially resume their relationship.
She was the first non-royal woman to officially become head of state of China, acting as Co-Chairman of the Republic from 1968 until 1972.
She left Sukarno and their children, although they never officially divorced.
She was unofficially sworn in to begin work on November 3, 2009, and was officially sworn in January 11, 2010.
She was honorably discharged and the Royal Hospital, Chelsea officially recognized Snell's military service in the November and granted her a pension in 1750 ( increased in 1785 ), a rare thing in those days.
She officially announced her retirement from professional tennis on 3 December 2009, ending a career of ten years.
She was not, as the BBC seemed officially to proclaim, a mere figure of fun.
She awakens in a nondescript room, where a well-dressed but hard-looking man named Bob ( Tchéky Karyo ) enters and reveals that, although officially dead and buried, she is in the custody of a shadowy government agency known as the Centre.

She and opened
She opened the boxes with a tear in her eye and a sad smile on her face.
She appeared with the teacart and he opened the windows.
She was told by the manservant who opened the door that his lordship was engaged on work from which he had left strict orders he was not to be disturbed.
She opened his reply with trembling fingers he agreed!!
She blew her nose on a tissue and opened the coke bottle.
She opened it an inch and poked out the keys for me to give you.
She started back for the house, saw a light in the office, opened the door and surprised a domestic little scene which was far outside the dark realm of murder or attempted murder.
She opened the door.
She also continued to explore new business and entertainment ventures such as her Dollywood theme park, that opened in 1986 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
She was paid off in 1997 and opened as a museum ship in 2001.
She starred in Whose Life Is It Anyway with James Naughton, which opened on Broadway at the Royale Theatre on February 24, 1980, and ran for 96 performances, and in Sweet Sue, which opened at the Music Box Theatre ( transferred to the Royale Theatre ) on Jan. 8, 1988, and ran for 164 performances.
She opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act.
She turned and pressed herself against a wall, which opened to receive her.
She later opened another business across the street in a building she extensively renovated downtown called Walton's Fancy and Staple a bakery, upscale restaurant and floral shop that also offers services such as event planning.
She admitted inspiration when she saw Joplin perform live ( and opened for with her first band " Fritz ") shortly before Joplin's death.
Six Israelis were killed when two gunmen opened fire and threw grenades at the Likud polling station in Bet She ' an, where party members were casting their votes in the Likud primary.
" She opened in the West End production on November 1, 1951.
She battled the X-Men and fled to the stars, devoured the energies of the D ' Bari star system to satisfy her " hunger " as Dark Phoenix, annihilating the five billion inhabitants of its fourth planet, and destroyed a nearby Shi ' Ar observatory vessel which opened fire on her before returning to Earth.
She also appeared in the dramatized version of Pedro Almodovar's film All About My Mother, which opened at the Old Vic theatre in the late summer of 2007.
She next worked in a boutique, where she learned to make hats and opened her own hat business which became profitable.
She opened communications with the restored magistrate of Ingwavuma, arranging to flee to his area if needed.
But when it opened at the Palace Theatre in February 1968, Frank Marcus, reviewing for Plays and Players, commented that: " She sings well.
She also starred in La Bête at the Music Box Theater, Broadway, New York which opened on 14 October 2010.

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