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She and proposes
The Irish were gay but made trouble in the house ; the English were of all kinds " She proposes this, after the fact, knowing the chosen Charlotte lasts decades.
She then proposes that black people are given their own land.
She tells Fredrik that he needs to be rescued from his marriage, and she proposes to him.
She proposes a theory that the Newtonian universe does not work because of sex and the problems that it causes between people.
She very much likes Tom, a boy her age, but when he proposes to her she rejects him (" I don't love yer so as ter marry yer ").
She proposes to Cory during their high school graduation, and they marry during their sophomore year of college.
She was a goodwill ambassador for the UNESCO World Water Day for 2006, supporting that year's theme of " Water and Culture " by declaring her support for Powerstock, a sustainable electronic music festival that proposes a " water-consciousness " for youth culture and seeks to make sustainability an integral part of mainstream culture.
She also proposes that the links between love and desire are bidirectional as opposed to unilateral.
She is involved in a relationship with Danny, who proposes to her in Season 2 – she accepts, then later calls off the engagement.
She tells this to Onno, who then proposes to marry her, assuming the child is his.
She proposes that " our nice simple picture is getting messier and messier and messier " and the documentary ends with her telling us that we are all waiting for a new picture, " we need to picture cosmology, the evolution of the universe in a whole new way ", she says.
In this case, if " it is signified on behalf of Her Majesty before that date that She proposes to accede " to the request then, the style of borough could be used immediately from 1 April 1974, despite the fact that the charter would be presented only later.
The final scenes of the show take place in the Chandler mansion on September 23, 2011 during which Adam proposes to Brooke and She accepts.
She is skeptical of his claim to be king, but Ralph proposes that if he can prove he is, Miranda will go on at least one date with him.
She does some preaching and praying for everyone ’ s sins, and then proposes marriage to Dude.
She first proposes that No Name Woman must have been raped, since “ Women in the old China did not choose .” When she later tries to imagine a more sexually liberated No Name Woman, her own experiences interject:
She refuses to be bullied, and once her brothers are out of sight, she proposes to Antonio by giving him her wedding ring.
She also sits on the Select Committees for Education and Science ; Local Government and Environment as well as the Parliamentary Service Commission ; Roy has also taken charge of a bill submitted by Sir Roger Douglas, The Education ( Freedom of Association ) Amendment Bill ( Voluntary Student Membership ), which It proposes to make membership of student associations and unions voluntary ; at present this bill is in the House Committee Stage with an aim to be effective as of 2012.
She analyzes the androcracy ( governance of social organization dominated by males ) of Indo-European and other societies, versus what she proposes was a partnership model ( as distinct from matriarchy ) for the social organization of Neolithic Europe and the later Minoan civilization that flourished in prehistoric Neolithic Crete.
She says if they got through the shooting incident and the Curtis Ames nightmare, they can get through anything-he proposes and the couple get engaged.
She proposes that Meroitic had three vowels,, and that was raised to something like or after the alveolar consonants, explaining the lack of orthographic t, s, n followed by the vowel letter e.
She proposes that Afshar's experiment is equivalent to preparing an electron in a spin-up state and then measuring its sideways spin.
She labels this " gender feminism " and proposes " equity feminism "— an ideology that aims for full civil and legal equality.
She proposes that three distinct systems shape personality:

She and Kant's
She found derogatory remarks about women in Kant's Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime.

She and first
She was more excited than frightened at the prospect of having her first child in a foreign land.
She describes, first, the imaginary reaction of a foreigner puzzled by this `` unseasonable exultation '' ; ;
She had been one of the first to collect her wits.
She felt the look and looked back because she could not help it, seeing that he was neither as old nor as thick as she had at first believed.
She had felt that her arm wanted to go up in the first trial, but had consciously prevented it from so doing.
She then described her experience as one in which she first had difficulty accepting for herself a state of being in which she relinquished control.
She worked as a domestic, first in Newport for a year, and then in South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for another year.
She could always predict what Stanley was going to do, ever since she first met him.
She is just home from a sojourn in London where she has become the sweetheart of a young fellow named Ronnie ( we never do see him ) and has been subjected to a first course in thinking and appreciating, including a dose of good British socialism.
She no longer wanted anything about him to remind her of the circumstances of their meeting that first night in Parioli.
She could have found out my first name, of course -- that wouldn't be difficult.
" She first met Poirot in the story Cards on the Table and has been bothering him ever since.
Murder, She Said ( 1961, directed by George Pollock ) was the first of four British MGM productions starring Rutherford.
She is one of a few characters who played a major part in the original cause of the Trojan War itself: not only did she offer Helen of Troy to Paris, but the abduction was accomplished when Paris, seeing Helen for the first time, was inflamed with desire to have her — which is Aphrodite's realm.
She then committed suicide by stabbing herself with the same sword she gave Aeneas when they first met.
She became Tiberius's first wife and was the mother of his natural son Drusus Julius Caesar.
She was the first Roman woman of the Roman Empire to have traveled with her husband to Roman military campaigns ; to support and live with the Roman Legions.
She was only the third Roman woman ( Livia Drusilla and Antonia Minor received this title ) and only the second living Roman woman ( the first being Antonia ) to receive this title.
She is the first of Jack the Ripper's confirmed victims.
She was first elected to the House of Commons in the 1987 general election as member for the constituency of Maidstone ( which became Maidstone and The Weald in 1997 ).
She first supported Michael Ancram, who was eliminated in the first round, and then Kenneth Clarke, who lost in the final round.
She has uncovered the politics behind the New York City Greenmarket, and was among the first to publish a long-form article in a major American newspaper about Ferran Adria of El Bulli.
She was one of the first women to explore fully the realm of erotic writing, and certainly the first prominent woman in the modern West to write erotica.

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