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She and prayed
She gave birth to a son on the island and named him Anius ( as if from " to suffer "); she then put him on the altar of Apollo and prayed to the god that the baby be saved if it was his.
She escaped to Mount Pelion so that her father would not find out that she was pregnant, but, being searched for, she prayed to Artemis asking for assistance, and the goddess transformed her into a mare.
She represents revolt and misfortune and is prayed to either placate her wrath or direct her fury at another.
She prayed to Rodríguez for intercession on her behalf.
She was pronounced dead at 2: 10 p. m. Everyone knelt down and prayed for the repose of her soul, and Countess Sztaray closed Elisabeth's eyes and joined her hands.
She had prayed that she might die before he arrived, and so she did, half-an-hour before his arrival ( he had been told to go due to a dream he had had the night before ).
She prayed for him and later had a vision of him happy and healthy, his facial disfigurement reduced to a scar ( viii ).
She used a bow and arrow, fenced, swam naked and prayed to a god, whom she termed Allah Tallah.
She prayed fervently that her mother be spared the pains of hell and appealed to the Buddha for help.
She lacked a husband, however, and soon became sad and prayed beneath a Sindansu ( 신단수, 神檀樹, " Divine Betula ") tree to be blessed with a child.
When Krishna visits the family, he explains to Draupadi that her unique position as the wife of five brothers results from a certain incident in her previous birth, She was born as Nalayani ( daughter of Nala and Damayanti ) She had in that lifetime prayed to Shiva to grant her a husband with fourteen desired qualities.
She prayed over the sleeping Ender when he was young, and in a conversation with Bean in Shadow of the Hegemon reveals efforts on behalf of her children to raise them religiously were stifled by the International Fleet's interest in them and the fact that the Fleet would have undoubtedly interfered had they attempted to instill a specific value set.
She was reluctant to forgive him, but prayed that she would be able to.
She prayed for the jivs ( living souls ) remaining in se –- like particles of gold dust in a lump of wax — during the long period of pralaya ( deluge ) night, that they should, upon becoming active again, have His blessings, but only if they worshipped Him just as she did.
She prayed to Allah to fulfill her desire and vowed, if her prayer was accepted, that her child would be dedicated to the service of Allah.
She prayed for her child to remain protected from Satan and Muslim tradition records a hadith, which states that the only children born without the " touch of Satan ," were Mary and Jesus.
She would speak to God of this family in distress as the father no longer had any work, of this elderly person who risked dying alone in an attic: “ Never have I prayed so well as in the streets ,” she would say.
She got up from the bed immediately, performed ablution and prayed to Allah for the betterment of her son.
She knelt and prayed with tears for all faithful Christians in the world.
She also often prayed to the gods.
She earnestly prayed to the God to save her husband.

She and speaking
In personal denotation, " gringo " means estadounidense, in particular, and anglophones in general, and, linguistically, any speech not Spanish, i. e. " She is speaking gringo, not Spanish ".
She conducted four preaching tours throughout Germany, speaking to both clergy and laity in chapter houses and in public, mainly denouncing clerical corruption and calling for reform.
She continued to travel around the nation, speaking out against drug and alcohol abuse.
She donated most of the money from speaking to civil rights causes, and lived on her staff salary and her husband's pension.
She long resisted public speaking for fear she would not be sufficiently eloquent.
She has been stated by the show's creators to be Cantonese, and as such, she is bilingual, speaking both English and Cantonese.
She arranged every aspect of what, in later years, became a very lucrative speaking career.
She soon became involved with the suffrage movement and joined her mother at speaking events.
She regularly entered public speaking competitions, placing first in the " Humorous Interpretation " category at the National District Tournament two years running.
She continued to compete in public speaking competitions ; during her sophomore year, she placed fifth in the National Speech Tournament's exposition category with her speech " The Art of Animation ".
She later recovers and finds Gwen speaking to both Peter and Miles.
She spoke out for women's rights and against slavery at a time when women were discouraged and prevented from public speaking.
She has resided in New York City where she managed her speaking engagements and book tour.
She continues to appear in venues nationwide, in concerts and in speaking engagements.
She stopped speaking and became dormant to the point of Rowan claiming that " I have no sister ".
She was the first person in the sound era to win an acting Oscar without speaking a line of dialogue.
She was always dressed up, talking, speaking many languages and being a Russian.
She says she took the habit of clasping her hands behind her back to curb excessive hand gesturing while speaking publicly.
She became active in politics, speaking out against the Vietnam War, the arms race of the Cold War and injustices in the developing world.
She is a regular on the lecture circuit, speaking against teen pregnancy.
She was given a high profile speaking role on the opening night of the August Democratic National Convention, urging delegates to reject the Kennedy delegates ' proposal to " open " the convention, thereby allowing delegates to ignore their states ' popular vote, a proposal that was soundly defeated.
She has frequently stated her pride in her Tunisian background ( she was raised speaking fluent Arabic ) and roots in Arabic culture-as evidenced by her book Ma Tunisie and her appearance as herself in the Tunisian film Un été à La Goulette (" A Summer in La Goulette ").
She had around 300 speaking engagements during the period of her highest profile.
She was vilified for speaking out against saturation bombing of German cities through her 1944 booklet Massacre by Bombing.

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