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She and poisons
* She figured in Victorien Sardou's play L ' Affaire des poisons ( 1907 ).
She is a close friend of Lord Gro, and poisons herself, after the death of her husband and her brother, when the Demons conquer Carcë.
She became a radical, developed poisons for the Black Orchestra and AIM.
She was a vampire who posed as a chemistry teacher who tested her students about various poisons.
She also ( reluctantly ) poisons Don Altobello, her godfather, in retaliation for his plotting against the family.
She stole books from the library on poisons, and she diluted arsenic and other chemicals from a lab.
She acquired knowledge of poisons from Kruen Musenda, a famed African assassin known as the " Spitting Cobra " and to whom she was married for the two years prior to his death.
She ultimately poisons Homer and seals his corpse into an upstairs room.

She and Hercules
She appears briefly in Disney's Hercules, but has a more dominant role in the television series.
She acts as a guide to Hercules and his sidekick, boy genius Amadeus Cho.
She has a crush on Hercules and unsuccessfully tries to seduce him many times.
She kills Hippomenes and joins up with Hercules hoping for an honorable death to be forgiven by Artemis.
She was one of the women who were there mourning the death of Hercules.
She was awarded to Hercules as a prize in a game of dice, and locked in his temple with his other prize, a feast.
She has been a vocal performer on episodes of animated television series, including as Aphrodite on Hercules: The Animated Series, and as Springfield Elementary School student Alexandra Whitney on The Simpsons.
She confirms that Hylas is dead and that Hercules is not to continue with the others, and directs them to seek the blind soothsayer Phineas ( Patrick Troughton ), whom they find tormented by two Harpies sent by Zeus to punish him for misusing his gift of prophecy ; these winged females would steal Phineas ' food leaving him only noisome scraps.
She had roles in many Disney films including Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mulan and the posthumously released Toy Story 2 where she provided the yodeling for Joan Cusack's Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl as well the voice of Jessie for the line of Toy Story 2 talking toys and games.
She also provides the voices of Desiree in the Nickelodeon animated television series, Danny Phantom, Volcana in Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited, Hecate in Hercules: The Animated Series, and Kate Corrigan in the Hellboy animated films.
She finds herself teaming up with the Beast, The Captain, Falcon, Hercules, the Hulk and Jocasta.
She later plays an important role in the capture of Hercules.
She said, " The other highly memorable story is about a bookworm from earth who winds up on another planet, where his spindly body is transformed into that of an extraterrestial Hercules.
She had recurring parts on multiple television series such as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and co-hosted America's Funniest People from 1992 – 1994.
She had a recurring role as Deianira in three of the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys television movies in 1994, and then in the regular television series.
She previously flew in the land-based EC-130Q Hercules and the E-6 Mercury TACAMO aircraft.
She starred in several indie films ( Alice, Angst ), and eventually landed a recurring role on New Zealand television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, amongst guest roles on several television series.
She eventually garnered international attention for her recurring role as Hercules ' mother on the syndicated adventure series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, a role she played intermittently from 1995 to 1998.
She returns at a crucial moment and impales the Skrull god Kly ' bn on the spine of the slain god-eater Demogorge, eldest child of Gaea, when the Skrull god is knocked back by Hercules.
She later carries a weeping Hercules and Amadeus back to Earth in the form of a great white bird.
She selected Quasar, Hercules, Wonder Man, Hyperion, Doc Samson, and Forgotten One for this task.
She also makes appearances on three episodes of the parent show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.
She can also hold her own against Hercules.

She and family
She wrote gay plays about the girls for family entertainments, like `` Oh, What Fun!!
She was Ellen Aldridge, a widow of good repute who was employed by Gorton's wife and lived with the family.
She was apparently the pioneer in her family because she had no close relatives in this country at that time.
She died around 1603 and is buried in the O ' Malley family tomb on Clare Island.
She was a dedicated, supporting wife and mother who looked out for the interests of her children and the future of her family.
She arranged for Alexander to marry Sallustia Orbiana, the daughter of a noble Patrician family, but grew so jealous of Sallustia ’ s influence over her son that she had her banished from court.
She and her family settled in Nashville, Tennessee in 1967.
She avoided urban and street scenes as well as the nude figure and, like her fellow female Impressionist Mary Cassatt, focused on domestic life and portraits in which she could use family and personal friends as models.
She was a member of the noble German von Brühl family originating in Thuringia.
She left for Paris with cousin May Whitlock, forsaking several suitors and overcoming the objections of her family.
She resumed life with her family, and they supported her fully, acknowledging her chosen path and demanding of her little in the way of household responsibilities, " I was never once asked to do an errand in town, some bit of shopping … so well did they understand.
She would play piano at family parties and encourage Neil and Tim to accompany her.
She did not want their food, referring to the table laid for her in Heaven with her real family.
She is a member of the Barrymore family of American actors and granddaughter of John Barrymore.
She has described her family as " dirt poor ".
She began her musical career in 1980, when she briefly joined her family band Clannad before leaving to perform solo.
She is part of an Irish-speaking and musical family, the sixth of nine children.
She has given live performances on various television shows, events and ceremonies ( her most recent appearance was in Gaoth Dobhair in the summer of 2005, which coincided with a tribute event to the Brennan family that took place in Letterkenny ), but she has yet to do a concert.
She enjoyed a happy marriage and in later life, devoted time to Alde House and gardening, travelling with younger members of the extended family.
She was interred in the Church of St. Michael and All Angels family vault, Haworth, West Yorkshire.
She later moved to Russellville, Arkansas with her family, where she graduated from Russellville High School in 1979.
She was likely related to the Goicoechea family, a wealthy dynasty into which the artist's son, the feckless Javier, had married.
She was the first empress ( like Empress Wu in China ) consort of Japan who was not a daughter of the imperial family itself.
She was the oldest in a family of three children.
She was brought up within a narrow low church Anglican family, but at that time the Midlands was an area with a growing number of religious dissenters.

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