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from Brown Corpus
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She and opened
She opened the boxes with a tear in her eye and a sad smile on her face.
She appeared with the teacart and he opened the windows.
She was told by the manservant who opened the door that his lordship was engaged on work from which he had left strict orders he was not to be disturbed.
She opened his reply with trembling fingers he agreed!!
She blew her nose on a tissue and opened the coke bottle.
She started back for the house, saw a light in the office, opened the door and surprised a domestic little scene which was far outside the dark realm of murder or attempted murder.
She opened the door.
She also continued to explore new business and entertainment ventures such as her Dollywood theme park, that opened in 1986 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
She was paid off in 1997 and opened as a museum ship in 2001.
She starred in Whose Life Is It Anyway with James Naughton, which opened on Broadway at the Royale Theatre on February 24, 1980, and ran for 96 performances, and in Sweet Sue, which opened at the Music Box Theatre ( transferred to the Royale Theatre ) on Jan. 8, 1988, and ran for 164 performances.
She opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act.
She turned and pressed herself against a wall, which opened to receive her.
She later opened another business across the street in a building she extensively renovated downtown called Walton's Fancy and Staple a bakery, upscale restaurant and floral shop that also offers services such as event planning.
She admitted inspiration when she saw Joplin perform live ( and opened for with her first band " Fritz ") shortly before Joplin's death.
Six Israelis were killed when two gunmen opened fire and threw grenades at the Likud polling station in Bet She ' an, where party members were casting their votes in the Likud primary.
" She opened in the West End production on November 1, 1951.
She battled the X-Men and fled to the stars, devoured the energies of the D ' Bari star system to satisfy her " hunger " as Dark Phoenix, annihilating the five billion inhabitants of its fourth planet, and destroyed a nearby Shi ' Ar observatory vessel which opened fire on her before returning to Earth.
She also appeared in the dramatized version of Pedro Almodovar's film All About My Mother, which opened at the Old Vic theatre in the late summer of 2007.
She next worked in a boutique, where she learned to make hats and opened her own hat business which became profitable.
She opened communications with the restored magistrate of Ingwavuma, arranging to flee to his area if needed.
She officially opened the " Marie Bashir Mosman Sports Centre " on 10 December 2010 with the Mayor, Cr.
But when it opened at the Palace Theatre in February 1968, Frank Marcus, reviewing for Plays and Players, commented that: " She sings well.
She also starred in La Bête at the Music Box Theater, Broadway, New York which opened on 14 October 2010.

She and inch
She escaped a regulation strait jacket secured with 50 feet of 1 / 4 inch chain and 10 padlocks in 2: 37.
She carried 12 x BL 6 inch Mk XXIII naval gun | 6-inch guns and displaced 11, 553 tons-" light " in WWII referred to gun size, not displacement
She explores every inch of Karabekian's home, constantly asking him questions.
She described Desiree as " a French woman in every inch ," who disliked and complained about everything which was not French, and " consequently, she is not liked.
She stands at one meter in height ( said to be three feet in US editions ), one centimeter shorter than the fairy average ( an inch shorter in US editions ), and has a gymnast-like stance.
She also invented the color gauge, a method to measure the molecular coatings on the glass to one millionth of an inch.
" She was equally unimpressed with Deol's performance, remarking, " The girls are ready with their curls and curves, the guy just appears lost, making you wonder if Bobby has grown even an inch as an actor since he made his debut in Rajkumar Santoshi's film by the same name.
She was fitted with six 10. 5 cm ( 4 inch ) guns and two 37 mm guns.
She is now known for her use of a Polaroid 20 by 24 inch camera ( one of only 6 in existence ),< ref > According to her web site FAQ,
She was 101 feet in length, 26 feet 2 inches in breadth, 13 feet 1 inch in depth of hull, with two decks, three masts, a square stern, no galleries and a billet head.
She traveled by komatik, a traditional Inuit dog sled, assisted in archaeological excavation, having to thaw the land inch by inch, ate everything offered to her, and saw the migration of the narwhals.
She was manned with a crew of 76 and armed with one 3 inch and three 40 mm guns.
" She was the first educated, cultivated black woman — described by one as " a lady every inch " — that the British had ever seen.
" She is every inch blue chip ," Vivien's agent Suzie Deveridge said.
She was influenced by her family and her older brother Dan and was later approached by her school's coach Julie Grim, a six foot five inch woman who later became her mentor, and who convinced her to play the game.
She has auburn hair and is 18 inch ( 460 mm ) tall.

She and poked
She also made a cameo appearance in It's a Great Feeling ( 1949 ), in which she poked fun at her own screen image.
She was initially considered a formidable challenger, but her campaign floundered — in ads, Martin poked fun at Simon's trademark bow-tie, but the humorous ad campaign was seen by some as petty and mean-spirited — and Simon won with 65 percent of the vote, carrying all but two counties in the state ; Edwards County in the southeast and McHenry County outside Chicago in the heart of the district Martin represented for most of the 1980s.

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