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She and played
She was hired and was found to be entirely satisfactory when she played the role eight hours a day.
She played chess with him by postcard.
She played with style and a touch of the grand manner, and every piece she performed was especially effective in its closing measures.
She sat down and played two slots at once, looking grim, as if bested by mechanical devices, and Owen felt sorry for the lay-sisters depending on her support.
She understood sex anyway, and played at it well.
Angela Lansbury, who had played Miss Marple in the movie, The Mirror Crack'd, directed by Guy Hamilton, went on to star in the TV series Murder, She Wrote as Jessica Fletcher, a mystery novelist who also solves crimes.
She is one of a few characters who played a major part in the original cause of the Trojan War itself: not only did she offer Helen of Troy to Paris, but the abduction was accomplished when Paris, seeing Helen for the first time, was inflamed with desire to have her — which is Aphrodite's realm.
She played bit parts in three English-language films, the British comedy Doctor at Sea ( 1955 ) with Dirk Bogarde, Helen of Troy ( 1954 ), in which she was understudy for the title role but appears only as Helen's handmaid, and Act of Love ( 1954 ) with Kirk Douglas.
She dabbled in pop music and played the role of a glamour model.
She played the duet from orbit while Anderson played on the ground in Russia.
She appeared on the television series Taxi in the early 1980s, as the wife of the character played by Andy Kaufman, winning two Emmy Awards for her work.
She has played the character of Madame Morrible in the musical Wicked, both in regional productions and on Broadway from 2005 to 2009.
She again played the role for the Los Angeles production which began performances on February 7, 2007.
Dolores Agnes Fuller ( born Dolores Eble ; March 10, 1923 – May 9, 2011 ) was an American actress and songwriter best known as the one-time girlfriend of the low-budget film director Edward D. Wood, Jr. She played the protagonist's girlfriend in Glen or Glenda, co-starred in Wood's Jail Bait, and had a minor role in Bride of the Monster.
She played a wisecracking showgirl who becomes a rival to the film's star, singer Belle Baker.
She became familiar to a new generation of film-goers when she played Principal McGee in both 1978's Grease and 1982's Grease 2, as well as making appearances on such television shows as Alice, Maude and Falcon Crest.
She is addicted to sleeping pills, absorbed in the shallow dramas played on her " parlor walls " ( flat-panel televisions ), and indifferent to the oppressive society around her.
She played first board on the U. S. Women's team in the 38th Chess Olympiad, when the U. S. team scored a bronze medal.
She read books, wrote letters, and played the lute ( see Bartolomeo Tromboncino ).
She finished with only 4 points from 9 games, tied for 6 – 7 place with Jan Timman, who had also played below his rating.
She played a novelty in the opening which she devised over the board.
Kabir also played roles on Dynasty, Murder, She Wrote, Magnum, P. I., Hunter, Knight Rider and Highlander: The Series amongst others.
She also played the part of Camie in the film Star Wars ( 1977 ).
She also played the recurring character Jackie Robbins on ER.

She and opposite
She was the opposite of everything she should have been -- a positive pole in a negative home, a living reaction of warmth and kindness to the harsh reality of her father.
She starred opposite Anthony Perkins in the 1978 Alan Rudolph film Remember My Name and opposite Jeff Bridges in the 1979 film Winter Kills.
She found success opposite Jack Lemmon in It Happened to Jane, a comedy film released in 1959.
She was currently under contract to Universal Studios, mostly co-starring in low budget westerns opposite Buck Jones.
Bacon's next project was to star opposite Elizabeth Perkins in He Said, She Said.
She played Lady Macbeth on Broadway opposite Maurice Evans in a production directed by Margaret Webster that ran for 131 performances in 1941, the longest run of the play in Broadway history.
She also appeared in a number of films, most notably 1980's Ordinary People, in which she played a role that was the polar opposite of the television characters she had portrayed, and for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress.
She is capricious and aggressive, the opposite of Willow's usual nature ; her bad behavior so exaggerated that it does not instill fear into the viewer like other female vampires in the series, but indicates more about Willow's personality.
She was buried in Westminster Abbey, on 3 August, in what has been described as a " somewhat hard to find tomb " on the opposite side of Edward the Confessor's shrine and slightly above eye level for a person of average height.
She would later make her Broadway debut in the same play in 1992 starring opposite Simon Jones.
She auditioned unsuccessfully for Yves Boisset's Bleu comme l ' enfer and Robin Davis's Hors la loi, but was eventually cast in My Brother-in-law Killed My Sister ( 1986 ) by Jacques Rouffio opposite the popular French stars Michel Serrault and Michel Piccoli.
She appeared opposite Maurice Chevalier, who commented of her, " She was lovely, brunette, talented and a delicious comedienne, and her English was perfect.
She sang in her role opposite Maurice Chevalier in the Ernst Lubitsch musical The Smiling Lieutenant ( 1931 ), and was admired by critics for her ability to shrewdly play character role opposite the Miriam Hopkins.
She achieved her last great success opposite Fred MacMurray in the comedy The Egg and I ( 1947 ).
She played opposite Lars Hanson, a well-known Swedish actor.
She displaced Aileen Pringle, ten years her senior, and played a vamp opposite Ricardo Cortez.
She then made a comeback in her first comedy playing opposite Melvyn Douglas in Ernst Lubitsch's Ninotchka ( 1939 ).
She continued acting for television, appearing in Family Reunion ( 1981 ) opposite her grandson J. Ashley Hyman, A Piano for Mrs. Cimino ( 1982 ) and Right of Way ( 1983 ) with James Stewart.
She first appeared in the West End, playing opposite her brother, in 1958.
She was next seen in Letters to Juliet opposite her husband Franco Nero.
She returned to acting after being cast in June 2007 in Disney's live-action-animated film, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, co-starring opposite Piper Perabo as one of three live-action characters in the film.

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